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How to connect an LG washing machine?

How to connect an LG washing machineEveryone will be able to cope with the independent connection of the LG washing machine. You only need to stock up on a set of wrenches, strictly follow the instructions and take note of a few useful tips. All details, recommendations and step-by-step algorithms are given in this publication.

Where to put the equipment?

Before you connect the washing machine, you need to find a place to place it. It is better to do this even before buying the equipment, since its model and dimensions depend on where and how the machine will stand. So, for the bathroom, a standard full-size washer is suitable, and for the kitchen set - built-in and narrow. But the future "house" for the unit must be approached responsibly.

More often the car is “settled” in the bathroom. Despite its modest dimensions, there is always a place for washing in it - next to the sink, toilet or under the sink. Everything is purely individual, and depends on the free square meters in the room and the wishes of the owners. The “minus” will be increased humidity, but the “plus” is the failed communications.

The second most popular place for washing machines is the kitchen. They place the washers next to the cabinet or directly in the headset. As a rule, there is more free space in the dining area, better ventilation and less humidity. But there are also disadvantages, for example, unpleasant odors from clothes being washed and storage of household chemicals near food.often put the machine in the bathroom

The third option is a hallway or storage room. Such a choice is made when there is no possibility to “attach” the equipment in the kitchen and bathroom. But communication is more problematic here.

Rarely, a washing machine is also practiced in the bedroom. In fact, the name of the room is not important. The main thing is that the room meets certain standards.

  • Failed communications. Sewer pipe, water supply, electricity - all this should be no further than a meter from the planned place.
  • Flat floor. The surface under the machine should be straight and stable. In other words, the washer cannot fall or roll on one side. Ideally, you need concrete or tile flooring.

Before connecting the washer, you must make sure that the placement meets the specified standards.

It is not necessary to connect to centralized water supply and sanitation. There are options for pouring waste water into a sink or bath, and the fence from a tank or barrel. The main thing is to provide the machine with full functioning. Once everything is ready, you can begin to connect.

We prepare the equipment for installation

Immediately connect the machine to the communications and start the wash will not work. Connecting the LG washing machine begins with the preparatory phase. This is a series of mandatory events.

  1. Read the instructions supplied with the equipment. It is not necessary to neglect the user manual: all the nuances, requirements and operating conditions are described in the papers.
  2. Carefully unpack the washer and remove all protective elements, film, screeds and polystyrene from the case.
  3. Remove transport bolts. This is easy to do, but you can make a mistake. It is better not to take risks, but to study a separate instruction, which we have already described on our website.

It is forbidden to start the machine with transport bolts!

  1. Insert special plastic plugs into the holes from the previously removed bolts. Separately, you do not need to buy “choppers” - they come complete with a washing machine.remove shipping bolts

Now the machine is ready for further manipulations. It remains only to move the unit to the planned location so that access to the rear wall is free. Next, we act in order: first we organize the drain, then we connect to the water supply, align the housing and set up the power supply.

We organize the discharge of waste water

The easiest way to organize the discharge of waste water from the machine is to lower the end of the hose into the bathtub, toilet bowl or sink. The liquid will first enter the plumbing, and then into the central sewer pipe. But all this action looks unaesthetic from the outside, and in addition it threatens to stain white-snow ceramics. Therefore, it is better to go the other way and act through a siphon.

First of all, open the instructions for the washing machine. The manual has a special paragraph about connecting to the sewage system, where requirements for the height of the bend of the drain channel can be prescribed. As a rule, it is necessary to raise the nozzle 50cm or higher. But it all depends on the specific model of the machine.

If there is a check valve on the washing machine, the bend height of the drain hose does not matter.

Having found out the connection details, we install a special siphon under the sink, put a hose on it and fix it with a clamp. If you plan to connect directly to the sewer pipe, then we get the appropriate rubber gasket. We put it at the junction, and then we stretch the sleeve. Do not forget to securely fix all the elements, since leakage should not occur.organize the drain

We arrange water supply

The second step is to connect the machine to the water supply. At the same time, there is no difference whether it is centralized or independently organized, since the water supply setting scheme is almost the same.

  • We take a inlet hose suitable for the existing LG model. More often it comes in the kit, but sometimes it is bought separately.
  • We bend the curved end to a special tube on the upper part of the back wall of the housing.
  • We cut a hole in the water pipe and draw a line through the tee to the machine. You can make a special branch with a crane.
  • We connect the machine to the water supply.
  • Tighten the retaining clamps tightly. Plastic nuts, by contrast, are tightened to the maximum permissible limit and categorically without the use of tools.connect to water

When using tees or water sockets do not forget about sealants. Remember that even one drop that appears at the junction indicates unreliable fixation.

We put the case in level

The machine already connected to the pipes can be moved to the wall or put in the headset. But it is not yet possible to start the engine - it is necessary to align the unit body, otherwise the machine will jump, vibrate and hum when spinning. The procedure is almost mandatory, as in modern realities perfectly straight floors are extremely rare.

To install the washer as straight as possible, you will need a building level. Next, you need to perform several actions:

  • put the level on the top cover of the machine;
  • focusing on level readings, adjust the legs of the machine;
  • check the stability of the case, trying to slightly swing the machine. If, when you click on the corners, the technician moves from his place, then we continue the adjustment;
  • fix the nuts.

It is strongly discouraged to operate unevenly standing machine!

Normally, the LG washing machine should not vibrate much. Experts recommend carefully monitoring the vibrations and sounds emitted during the spin cycle and promptly responding to suspicious “jumps”. It is also advised to use special anti-vibration nozzles on the legs to reduce the likelihood of breakage.

We connect the machine to power

With electricity, the easiest way: just plug the power cord into a power outlet, and the machine will work. But do not rush - you should first check whether the existing wiring meets the necessary standards. These are the following requirements:

  • the presence of grounding; for safety reasons, the washing machine must be grounded;
  • inclusion in the circuit of an RCD. In the absence of grounding in the house, it is important to include in the wiring an RCD with a cut-off current of 10 mA (when placing the equipment in the bathroom) and 30 mA (in the kitchen and other rooms);
  • the use of moisture-proof covers on the outlet.

Once everything is connected, run the machine on an “empty” wash. Such a move will save the drum from factory lubrication, and at the same time will show whether everything is done correctly.


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