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Dishwasher in the bathroom

Dishwasher in the bathroomNot all housewives have the opportunity to place a dishwasher near the sink in the kitchen due to lack of free space. But this is not a reason to refuse pots and plates washed without undue effort - just find a place for a dishwasher in the bathroom. It is only necessary to take into account a few nuances. What difficulties and risks we are talking about will be described below.

Where to put?

Even in a small bathroom there is always a place for a dishwasher. Moreover, the hostess can choose how to place the equipment: move it to the sink or build it under it, place it separately in the free corner near the bathtub, directly onto the washing machine or build a special shelving unit. But before moving the machine, it is worth thinking about preparation.

First of all, we think about the design of the dishwasher. Remember that it is better to choose a machine for the color, so that everything looks organic and aesthetically pleasing. We also plan where the machine will stand in order to prepare a box for masking the failed communications or to order a special cabinet for the functional use of space. If there is enough space in the bathroom, it is recommended to choose full-size models, since they are more spacious and reliable.where to put the dishwasher

Inconvenient and harmful to technology

In forums and chat rooms you often find that the bathroom is far from the best place for a dishwasher. The main argument “against” is that increased humidity in the room negatively affects the control system, causing malfunctions and a quick exit of the machine. It is difficult to disagree with this, but because of the dampness, you should not abandon this option: you only need to think out ways to circumvent the problem and organize exhaust ventilation.

The problem of high humidity can be solved by organizing a ventilation system, which will reduce the effect of moisture on the life of the dishwasher.

Do not forget about the possible problems with loading and unloading the machine. If you put the dishwasher far from the kitchen sink, you will first have to put dirty dishes in a container, and then carry everything around the apartment, risking to dirty the floor or clothes. This will bring certain inconvenience, but you can put up with similar circumstances, since it will take several times less time and effort to deliver dishes to appliances than to do a hand wash.

Some nuances of installation

The dishwasher is connected in the kitchen and in the bathroom in the same way. The main thing is to provide free access to water supply, sewage and power, and then carefully read the installation instructions. The latter is better not to neglect, as often some models of dishwashers require a special approach to installation.

The dishwasher must be directly connected to the mains, as the use of extension cords or tees increases the risk of short circuit and fire.

To install a stand-alone machine, you will need to supply water using a water inlet hose through a fitting mounted in the water pipe. A similar splitter crashes into the sewer, and a drain hose is attached to it. If the power cord does not reach the nearest outlet, then we move the power source closer: make a markup, measure the distance, cut the cable to the desired length and roll the wiring to the place.moisture resistant socket for PM

The dishwasher is easy to install in any room - you only need to take care of access to communications. The main thing is not to forget about the operating rules and take into account possible risks from the characteristics of the room. Then the machine will last equally long in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in the corridor.


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