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How to place a dishwasher in the kitchen?

How to position a dishwasher in the kitchenBefore buying a washing unit, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of the room, measure it, correctly plan what and where to install. Due to the small dimensions of modern apartments, it is not so easy to put a dishwasher in the kitchen in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. You need to try, given the existing design decisions.

It depends on your device.

To date, there are so many different types of dishwashers that many users can simply get confused by such an abundance. You need to try to delve into the details, determine the type and design of the dishwasher, make all measurements, and only then buy the unit. Which one to choose?

Typically, dishwashers are divided into two categories. The first is small-sized or full-sized, and the second is the type of installation, built-in, desktop, stand-alone. Full-size models are not popular, since in the small-sized apartments of most Russians it is inconvenient to install them. Therefore, preference is usually given to compact models of smaller sizes.

Now let's talk about the installation method

Freestanding cars. Yes, with this option, you will not have to look for either a car stand or install a kitchen set with a niche for PM, but there are some disadvantages too. For example, according to recommendations for the correct location, the dishwasher should be located as far away from the stove and, naturally, as close to utilities as possible. Agree, cranking this is not always possible. Moreover, freestanding models, as a rule, are not small. If there are compact models, then these are only aggregates narrow, but high. A high dishwasher is also not always convenient.

Desktop dishwashers are the most compact option. Firstly, it is easy to carry. That is, at will, you can either install the unit at any minute, or remove it, rearrange, move, etc. And you don’t have to think about the difficulties with communications.desktop dishwasher is not difficult to find a place

  • Draining through the sink in the kitchen.
  • Water is drawn through a tap.
  • You can put it on any table or kitchen table, as convenient. Some even put such PMs under the table, which saves even more space.

Important! The main disadvantage of this type of installation is the small compartment for dishes. A model of this design is a kind of mini-dishwasher. At the same time, standing on the table, it will still occupy a decent space.

Built-in devices. These are favorites in the Russian market. As a rule, such a model is either partially or fully integrated into the kitchen and plays the role of a dining table. In the first case, the dishwasher is selected by color, but has its own facade (it can be seen what it is), and in the second - it hides behind the door of the nightstand, as if it were just a kitchen cabinet.

All this is good if the kitchen has enough space for the installation of the model, because it is quite large. And again, the problem with connecting to communications. But since there is a demand, there is a supply. Now the market is replete with compact built-in units. They are convenient to install, there is always a place and connecting such a machine to electricity and sewage is not so difficult.

Size to capacity ratio

Many believe that the external parameters of the dishwasher in no way affect its capacity, but this is a misconception. The bulk of the volume is just the tank for loading dishes. Thus, the smaller the machine, the less you can wash the cutlery in it. How to understand the ratio of the dimensions of the unit and its capacity?

  1. As a rule, the average parameters of the largest washing machine are 60x60x85cm (Width - Depth - Height). These are the dimensions of a full-size freestanding model.Some cars may differ by a few centimeters, but rarely. Such a unit has the most capacious tank, where you can wash in the range of 10-12 sets.
  2. Small-sized cars. We are talking about embedded models, which are usually smaller than stand-alone ones. Their average dimensions are 45x60x85. Despite a slight difference in dimensions, the capacity of the washing chamber is almost half as small and is only 6-8 sets of dishes.
  3. Compact cars. They do not claim huge volumes of loading (4-6 sets). Dimensions - 45x55x45.varieties of dishwashers

A set is a set of cutlery for one person. Relatively speaking, a plate for the first, a plate for the second, fork, spoon, knife and mug. What is considered a kit in a particular model is prescribed in the instructions.

Find a place in advance

Of course, it’s much easier to properly plan the kitchen and correctly install all the furniture and appliances until the main repairs are completed. Then you can decide in advance where it is more convenient for you to put the unit, bring all communications to this place. In the case of the built-in model, the kitchen set is designed taking into account the location of the dishwasher and its communications.consider the dimensions of the dishwasher in advance

But if you decide to purchase a dishwasher regardless of repair, when everything has long been arranged and has been functioning for several years, you will have to try hard. It will be difficult to organize a place where there would be no problems with the connection, the stove was at a decent distance, and that all this somehow fit into the interior of the kitchen. Here are some installation recommendations.

  1. In the case of remoteness of the installation site from communications, pipes can be increased. But if this is not possible, install the unit closer to the sink. Indeed, without connecting to the necessary networks, it simply will not work.
  2. Ensure that the floor under the dishwasher is perfectly level. Slopes and bumps can cause smudges and breakdowns.
  3. If by chance you have to put the PM near the stove, leave between them 15-40 cm, otherwise the device will overheat and fail.

Mounting should be as rigid as possible. It is better to place the equipment between the kitchen cabinets.


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