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How to choose a washing machine according to the parameters?

The choice of a washing machineWhen buying a washing machine, almost all people are faced with the problem of choice. Any major outlet offers dozens of models of washing machines of several brands at once, and how to choose it when you have a good hundred “home helpers” in front of your eyes that do not look very different from each other? There is only one way out - to make a choice of a washing machine, evaluating its parameters, and how to do it, we will tell in this article.

What to focus on?

When you are going to a household appliance store in order to choose a new washing machine, you should already decide on the criteria for such a choice. If you go at random, sellers will probably process you, and you will buy not what you want, but that you are “sucked in” by the caring managers of the trading floor. I would not want to talk badly about sellers of household appliances, but there is such a sinner behind them.

how to buy a washerIt is much more difficult to deceive a trained buyer who knows what to look for and already understands something in washing machines. What should the potential buyer of the washing machine need to be guided by, what technical parameters should attract his attention? Let's start with the priority parameters, mostly the most important ones, which should interest you first.

  • Price. The vast majority of potential buyers of washing machines are not rich, and it is not surprising that they want to spend as little as possible on purchases. The main thing here is not to get carried away, remember that not every expensive car is worth the money and not every cheap washing machine is worth your attention.
  • Dimensions The selection of a washing machine is often tied to its size. Buyers are ready to put up with many of the flaws of the equipment, if only it would fit into a cramped bathroom or kitchen. For their reasons, let there be at least some washing machine in a small bathroomthan there will be none, and there is a reason for these considerations.
    dimensions of washing machines
  • Reliability. The reliability of a washing machine is a relative concept. Someone judges the reliability of the brand, someone at the place of assembly of the model, and only a small number of people evaluate the objective criteria that can affect the overall reliability and durability of the “home assistant”.
  • Appearance. Not the last place among the evaluated parameters is the appearance of the washing machine. Very often, modern users opt for technology with an unusual and beautiful design, not paying attention to its technical characteristics.
  • Mark. The choice of the brand of the washing machine is largely due to its fame and publicity. It often happens that the technique does not represent anything, while its samples do not go off the TV screens and users choose it, since advertising information settles in the brain against the will and often for this reason manipulates the behavior of customers.

Note! Often, the brand of the washing machine is associated with the place of its production, thinking that, for example, the Bosch washing machine is necessarily assembled in Germany, which means it is good, in fact, you should not be guided by this, since the country of assembly can be anything.

  • promotions and discounts for washersStocks. Quite often, sellers manipulate buyers by arranging various promotions, sales, bonus programs. Often, offering a good discount, they try to push not entirely successful or outdated models of washing machines. And the buyer looks at the price tag at a discount, he has the excitement to buy a cheap washing machine and he forgets to think about any characteristics, before his eyes there is only a price tag with a huge discount.

In addition to the basic characteristics of the washing machine, which should be paid attention to when making a choice in favor of a particular model, there are additional parameters that can also be very important.It is impossible to ignore them in any way, so let's first list them and then “expand” them in the next paragraphs of the article.

  1. Type of download.
  2. The design of the drum and its capacity.
  3. Noise emitted during operation.
  4. The number and composition of functions and programs.
  5. Management Features.

Where is the hatch of the washing machine?

top or front loadingAll modern washing machines can be divided into two types: vertical loading machines with a sunroof located on top, and horizontal loading machines with a sunroof in the front wall. For some, the issue of loading their future car seems at first glance not fundamental, but if you think about it, this is a very important parameter.

  • If you are looking for a narrow washing machine so that it enters the cramped room of the pantry or bathroom, it is better to choose a washing machine with a vertical load, since its body is narrower than many horizontal lines.
  • A horizontal loading washing machine can be shoved under a sink or countertop when, as vertical lines, they can be, basically, only freestanding.
  • The type of loading is often tied to the volume of the drum and the price. Top-loading washing machines are often more expensive than horizontal lines, and they are also less spacious for a number of reasons.
  • In machines with vertical loading, it is much more convenient to fold the laundry, because you do not need to bend down. On the other hand, if you choose a front-loading washing machine, you can make powders and various detergents on its top cover, like on a shelf.

horizontal loading machine

Note! The location of the hatch greatly affects the appearance of the washer. Vertical lines often look rustic, while horizontal loading machines can be a reflection of the ideal of technical aesthetics.

