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Why doesn't the washing machine wring laundry? And how to fix it?

The washing machine does not wring the laundryFor many of us, it is important that the washing machine work properly and complete the entire washing cycle without any problems. Yes, of course, if it stopped pressing, but other functions work, then this is better than if it did not work at all. After all, you can squeeze out manually.

But on the other hand, not everyone likes spending their personal time on this. And far from any person can squeeze out laundry as high quality as an automatic washing machine. And with a high-quality spin, the laundry dries faster. Therefore, it will be wiser to repair our household appliances in order to enjoy its full-fledged work in the future.

I want to please some of the readers. If the washing machine does not wring out the laundry, this does not mean that it is broken. There is a chance that you simply turned off this feature during the last wash and forgot to turn it on. So for starters we’ll check this particular opportunity.

Spin function disabled or gentle wash

Control panel of the washing machineThe programs of most modern washing machines have special conditions. For example, "gentle washing." When using this mode, the machine works in a special washing option. That is, the spin may not be complete or absent altogether. And things will remain wet. This mode is necessary in order not to damage the safety of even the most finicky tissues. Therefore, check which mode you have set. And if it is a gentle washing option, then just in case, you can study the instructions for your household appliances.

Some models do not spin in this mode. Also pay attention to the buttons that disable individual functions. If you do not have a careful mode and the spin button is not pressed, and the machine still gives out laundry clearly wet, then we are dealing with a breakdown. And the time has come to establish which one.

There are several types of malfunctions that can cause such a problem. Let's take them apart and discuss how to fix them without resorting to specialized repair services.

The washing machine does not drain the water

To determine this malfunction, just look inside the washing machine through the transparent hatch door. Do not open it. Just bend over and take a peek. If you see not merged water, then the problem is not in the spin cycle. In this situation, a problem with the drain mechanism. One of the most frequent failures in this situation is a malfunction of the drain pump (pump). It may also clog the filter and block the pipe.

If the water from the tank of our machine has not left, then the spin program will not turn on. It is provided by manufacturers. You can find the complete guide to resolving this problem in the article: “What if the washing machine does not drain the water". Here we will not delve into the elimination of this malfunction, but proceed to the next.

Faulty TEN

TEN is a heating element of the washing machine. It raises the temperature of cold water poured into our machine to the one that is needed. A violation in the operation of this element can also cause the spin to stop working. On how to change it, watch the video:

The tacho generator does not work

Despite the fact that the operating instructions for washing machines indicate the maximum amount of laundry that can be washed at a time, many of us still manage to load more things into the tank than is allowed. And this is not surprising, because not everyone agrees to weigh dirty laundry before washing. Unfortunately, such handling of the washing machine can lead to damage to the tachometer.

It is the tachometer that performs the function of controlling the number of required revolutions of the drum during all washing functions. In case of breakdown of the tachometer, it must be replaced. If the screw that fixes it has loosened, then it is necessary to tighten it.

Faulty washing machine motor

In order to get to the engine of the machine, you need to disassemble the housing of our household appliances. Before you remove the mounts and wires, take a photo on your phone or camera. The photo will help you connect all the wires to the right places when you return the engine to its place.

When the engine is removed, it is necessary to check the collector brushes. When the washing machine is operating, they may wear out. In order to understand whether the case is in the brushes, it is necessary to measure their length. If it is less than half a centimeter, then it's time to replace them. In addition to this malfunction, you may encounter water leakage into the engine. After all possible problems have been resolved, you can install the “washing machine” engine in place and, guided by the photo taken, connect the wires. You can check the operation of the spin without dressing the housing of the washing machine.

Replacing the washing machine motor brushes is shown here:

Failure of the control module is also possible. This is a rare and rather unpleasant breakdown. We do not recommend replacing the washing machine module yourself for those people who do not have experience in this matter. With this breakdown, it is better to contact professionals.


24 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Knerzer Knerzer:

    Thank you very much for this video. Not for the replacement process itself, but for the comment that even long brushes may not work.

