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I washed a bank card in the washing machine - what to do

bank cardMany were faced with a situation where in a hurry they forgot to check the pockets of clothes before washing, throwing everything into the washing machine. So in the drum are phones, money, flash drives, passports, bank cards and much more. One can part with something irrevocably after such a shake, and some objects can still be restored to a “second life”. Today we will answer the question of what to do if a credit card was washed in the washing machine.

What will happen after washing?

How many times do we convince ourselves to turn out all our pockets before washing anything, but laziness takes its toll, we simply forget to do it. And as practice shows, in vain. After all, a washed passport or a bank card can become a payment for this, as in our case.

A bank card is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or, more simply, of plastic, which is resistant to moisture, temperature, as well as chemical attack. All information about the card holder and his account is recorded on magnetic tape or chip located on the card. Most new cards have just magnetic tape.

After washing a plastic card with a magnetic tape in the machine, in 70% of cases nothing serious happens. She, as before, continues to work. But I must say this if the card was washed at a low temperature. If the card was in your pocket, this could also save it. But the card, locks, buttons, and other details on clothes that can scratch the magnetic tape damage the card. A magnet can spoil a card, but fortunately it is not in the washer.

Important! Cards with a chip in most cases fail after washing in a car.

map Troika for travelIf you mistakenly washed a card in a washing machine, do not panic. To get started, take a dry cloth and wipe it, let it lie down a little and finally dry. Inspect the card for damage, if the numbers are erased. If everything looks good, then you can check the card for performance at the nearest ATM. Work with the card several times, making sure that it is working, because the card can work every other time, which is already bad.

If it was possible to wash not a bank card, but a triple card to pay for travel in Moscow, then nothing could happen to it either. Everything will depend on the mode in which it was erased. If you noticed a card at the very beginning of washing, then you can pull it out, how to do it we wrote in the article How to open the washing machine while washing?

What to do with a damaged card?

If the bank card does not work or does not work well, then you need to replace it at the branch of the bank where you received it. A damaged card on a magnetic tape cannot be repaired; it is reissued.

To receive a new VTB Bank card ahead of schedule, you need:bank card

  • come to the bank with a passport and write an application for early reissue of the card, in which to indicate the reason for replacing the card;
  • give an application to a bank employee;
  • block the old card;
  • after 5-10 business days receive a new card.

Note! In order for the new card to have new details (number and account), this must be indicated separately in the application. Otherwise, the details will remain the same except for the PIN code.

The scheme for obtaining a new card in other banks by and large does not differ. However, the amount of the commission for issuing a card in different banks for different types of cards differs and varies between 50 - 1500 rubles. So, for example, replacing a simple VTB card will cost 150 rubles, and a status one - 1,500 rubles. Replacing a credit card at Sberbank will be free.

Thus, the commission for issuing a bank card due to damage may not be small, so be careful before washing things in the car.Otherwise, your carelessness will cost you money and time.


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