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transportation of PMMIf you do not think about how to transport the dishwasher and do it on a whim, you are very risking your "home assistant". It often happened that the cars after the transport failed, and then it turned out that they had a breakdown of the control module and the circulation pump. Is it really all about the wrong transportation? Part of the matter is really in the wrong transportation, and partly in the wrong start after transportation. But let's not rush, but we will discuss everything in order, within the framework of the article.

Technique preparation

Why are there rules for transporting a dishwasher? What is so terrible in this household appliance and why it suffers so much during transportation. In a modern dishwasher there are a lot of electrical and electronic parts, which, for obvious reasons, do not tolerate contact with water. That is why electrical, and especially electronic elements are isolated from modules and parts through which water is pumped. While the machine is in working position, everything is in order, but during transportation this order will inevitably be violated.

The dishwasher is designed in such a way that even after turning it off, it contains water. If you turn the case over, and even shake it on a rough road, water can get on the electronics, and the subsequent inclusion of equipment in the network will complete the job. To avoid such problems should:

  • properly disconnect and pull out the machine;
  • drain the water that remains in the dishwasher;
  • insulate the case so that it does not suffer during transportation.

If packaging with shipping inserts is preserved, it is better to use it by packing the machine.

How to disable the technique? First you need to block the flow of water into the dishwasher and turn off the electricity. Next, you need to disconnect and fasten the inlet hose to the housing. Also, proceed with the drain hose and power wire. If we are talking about a built-in dishwasher, you should pull out the locks and then remove the machine from the niche. Try to keep the case upright, so far do not need to tilt it, and even more so turn it over.

preparation of the dishwasher for transportation

  1. Open the washing chamber and pull out the basket for dishes and the cutlery tray.
  2. Disconnect the sprinklers and lay them with the baskets. These items are best transported separately.
  3. At the bottom of the washing chamber there is a trash filter and a salt container. Our task is to remove water from the sink of the trash filter and from the salt tank. Open the salt tankdishwasher samsung or any other, take a large syringe or a rubber bulb and begin pumping water.
  4. Having removed the water from the tank with salt, we will do the same with the sink of the trash filter.
  5. Close the salt container, return the waste filter to its place.
  6. We insert rubber plugs in the drain and inlet hose.
  7. We close the door of the dishwasher, put on a machine case a large plastic bag, wrap the case with foam. If the factory packaging is preserved, then you can do without foam.

Everything, the machine is prepared for transportation. Now you need to make sure that it is safely conveyed to the vehicle and safely transported.

Features of loading and transportation

Before deciding to transport the dishwasher, you need to take care of an assistant and a suitable transport. Do not try to drag the dishwasher alone. Of course, it weighs less than a washing machine, but still quite a lot, and most importantly it is dimensional and it is inconvenient to drag it alone.

The vehicle must be within walking distance of the house. The body of the dishwasher should fit into it without any problems. It is not very convenient to carry dimensional equipment in a miniature passenger car.Be sure to make sure in advance that the equipment fits into the car, prepare a place, cover all corners with rags, which the dishwasher can theoretically catch on, and then start loading.

Act carefully and always together: one holds, the other pushes. Insure each other so that you do not inadvertently drop expensive equipment. Do not place the dishwasher on the roof of the car on a metal boot. Even securely attached, she can “gallop” on the road potholes and this will be the worst case scenario. If you are using a truck or a minibus, make sure that the machine is firmly fixed so that it is not thrown around the body or the interior during the trip.

When transferring the "home assistant", try to drive as carefully as possible. Do not exceed speed and do not drive too much on bumpy sections of the road. Be prudent.

Some users ask: is it possible to transport the dishwasher lying on its side? Experts do not see this as a problem, the main thing is that water is removed from the machine in advance. If water has leaked from the machine, and you notice it, do not plug it into the power supply network until it is thoroughly dry.

Transporting a new dishwasher

If you just purchased a dishwasher and intend to take it home yourself, give up this idea. Most stores have free shipping. It’s better to wait a bit, let the professionals deliver it. In general, contact the self-transportation of a new dishwasher only in the most extreme case, when there is no other way out. Let’s explain why.

All new dishwashers at the factory where they were assembled are being tested. After these tests, water from them to the end, as expected, no one drains. For some reason, manufacturers do not think that it is dangerous to transport cars with water (although not all). Imagine that you load a new car into your car and take it home with difficulty, and plug it in at home and it will close. In such a situation, your guarantee "will be covered with a copper basin", and you will never prove that the failure was not your fault.

In general, understand where we are driving. The situation is unpleasant, but some frivolous buyers fall into it. If you ask the sellers to help you drain the water from the machine you just bought, they will twist a finger at the temple. Nobody will help you, and they will not be allowed to do this on their own in the store. In short, order delivery and then, in which case, it will be possible to blame the carrier.

So, transportation of the dishwasher, as well as preparing it for transportation, must be carried out according to certain rules. Otherwise, the equipment can be completely lost, well, or run into an expensive repair, which is also unpleasant. Good luck


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