  2. Gravatar Peter Peter:

    Help with the repair of cars. The machine squeezes, and when on, it draws water and then clicks the relay, the machine buzzes but the drum does not rotate

    • Gravatar Artemy Artemy:

      Hello) Have you solved the problem ??? I have such a problem

      • Gravatar washing machine washer:

        It was like this: the master replaced the relay, 1500r costs work, did 10 minutes.

  3. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    I turn on the washing mode, any, but I just spin the drum, turn it off and the door opens.

  4. Gravatar Denis Denis:

    In any mode, the drum spins only one way, what is wrong with it?

    • Gravatar Ajeksander Ajaxander:

      Module flew

  5. Gravatar Sam Sam:

    Such a problem: you turn on the machine in the network, it turns on itself. And the pump runs smoothly and shows f11. What is the reason, help. The module checked, they said, the worker.

  6. Gravatar Igor Igor:

    Ardo, the centrifuge function does not turn on.

  7. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    The SIEMENS SIWAMAT XS 1063 washing machine does not squeeze or drain water. The machine is not new, but assembled in Germany.
    I checked all the drain hoses, cleaned the filter, even removed the hoses in the machine itself, everything is clean ... when you turn on the spin mode or drain (without water), the impeller of the drain pump starts spinning, and the drum does not spin.
    After my actions, she earned and worked for about a month. And here again: everything was washed and stopped with water in the rinse mode.
    Can you tell me something?

    • Gravatar Serg Serg:

      The thin hose from the sensor to the tank may not be tight (pressure switch sensor). Or maybe just brushes.

    • Gravatar Friend Friend:

      Look strap

  8. Gravatar Tan Tan:

    Please tell me some kind of crash in the program. The machine washed and stopped, and the spin must be switched to manual. What could it be?

  9. Gravatar Sergey Sergei:

    Please tell me, washing machine ARDO AED 800X. When the spin is turned on, the drum rotates for about a minute, the pump works and suddenly turns off. After 2-3 seconds it turns on and also works again for about a minute and turns off again.

  10. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    The LG washing machine runs during washing; at the time of spinning it does not spin the drum! As soon as it starts, the motor just stops. The pump is running! Direct drive!

  11. Gravatar Anastasia Anastasia:

    Hello! I have such a problem.
    Just bought an Indesit machine, a couple of washes turned out to be excellent, the third one stopped working the spin cycle.
    What is the matter and what should be done in this case?

    • Gravatar Petrovich Petrovich:

      Try disconnecting the machine from the network. Press the buttons so that the current is gone. Then plug in. It helped us so much.

  12. Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

    Tell me please. The LG machine does not work fast spin, but slow works.

  13. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    The machine does not wring. Checked all the hoses - clean. Brushes are also working.

    • Gravatar Alex Alex:

      Tatyana, have you solved the spin problem? If so, how?

  14. Gravatar Anatoly Anatoly:

    Help is needed! In any mode, the spin indicator does not light, but it does not work on all programs. The pump is running, all nozzles are clean. What could be?

  15. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    Machine Siemens iq500. That squeezes, then no, (the drum does not accelerate) the hoses are clean, the pump drains, the brushes are normal. What could be?

  16. Gravatar Anna Anna:

    Hello! Typewriter Indesit wil83. Squeezes as it sees fit, the last time generally stopped pressing in any mode, at any number of revolutions. The drain works well. After disconnecting it opens the lid, you have to squeeze the laundry by hand. Tell me, what could be? Thanks in advance!

  17. Gravatar Rail Rail:

    Hello, the ARDO A1000 washing machine erases, rinses, drains, but does not squeeze (it tries to accelerate and the spin and pump are simultaneously turned off at the same time) while the machine command continues to work.
    I checked the brushes (1 cm already left, replaced anyway), the pump perfectly drains water even with a pressure, the filter is clean, the pressure switch is working, the hose is not clogged. It blows well, the tachometer is serviceable. On the module, it seems like a whole.

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