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How to place a dishwasher in Khrushchev?

How to place a dishwasher in KhrushchevNot so long ago, many housewives only dreamed of a dishwasher, but not every family could afford it. Today, dishwashers have become more affordable, and more and more users want to have a home assistant in their apartment. The desire to have appliances for washing dishes can turn into a headache for the owners of the "Khrushchev". Tiny kitchens do not allow you to easily install equipment. We will figure out how to place a dishwasher in Khrushchev, tell you about the most acceptable and interesting solutions.

What to do with all the kitchen appliances?

In fact, it is very difficult to place all the necessary appliances in a limited kitchen space. Where to put the stove with oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine, blender, slow cooker and other useful technical inventions? Do not forget about furniture: headset, dining area, etc. You should carefully plan the space of the kitchen, so that the indoor environment to the maximum match the needs and preferences of family members. How to choose suitable places for all kitchen appliances? You can find a way out if:

  • carefully delimit the space, plan it to the last centimeter. An ideal option would be the individual execution of a furniture set, taking into account the exact size of the room. It is necessary to use not only horizontal, but also vertical space. So, small household appliances can be placed on the shelves of the kitchen set, which will stretch to the very ceiling;carefully plan your kitchen space
  • purchase a narrow dishwasher built into furniture. It will take away no more than 45 cm, the headset will be closed by the facade. Such dishwashers can be “crammed” into a five-meter kitchen;
  • buy a compact desktop machine and put in a free corner on the countertop. Places such an invention takes up very little;
  • choose equipment 3 in 1. What is this device, talk below.

Do not rush to refuse to buy a dishwasher, there are enough options for installing it in a limited space.

As you can see, there is a way out. If you try, and in Khrushchev you can place a dishwashing machine. We hope that the recommendations and tips below will certainly help you cope with a difficult task.

Work on a kitchen plan

It seems to you that there is really nowhere to put a dishwasher. In the vast majority of cases, this is not so. Proper space planning can increase the functionality of any room. Correct calculations can work a miracle, and do what seemed impossible. If the room has not yet started a rough repair, then you need to plan everything down to the location of outlets, light sources, places of connection to communications.

If you can’t cope with the plan yourself, you can always invite a professional designer. The cost of the consultation varies depending on the skill of the specialist, but having paid once, you will receive a detailed plan of the interior, where the dishwasher fits perfectly.

With a limited budget, browse ready-made ideas on the Internet; it’s not difficult to find a design project for a standard kitchen in Khrushchev.

Detailed recommendations for planning a kitchen area are as follows:

  • order a furniture set precisely for the dimensions of your premises, according to an individual project;
  • plan what household appliances, except a dishwasher, will be placed in the kitchen. If possible, it is better to update the stove, oven and refrigerator, acquiring the most narrow and compact models. This will save space enough to install a dishwasher;
  • Some samples of machines can be installed in a cabinet under the sink.In an extreme case, you can resort to such a placement option;
  • Do not neglect the hinged shelves and brackets. By attaching additional storage space to the wall, you can free one of the lower cabinets of the headset and build in the dishwasher. On the brackets you can fix the microwave oven, multicooker, etc.

A place for dishwashing equipment can be won by reducing the length of the open working surface of the headset. The countertop is made folding or retractable. So, the space “eaten” by the dishwasher is easily compensated by an additional place for cooking. Even a five-meter kitchenette can be turned into a stylish, multifunctional room, "stuffed" with all modern technology. You can plan your space so professionally that along with the dishwasher, a washing machine will also fit.

Which "assistant" to choose?

It is important to correctly select the equipment for washing dishes, focusing specifically on your situation. For example, narrow dishwashers can save as much as 15 cm, since their width is only 45 cm, and not 60, like standard models. Today you can find equipment whose width is less than 45 centimeters, so the choice is not easy.

For a small kitchen room, narrow dishwasher models are the priority for installation.

If in your case literally 1 cm is not enough to put the machine on and it is simply impossible to get it out, try to remove the noise insulation layer from the dishwasher body. Of course, during operation, the technician will emit louder sounds, however, the problem with the lack of a few millimeters will be simply and quickly solved.choose a dishwasher of suitable sizes

Another option is a compact desktop dishwashing machine. A very convenient fixture for very limited spaces. It is allowed to install equipment on the countertop. However, the use of a desktop device entails some inconvenience:

  • small camera capacity, maximum - 6 sets of accessories;
  • the inability to clean large kitchen items;
  • loud noise during the workflow.

Excessive sound is the “disease” of most models of this type of equipment. If you run the equipment in the daytime, the noise will not cause severe inconvenience.

The advantage of compact models is the ability to install in hanging cabinets, or directly on the wall, using special brackets. So the machine does not “steal” the useful space of a small kitchen at all, but it will be as functional as a full-sized dishwasher. Compact devices fit perfectly in the cabinet under the sink, in this case there will be no problems connecting the communications.

Get Combined Technique

If you have not thought about how to put modern appliances in the kitchen 3 in 1, then it's time to do it. And here is the placement of the dishwasher and saving kitchen space, you ask? The combined technique allows you to completely solve the problem of lack of space for washing equipment.

An example is the Candy TRIO 9503 model, which combines a glass-ceramic electric stove, an oven and a dishwasher. Three devices necessary in each kitchen are successfully combined in one stylish case. The working surface of the stove is located at the very top, followed by the oven, and at the base is a dishwashing machine. Judging by customer reviews, using a 3 in 1 device is very convenient, moreover, it completely solves the problem of lack of space in the kitchen.3 in 1 technique

Today, the Russian market assortment of combined equipment is quite limited. In fact, the choice comes down to the Kandy brand instances that produce 3 in 1 equipment of two types: with a gas or electric work surface, but these models are also characterized by a large number of positive reviews. Let's talk about the shortcomings of this type of equipment.

  1. High price of copies.Although one can argue here, in reality the cost will be even lower than buying a stove, oven and dishwasher separately.
  2. Functional limitation. The compact combined device has a small-sized oven, which only fits 1 baking sheet. The dishwasher also can not boast of its size, its maximum capacity is 6 sets of dishes. There are no complaints about the working surface of the stove; it, like the standard version, has 4 rings.
  3. A small amount of information regarding the reliability of technology. Since the product appeared on the market relatively recently, it is too early to judge the actual life of the 3 in 1 device. Here you can only rely on the reputation of the manufacturer.

We hope that after reading the article, you will understand how to install a dishwasher in Khrushchev. In fact, it is possible to equip a small room with all the necessary electronics, and this is proved by various design projects of tiny kitchens. Carefully study the information that is freely available, take as a sample one of the ideas for the kitchen interior, select the most narrow technique. If you follow all the recommendations, then soon for a new "home assistant" there is sure to be a separate place.


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