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Why doesn't the dishwasher dry the dishes?

the dishwasher does not dryThe final stage of the program in the dishwasher is drying. It depends on the drying how the dishes at the exit turn out to be beautiful. On under-cooked dishes there are stains and drops, you are embarrassed to put it on the holiday table. If the dishwasher does not dry, this indicates a problem that needs to be dealt with, not letting it go. We will understand why the machine may not dry the dishes, and how to eliminate this malfunction.

Reasons for the malfunction

If, when you open the door of the dishwasher, you see clean, but at the same time wet dishes, then do not rush to think that the car has broken. Most likely, the reason for poor-quality drying of dishes in the type of drying. Most dishwashers have a condensation type of drying, it is the cheapest and easiest. This drying is also called natural. But at the same time, condensation drying is not ideal.

The principle of its operation is the evaporation of moisture from hot dishes. However, metal objects cool at the same time as the walls of the tank, due to which condensation forms, with which nothing can be done.

Note! Some users of dishwashers, to improve drying, advise to open the door of the machine after the end of the program, and also do not leave the dishes for a long time so that condensate does not have time to settle.

If the dishes are not only wet, but also poorly washed, then in this case it is worth thinking about a serious malfunction.

In machines with a condensation type of drying, this can be:

  • breakdown of ten, as a result of which the water does not heat up, respectively, the dishes do not wash and do not dry;
  • faulty temperature sensor;
  • failure of the relay on the control module.

In the case of dishwashers with turbo-drying, another cause of failure can be the failure of the fan, which pumps hot air into the chamber with the dishes, the result is that the machine does not dry the dishes. Now we will figure out how to eliminate these malfunctions.

The ten and the temperature sensor broke

If the heating element and the temperature sensor fail, only a complete replacement of the elements is possible. It is not difficult to diagnose a heater failure in general, this will require skills in working with a multimeter. In most models of dishwashers, including Bosch, ten is flowing and it is located in the lower part. In order to get it, you will have to turn the car over and remove the bottom. Next is the heater, checked for operability and, if necessary, changed to a new, preferably original. The entire process is described in more detail in the article. Replacing the ten in the dishwasher.

As for the temperature sensor, in working condition it regulates the operation of the heating element, giving the command to dry the dishes. If the sensor fails, the Tenu command does not arrive, drying does not start, and in some cases the process stops even at the dishwashing stage. The temperature sensor is located in the opening of the chamber, designed to collect water. In some models of dishwashers in the same chamber there may also be a water purity sensor. The wires are removed from the temperature sensor, and then the sensor itself is taken out. A new sensor is installed in the place of the old one, and this will complete the repair, all that remains is to assemble the car and test it.
temperature sensor in the dishwasher

Note! In LG dishwashers, the temperature sensor is located at the base of the heating element, as in washing machines.

Fan and relay out of order

One of the common reasons that the dishwasher does not dry the dishes is a malfunction of the relay located on the control board. In most cases (in fully embedded machines or freestanding), the control board is located inside the door, which is not difficult to disassemble by unscrewing a few bolts.

Having taken out the control board, you will see a relay on it, to replace which some skill will be required when working with a soldering iron.If you doubt that you can handle this kind of work, then it is better to contact a specialist who will do everything for sure. Replacing a relay is an inexpensive repair.dishwasher relay

As for the fan in turbo-drying machines, it must also be changed in case of breakdown, it must be repaired turbo dryeris not subject to. When the fan stops working, you will not hear a characteristic sound when the turbo dryer is operating. The hot air blower is located in different models of cars in different ways, mainly on the side wall, in Bosch models in the lower part of the chamber, and in AEG machines, on the contrary, in the upper part. Therefore, to get to it, you will have to disassemble almost the entire dishwasher. In order not to do this, you can entrust the work to the master, which will cost about 2000 rubles, plus the cost of the fan itself.

Thus, there may be several reasons why the dishwasher does not dry dishes well or does not do it at all. All of them are easily removable and do not cause any problems, a successful repair!


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