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How to remove mold in the dishwasher?

How to remove mold in a dishwasherIf there is even the slightest suspicion that harmful fungi have settled in the dishwasher, it is necessary to sound the alarm and get rid of mold as soon as possible. A humid, warm, dark environment with plenty of food debris is ideal for the rapid propagation of spores, so it is important to clean the machines regularly. Otherwise, not only the equipment itself will suffer, but also the health of households. So we read the article and learn how to eliminate harmful accumulations and by what means.

Particular attention to the filter.

Mold in the dishwasher has a few favorite places, and the dust filter is the first on this list. Here, moisture is stored longer and particles of food are collected, which allows hundreds of all kinds of fungi to develop. To get rid of them, you have to thoroughly clean the garbage collector. We act like this.

  1. We make sure that there are no dishes in the dishwasher.
  2. Completely pull out the lower grille by pulling it towards you.
  3. We inspect the bottom of the machine near the drainpipe and look for a round plastic part - a filter.

If a crusher or waste grinder is installed in place of the filter, then you should not continue cleaning - such devices break food and rinse abundantly with water.

  1. We take on the “cover” of the filter, turn it counterclockwise by about ¼ turn and pulling it towards ourselves, we take it out.
  2. We rinse the filter. The duration and degree of cleaning depends on the condition of the nozzle. For light soiling and preventive cleaning, it is enough to hold the part under a warm stream for several minutes. If this is not enough, then add dishwashing detergent and a sponge. Severe dirt is cleaned with an old toothbrush. It is also not forbidden to soak the garbage bin in a solution of water and citric acid. The main thing is to be careful and not damage the plastic.
  3. Immediately evaluate the condition of the filter hole. It is likely that mold also got here. Therefore, we arm ourselves with dishwashing gel and a toothbrush and carefully clean the surface.
  4. We return the filter to the place. Once again, rinse, insert into the hole, push and scroll clockwise until it stops. There is no need to dry it.unscrew and clean the filter

After all the steps, we return to the place and the grate. But stop the entire washing process is not worth it - it is likely that in other places particles of mold remained. So do not neglect the comprehensive cleaning of the dishwasher.

Internal cleaning with home remedies

To get rid of the fungus, it is not necessary to purchase expensive products. Well-known products such as vinegar and baking soda will help overcome mold. The main thing is to know how to use them wisely to achieve the perfect result. Acetic cleaning takes place as follows:

  • we find a plastic container;
  • pour a glass of vinegar into the container (approximately 240 ml);
  • put it on the upper grill without covering it with a lid;
  • close the dishwasher;
  • turn on any mode with heating water to 60-70 degrees.we clean the machine with vinegar

It is important that in addition to the container with vinegar, there are no objects in the chamber. Then the water enriched with acetic acid will destroy the mold and dirt that has accumulated inside. It remains only after the end of the cycle to remove the empty container and start the “empty” washing to eliminate odor.

Purification by soda is different. First, make sure that the dishwasher is empty. Next, scatter at least 240 g of baking soda along the bottom of the machine, close the door and leave them for 6-8 hours. After we turn on the express sink with hot water. All that remains is to remove the mold residue with a brush or sponge.

It should be understood that soda and vinegar will easily defeat the mold on the walls of the chamber, but some nooks, joints and hard-to-reach spots can not be completely cleaned. The door seal, folding mechanisms, drain and sprinkler must be handled manually.It is enough to take a brush, dip it in soapy water and go through all the suspicious corners of the dishwasher.

We use complex cleaners

There is a worthy alternative to homemade folk remedies: complex-action factory cleaners. Their main advantage is versatility, which allows you to get rid of all accumulated mold, as well as grease, dirt and scale, in one wash. Experts recommend choosing from the following brands:

  • "Frau Schmidt." Unique tablets that can clean the dishwasher immediately from all unpleasant accumulations, from the fungus to the scum. In addition to high-quality cleansing, the product fights against unpleasant odors, extends the service life of equipment, saves energy and leaves a pleasant lemon aroma. But against the thick layers it is useless - the insufficiently “powerful” composition affects it. It is made in France and sold in packs with two tablets at a cost of about 200 rubles.
  • "Top House". The peculiarity of this cleaner is in gel consistency, which allows you to quickly and efficiently remove all foreign formations and accumulations from the surfaces of the dishwasher. Due to its soft structure, the agent quickly penetrates into the drain hoses and nozzles of the sprinklers, providing an ideal result. It is made in Germany and sold in 250 ml bottles, which cost around 200 rubles.factory dishwasher cleaners
  • "Clean Home." A domestic remedy that has gained popularity among housewives for a low cost of 200 rubles and complex cleansing. It is able to eliminate all types of fungus up to slight scale, as well as overcome unpleasant odors and give the metal shine.

It is important that the product chosen for cleansing has a composition that is safe for humans.

  • "Electrolux". The complex cleaner of this brand is designed exclusively for dishwashers of the corresponding brand. It is appreciated for its strong action, since it is able to easily cope even with a scale of 3-4 mm. But the effectiveness is not cheap: 200 ml for 800 rubles with the condition that the bottle is enough for a maximum of two times.

To purchase special chemicals or use natural cleaners - choose the hostess, most importantly, do not leave mold in the dishwasher. The modern market offers hundreds of safe and inexpensive ways to comprehensively clean the machine, among which it is easy to find the perfect option. Remember that substances released by mold irritate the respiratory tract and mucous membranes of a person, as well as adversely affect the state of the technique itself.

So that the fungus does not appear again

Removing the fungus is half the battle, because with further use it will appear again and again will threaten the health of the residents. It is necessary to eliminate the problem of the appearance of mold, which most often consists in violating operating conditions. So, to forever forget about germs in the dishwasher, you should follow some rules.

  1. Perform preventive cleaning at least 1 time per month.
  2. After completing the cycle, leave the door open. If this is not done, the machine will retain moisture and heat for a long time, which, together with unwashed food debris in the trash filter, will provoke the appearance of a fungus. Good ventilation will eliminate the problem and help get rid of mold.
  3. After emptying the dishwasher, start an “empty” cycle with detergent or turn on a special sanitization option.
  4. Choose quality detergents, ideally based on chlorine.
  5. Clean the drain regularly.
  6. Do not leave dirty dishes in the machine for a long time.

Mold in the dishwasher is unpleasant and dangerous, but fortunately, it is easily solved. It is enough to thoroughly clean the camera and use the machine more accurately in the future. And you already learned how to do this.


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