We look at the drum

If you have a large family and, accordingly, you often have to wash a lot and often, you need a washing machine that can hold 8 or more kilograms of laundry with a large load. A machine with a large drum is also needed when you often wash volumetric and dimensional things that, by definition, cannot stretch in drums with a load of 4.5-6 kg. What do experts recommend in this regard?

drum volume

They advise, before making a choice in favor of a particular model, to calculate the composition of things that you wash more often and their number. In most cases, a drum capacity of 8 kg of dry laundry is enough - you can wash a large thing and, if necessary, a lot of small linen.

Inspect and feel the inside of the drum. The cells and rebuillers should be smooth and sloping, if during the feeling you come across a steel or plastic burr, you should not opt ​​for such a washing machine.

Noisy or quiet?

noisy washing machineMany buyers want to choose a quiet "home assistant" so that they can load laundry and then start washing for the night. But many models are quite noisy to use at night. And some washing machines are so noisy that even if you use them during the day you scare young children and neighbors, because during the spin cycle they work almost like a puncher.

In order not to run into such a bouncer, but to choose a normal washing machine with respect to noise, look carefully at the model description. Almost always, manufacturers indicate in the model description the noise level during washing and the noise level during spinning in dB. We will be interested in the noise level during the spin cycle, since at this time it is usually larger.

So, if the model of the washing machine you are interested in during spinning gives out more than 80-85 dB - it is better to choose a different technique, because the normal noise during spinning is within 70-75 dB. It will be better if you find a model that produces 60-65 dB during spin, but in this case, it will most likely spin at a low speed, which is also not good.

Be careful! Some unscrupulous manufacturers of washing machines indicate incorrect data in the model description. In particular, the noise level of the machine during the spin cycle. If possible, it is better to listen to how the washer works before it is purchased.

Functions and Programs

Some are trying to choose a new washing machine, considering how many functions and programs this or that model has. And as soon as they find the model of the machine with the maximum number of programs and functions - they take it. How justified is this?

  1. For additional and unusual washing programs and functions in a particular washing machine, you will have to pay more money.
  2. The more functions and programs the machine has, the more complex its electronics are and the more likely it is to fail.
  3. Quite a few advertised functions of modern washing machines in a practical sense are completely useless, but they will have to pay a tidy sum. The question is, why?

functions and programs

Our advice, in this case, is the following - study carefully the functions that are integrated into the model of the washing machine you like. Mark for yourself only those that are really needed, and then, based on this, try to choose a "home assistant". In 95% of cases, the following washing programs and functions are really required:

  • quick wash (within 30 minutes);
  • synthetics;
  • quick wash cotton;
  • outerwear;
  • footwear;
  • gentle washing;
  • rinsing;
  • spin;
  • child lock;
  • easy ironing;
  • half load.

The effectiveness of such a function as, for example, Eco Bubble has not been proven, therefore, in our opinion, there is no point in paying extra for it.


washing controlWhen choosing a washing machine, see how intuitive it is to operate it. Preference should be given to models of machines that have informative control panels, on which each button and each selector are signed in Russian. Well, if the machine has a display that reliably displays the progress of the implementation of the washing program, it is very convenient.

Ideally, activation of all available functions should be done by the user intuitively. No complex codes and key combinations, this should be present only in exceptional cases. In this regard, washing machines of Korean brands are considered the most accessible to the user, and washing machines of Italian brands are considered the least understood.

In conclusion, we note that we have listed the parameters by which you should choose a washing machine. If you possess the above information and have a desire to understand this issue, you will never be deceived by any cunning seller of household appliances. Have a good shopping!


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