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Adapters for a washing machine for sewage and water

adapters for connecting a washerWhen we mention the adapter for an automatic washing machine to water or sewer, we mean one of many plumbing elements with a diameter of ¾ inch, which is potentially suitable for connecting to the drain or inlet hose of the washing machine. Such plumbing elements may not have anything to do with a washing machine, these are just one of the few options for their use.

Unifying the thread diameter of the fitting of the washing machine’s inlet and drain hose - ¾ inches, gives us the opportunity to choose between dozens of different elements and stop at which is more suitable for us in a particular situation. But this, of course, does not mean that the manufacturer makes such adapters specifically for connecting washing machines. However, in order to master the various options for connecting a “home assistant”, we need to study different types of adapters, which we will do in the framework of this publication.

Simple transition elements ¾

You can talk about different types of transition elements that are suitable for connecting a washing machine for a long time. It’s most logical to start with simple adapter-connectors, which allow you to connect the drain and inlet hoses of the washing machine with pipes, faucets, and other hoses. In this case, the thread diameter of such connectors may not coincide on both sides. Here are some examples.

  1. An adapter for an automatic washing machine for water, designed to connect two inlet hoses to each other. Why is this needed? Well, first of all, this is necessary if you have two short hoses from the washers, but none reach the point of connection to the communications. In this case, it is more economical to take the adapter for a penny and connect two hoses to each other than to buy another elongated hose at exorbitant prices. To ensure the drain is not suitable.
    threaded connector
  2. The adapter for the washing machine is a water dispenser designed to connect the inlet hose to the water pipe. This is the simplest adapter, which has both internal (mother) and external (father) thread. One thread for connecting the inlet hose, the other in order to screw the adapter into a pre-prepared branch of a threaded water pipe.
    adapter with internal and external thread
  1. The transition element for a washing machine is a water or drain machine designed to connect a drain or inlet hose to the pipe outlet in which an internal thread is cut. Diameter ¾ by 1. Material nickel-plated brass.
    adapter with two external threads
  2. Saddle adapter ¾ for washing machine automatic machine for water. It is needed in order to organize a quick tie-in into a water supply branch without dismantling it or even the slightest alteration. The saddle allows you to connect the inlet hose to the water pipe almost anywhere, which is very convenient, especially when you have recently made repairs and do not want to redo anything else. The saddle is attached to the pipe by bolts, and the sealing gum included in the kit is placed at the insertion point.
    nurse adapter

Important! The saddle may seem like an unreliable adapter. In fact, saddles are able to withstand quite a lot of pressure, especially metal products. In some cases, up to 10 atmospheres.

  1. A simple ¾ inch adapter with a water filter. Such a filter adapter is useful for mounting on the inlet hose of the washing machine to dock it with a water pipe. External thread on one side. The beauty of such an adapter is that it has a flow filter, which performs a rough cleaning of tap water before it gets into the inlet hose, and from there to the washer. To ensure the discharge of waste water, such an adapter is not suitable.
    filter adapter

This is only a small part of the examples that could be given in relation to such adapters, but we will not abuse your attention and overload the article with information, especially since the above examples are most often used in practice when connecting automatic washing machines.

Complex transition elements ¾

Now let's talk about complex adapters. In the framework of our classification, by complex adapters we mean transition elements having 3 or more outputs and, accordingly, 3 or more threaded connections. In addition, complex adapters often have taps, filters, valves and other elements that allow you to solve additional problems when organizing the connection. Here are some examples.

  1. Checkpoint tee crane for washing machine. One of the most popular complex adapters, which is used by plumbers and homemade homemade very widely. It is necessary in order to connect water to the inlet hose through the mixer. For the organization of the drain is not suitable.
    adapter with tap
  2. Corner adapter with water tap. Designed to connect the washing machine to the water supply in places where the inlet hose must be connected strictly at an angle for compact placement of communications. Such an adapter for draining waste water into the sewer is not intended, but it allows you to organize not only a reliable, but also an aesthetic connection of the inlet hose of the washing machine and the water pipe.
    angle adapter
  3. Triple plastic adapter on the drain hose of the washer-dryer. A rather unusual adapter, which serves to organize the discharge of water into the sewers of a washing machine with a drying function. One of its outlet is used to connect a drain hose, the second outlet to connect it to a siphon, and the third one is thin to connect to a condensate hose formed during drying of the laundry.
    plastic adapter
  4. Splitter adapter for connecting two inlet hoses at once. Its charm is that it provides the connection to one outlet of the water pipe at once two consumers, that is, two inlet hoses. For example, a washing machine and a dishwasher. In the figure on the right you see an example of organizing a connection using this splitter. Such a transition element is not suitable for organizing a drain.
    splitter adapter

Unusual connection options

Finally, we give a couple of examples of how, with the help of adapters, it is possible to organize a connection to the water supply system where, at first glance, it seems difficult. The first example, maybe not the most aesthetic, but allowing you to “hook up” the washing machine to the mixer in the bathroom without organizing additional cut-ins.

Its essence is that we install a tee tap on one of the taps of the mixer in the bathroom. Accordingly, one of its outputs is connected to the tap of the mixer, the second output will go to the pipe (more precisely, to a simple adapter), and the third will go to the inlet hose - cheap and cheerful.

connecting the washing machine to the mixer

By the way, in this case, the insert can be made more accurately, if you choose a more suitable mixer and a more compact tee crane.

In the second case, with the help of a tee tap, the master connected the inlet hose of the washing machine, together with the toilet bowl, to one branch of the water pipe. The organization of the discharge of waste water was also thought out and was carried out directly into the drainage pipe. As you can see in the picture below, the connection is made using two taps - a double and a tee, although in some cases you can do just a tee.

water connection

To summarize, we note that connecting a washing machine to a water supply and sewage system is plumbing work, and as for any plumbing work, this requires ordinary plumbing materials: adapters of simple and complex construction.If you are going to connect the washing machine yourself, you need to find out about the existence of various types of adapters, so that it is easier to choose the most suitable option for such a connection. Good luck


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    The first time I encountered a plumbing problem and found out that there is an adapter-splitter for a dishwasher and washing machine. Thanks for the useful information!

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