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Bosch Dishwasher Does Not End Program

Bosh doesn't finish the washOften, the dishwasher begins to behave strangely. She seems to be washing the dishes, but when there is very little time left until the end of the program, the machine freezes, starts to twist the rocker arms and turn on the pump. If it is not forced to be disabled, it can do so indefinitely without generating any system errors. It turns out that the dishwasher does not finish the program, although it was high time for her to do this. Today we will find out the cause of this defect, and at the same time we will see how it can be eliminated with our own hands.

Why is this happening?

When the dishwasher does not give an error code, it can demonstrate the actions that lead the experienced master to certain malfunctions that become the causes of everything. However, the behavior of a “home assistant” may not tell a newcomer anything, but you should look for a breakdown. If you have not encountered a similar problem, here is a list of possible malfunctions that give rise to such symptoms in the dishwasher.

  1. Short-term or persistent failure in the control system.
  2. Damage to the heating element or a violation of its power.
  3. A blockage somewhere in the drain system.

Most often, such a breakdown is caused by a clogged fine filter of the dishwasher.

  1. Pump malfunction or blockage.
  2. Inlet valve defect.

Also, one cannot exclude the physical defect of the control module. Our specialists often had to deal with such symptoms in the operation of the Bosch dishwasher when individual tires failed, or contacts burned down. But still, you need to start the test not from the control board, but from the above details. If it is not possible to identify a breakdown on their own, a professional will take care of it, and at the same time will test the electronics.

Momentary failure

First of all, carefully read the symptoms of a dishwasher malfunction. We will now describe typical symptoms, and you compare them with the behavior of your technique. So, when you start a short program, the machine can wash the dishes and not freeze, but when you start the normal or intensive mode, it freezes at the very end, leaving the dishes washed but wet. It is possible to stop the operation of the equipment only by turning off.filter cleaning

When you turn on the machine again, the program on which the machine just hung up may not turn on at all. Activation of another program leads to the fact that the Indesit machine or any other, washes the dishes and freezes at the very end. Familiar symptoms? In minor details, the behavior of the machine may differ, but this does not change the essence of the malfunction. What do we do first?

First, a short-term system failure should be excluded from the list of possible failures. To do this, turn off the machine with the button, and then disconnect it from the power by completely removing the plug from the outlet. Let the car stand for half an hour, and then turn it on again. If there was a failure, a reboot can remove it the first time, and the machine will work well, as before.

Clogged system or pump

Reboot did not help, it does not matter, this is not a reason to disassemble the dishwasher. Check how fast the water goes into the sewer. Perhaps you have a clogged sewer pipe and therefore the dishwasher cannot remove the waste water at the proper speed. If the pipe is clean, remove and check the PMM drain hose. Next, you need to clean the trash filter, remove the fine filter and clean it. If you do not know how to do this, check out the publication Replacing and cleaning the filter of the dishwasher.

The fine filter can be found "in the bowl" where the trash filter is placed.

Next, remove and clean the drain pump of the dishwasher. In order to get to it, you have to turn off and pull out the machine, and then remove its side walls.Often on the impeller of the pump you can find a lump of dirt. If the pump is clean, check the resistance of its coil with an ohmmeter. Change the failed part.

TEN broke

If the dishwasher does not complete the cycle that the selected program suggests, there is a possibility that the heating element is to blame. Not any breakdown of the heater is accompanied by a similar behavior of the machine, but only a breakdown and leakage of current to the housing, so be careful. If, along with the symptoms indicated by us, the body of the machine began to beat lightly, it means that most likely the heating element is to blame. It should be checked in any case, if the breakdown cannot be detected.

We get to the heating element through the side wall of the machine, it is not difficult. We remove the wires, weaken the clamps and remove the part. We check its resistance with a multimeter, and then test for breakdown. If the defect can be confirmed during the inspection, change the part without thinking. Breakdown is a very dangerous breakdown.

Check the inlet valve

“For starters” we have the intake valve. The probability that it is he who is guilty in our situation is very low, but nevertheless it should be checked. Remove the valve and pay particular attention to the membrane, or rather, how it opens and closes. If the valve does not close or open until the end due to debris or limescale, you need to clean it all up. If the poor opening and closing of the valve is caused by other, unknown reasons, you just need to replace the part.

So, what caused the inability to complete the dishwasher washing program? There are a lot of reasons to find a specific breakdown, you have to check a lot of details, but otherwise nothing. Or call the master who will take money for diagnostics and repair. Good luck


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