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Do I need a dishwasher for a family of three

Do I need a dishwasher for a family of threeIt is no secret that household appliances greatly facilitate the life of housewives, allowing them to spend more time with their families. There are washing machines, microwave ovens, multicookers and other “helpers” in every home for a long time, but some women just look at the dishwashers, doubting whether an expensive car is needed in everyday life. Obviously, in large families this appliance would definitely not be idle, but is it worth buying a dishwasher to a family of 3 people? We will figure out whether there is a sense in the acquisition, which is worth paying attention to.

But in the number of people do you care?

Some users of dishwashers claim that this novelty of technical thought will certainly please everyone, and will not gather dust even in a bachelor’s apartment. And if you have a family of 3 people, you should not doubt the expediency of the purchase. What is the basis of such a judgment? The dishwasher is of great benefit.

  1. The unit is convenient to use in apartments where there is no hot water supply or frequent interruptions with its supply are observed. In such conditions, the dishwasher will become a real lifesaver. Of course, you can install a water heater, but the time, energy and water consumption in this case will be much larger.
  2. In the modern rhythm of life, people can be so busy that spending free minutes washing up after three people’s dinner will be an inadmissible luxury. Adults are usually at work until evening, the child is also busy in kindergarten or school. And in those few hours that the family gathers under one roof, I don’t feel like spending even half an hour on washing dishes.

The dishwasher will help preserve the nerves of the parents, give them free time to relax with each other and with the child.

  1. Human health does not always allow for a long time to stand idle at the sink, washing dishes. Possible banal allergy to tapmanual washing is not possible due to a sore back water or detergent. It is also difficult for people with sciatica or rheumatism to clean manually. The equipment will help to clean up the kitchen without harm to one’s own health.
  2. A person may have his own views on the right diet. Today, people are trying to eat right and varied, to split meals. So, even in a small family eating small meals 5 times a day, in the evening a lot of plates, spoons and forks, a couple of pots, a few mugs, a baking sheet, a frying pan, etc. can accumulate. To clean the mountain of kitchen products, you will have to spend at least an hour, and a dishwasher the machine will save you from unnecessary trouble.

Agree, these arguments are very convincing. The number of family members is not at all a determining factor when choosing a dishwasher. Sometimes, even in a team of 6-7 people, it may not be useful, since everyone is accustomed to wash appliances after themselves, and in small families the situation is exactly the opposite. Therefore, you should independently determine whether you need a car, weighing all the pros and cons.

The myth of the financial benefits of cars

The issue of the efficiency of the dishwasher is controversial. On the one hand, the device certainly consumes less water. The dishwasher reduces water consumption due to the functioning of a variety of sprayers, sprinklers.

With manual washing, on average 60-80 liters of water are consumed, the dishwasher will cope with the same volume of dishes, consuming only about 12 liters.

the dishwasher does not save moneyNaturally, the dishwasher consumes electricity during its operation. Cold water is heated by the heater to the temperature set by the program. Modern models consume about 0.8 kW / h. On average, the amount of electricity consumed per month will be 65 kW.

You can calculate the savings from using a dishwasher, which per month will be approximately 1 cubic meter of hot water and the same cold. From the amount received, you should subtract energy costs. So incomes and expenses simply overlap each other, and in addition to everything you need to add on the costs of buying detergents and maintaining the performance of the machine salt compositions.

Thus, the efficiency of the dishwasher will not be confirmed. But this does not mean that the purchase is meaningless and inappropriate. The dishwasher will save personal time, provide the highest quality cleaning dishes, take care of the skin of the hands. Maintenance of the device will be more expensive than a manual wash, but for any convenience you have to overpay.

Advantages of cars: expert opinions

Do I need a dishwasher in the apartment? It all depends on the desire of the household. Often this question is associated with the high cost of the unit, and the reluctance of buyers to throw money away. Therefore, before paying for an expensive purchase, you should understand the main advantages and disadvantages of a dishwasher. So what should you look at when choosing a technique?

  1. Capacity. This property determines how many sets of utensils can be loaded into the unit. The larger the dimensions of the machine, the greater the volume of devices it can clean in one operation cycle. The most compact devices allow you to wash 4-6 sets of dishes at a time, and the most productive ones - more than 17. A family of 3 people is better not to purchase the smallest equipment, but to pay attention to the average models, which contain both pots, baking trays, and other necessary kitchen utensils.
  2. Case dimensions. Very often, the hostess refuses to purchase a machine, not because of money, but because of the lack of free space in the kitchen. If so, consider narrow models that are only 45 cm wide. Properly selected dimensions of the dishwasher will allow you to place it in the most compact kitchen area. You can purchase built-in appliances.
  3. The duration of the cleaning cycle. Basic washing programs take about two to three hours. This time parameter often scares the hostesses. However, what's the difference, how long will the machine work, if you upload things to the camera, you forget about it? You can start cleaning before bedtime, and when you wake up in the morning, enjoy the washed dishes.
  4. Car wash class. A very important indicator characterizing how clean a set of dishes will be. Acquire worth cars marked "A" class. Such equipment will clean products at a temperature of about 70 degrees and above. With a manual wash, processing appliances with so hot water is simply unreal. The dishes will be completely disinfected, no harmful bacteria will remain on its surface.
  5. Number of washing programs. The more different functions are provided, the more efficient the cleaning will be. Some dishwashers have options for pre-rinsing, half-loading, express cleaning, and soaking. Selecting a particular mode depending on the degree of contamination of the dishes, you can make the sink even more profitable and efficient.
  6. Drying. Such technology is present in every dishwasher, the difference will only be in the principle of its operation. Distinguish between condensation and turbo drying. During condensation drying, the dishes delivered from the hopper will be without a drop, it will not have to be additionally wiped.

It is also worth paying attention to additional options provided in the device. Multifunctional dishwashers are able to sterilize cans, to disinfect children's toys. Some models can be controlled from a smartphone via Wi-Fi connection.

Should I buy a car?

Whether a dishwasher is needed to serve a small family is everyone's personal business.In order to have a personal system of arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of the device, we summarize the above and present the information in the form of a compact plan. So, the advantages of a dishwasher are as follows:

  • significant savings in personal time;
  • high quality cleaning dishes;
  • sterilization of tableware;
  • prevention of the negative effects of detergents on the skin of the hands;
  • complete drying of appliances.

The main disadvantages that can be noted:

  • high cost of equipment;
  • problems with the placement of equipment in small apartments;
  • high cost of service.

Yes, the price of a high-quality dishwasher can frighten, but once you spend money, you will get a device that will function properly for many years. And the problem of lack of space can be solved by purchasing a compact device that is built into kitchen furniture. Do not make hasty conclusions; before purchasing expensive equipment, you should soberly assess all the advantages and disadvantages of the device.

What do the housewives say?

Elena, Omsk

For housewives who perceive washing as torture, the dishwasher will become an indispensable assistant. And the washing process does not bother me at all, but on the contrary, it even calms me down. My husband gave me a typewriter, but it costs almost nothing. I use it only to clear the mountain of dishes after friendly solemn gatherings.

Tatyana, Moscow

I can’t imagine how I would live without a dishwasher. There are three of us, and the machine is completely clogged daily. In addition to plates, mugs and forks, pans, pans, a baking sheet, baking dishes, and sundries accumulate. Every day I use a juicer, and these are additional details. The machine cleans everything with water heated to 70 degrees, so the surface of the products just shines, and I am sure that there are no bacteria on it. Which, you see, is very convenient if there is a small child in the family. We have a two-tariff electricity meter, I start the dishwasher at night, which is even more economical. In the morning I can only lay out the clean dishes in the drawers. Isn't that every housewife’s dream?

Marina, Yaroslavl

I do not regret buying, the dishwasher is really very convenient, saves water, saves my personal time. But I do not use it every day, I start it a couple of times a week, when in addition to plates, dirty pans, banks, baking sheets and so on accumulate.

Valentina, St. Petersburg

In my opinion, a dishwasher for a family of three is not needed. I also live with my spouse and daughter, and it’s easier for me to immediately wash the dishes after eating than to save them until the machine is fully loaded. And for the sake of a pair of plates and one pan, I do not see the point of starting the device for 2 hours. I think this technique will be indispensable for a large family, and three people can serve a good hostess.


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