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built-in washing machine reviewsBuilt-in appliances are increasingly gaining popularity in creating a modern and stylish design in the kitchen. First of all, dishwashers and washing machines belong to this technique. In this article, we decided to collect feedback from people who decided to share their opinions about built-in washing machines of different brands.

About Bosch and Siemens washing machines

Sanaev Konstantin

We bought a washing machine through an online store, chose the Bosch WIS 24140 OE model, were sure that this model has a drying function, but no. Since we never had a unit with a dryer, we were not very upset. The main thing that erases perfectly and wring out too. I liked that the diameter of the hatch is large, it is convenient to load laundry. You can wash both blankets and rugs. Only the machine does not wring them the first time, you need to straighten the blanket, and then run the spin again. Built-in washing machine in the kitchen, behind a closed door, washing is almost inaudible, when spinning, noise is within normal limits. But annoying a loud squeak after the end of the program, just do not listen.

Soloviev Kirill

I have a Bosch 28440 washing machine, a good washer that has a fast mode. When washing, it works quietly and does not vibrate. But there are disadvantages:

  • there is no protection on the door from children;
  • there was a crack on the manhole cover, which does not affect the work, but not nice.

The machine worked properly, but once it gave an error 23 related to leaks, and stopped working. It turned out that almost 300 ml of water was collected in the pallet of the car. Repair showed that the hose that connects the filling valve and the powder receptacle has flown. This is due to the fact that the holes through which water enters the cuvette become clogged. And when water cannot get into the cuvette, then it breaks off the hose under pressure. The cleaning with citric acid helped. Apparently German manufacturers did not count on hard water and made holes too small.

Bychkova EkaterinaBosch WIS 24140

We installed the Bosch 28440 washer, which we really liked. I turn it on every day to wash the diapers of a small child. Squeezes perfectly, in a few hours everything dries up. And also like the refreshment function for 15 minutes.

Smirnova Jeanne

The washing machine was originally planned to be installed in the kitchen, they were only looking for a built-in one. We chose Bosch WIS 24140. We thought that Bosch had the best quality. For us, the car was a little expensive, but there was no better option, so we bought this one. After a month of operation, the first drawback was discovered - with intense push-ups, tearing linen (sheets and towels). He jumps strongly during the spin cycle and makes noise, I would not advise you to such a model.

Nazarov Vasily

For 4 months we have been using the Siemens WI 14S440 washing machine. I note in her such advantages:

  • a large number of programs;
  • good wash;
  • quiet at work.

There is only one minus - the overly loud signal of the end of the program, which is heard behind the cabinet door, with the kitchen door closed. Moreover, he will squeak until you turn it off, emitting a signal 1 time per minute. Why this was done is not clear.

Schulz Anna

Built-in washing machine Siemens WI 14S440 I really like. Unlike our old assistant Indesit, who served us faithfully for 20 years and now serves friends in a rented apartment, the quality of washing is much better. But here the build quality, I think, will not be that way, there is no hope for such a lifetime. But I’ll put a rating of five.

Kalintsev Vladimir

For 5 years we have been using the Siemens WK 14D540 washing machine, built-in, and even with drying function. At first there were no complaints, but six months later the drying temperature sensor was knocked out. The master from the service center took 3000 rubles for work, saying that there was an overheat. But after 2 days the car broke down again. I had to solve the problem myself.

But the trouble is, the built-in machine weighs about 80 kg and pulling it out of the cabinet is not so simple.But it was necessary to find the cause of the breakdown, the sensor was only a consequence. In general, I disassembled the car case, unscrewing about 100 screws. I got to the drying pipe. As it turned out, he was clogged with pile. Washed and reassembled, for such work in the service take about 15,000 rubles. During operation already 3 times had to be cleaned like this. He concluded it is better to take a separate dryer.

Misha Victoria

The convenient Siemens WK 14D540 machine perfectly launders laundry, and even dries it. The peculiarity of the model is that it is built into the closet and hides behind the front door. Some things do not even need to be ironed after drying in the washer. For example, terry towels, I immediately put them in the closet, thanks to the “easy ironing” function. There are too many programs, I don’t even use some. The end signal prevents laundry from being forgotten in the car. No complaints.

About Electrolux washing machines

Aronchikov MikhailElectrolux EWX147410W

Before buying technology, read reviews. Now we have a washing machine built into the kitchen set, Electrolux EWG 147540. The machine erases well, but be prepared that it can tear things up. In addition, six months later, it became audible how the bearing was knocking. It is not pulled out of the drum, so while the repair is postponed, because it works. But when spinning, it knocks like an electric train.

Bragin Victor

The Electrolux EWG 147540 washing machine is an excellent solution for the home. At high speeds it works quietly, almost does not vibrate. Things are always washed with a bang. The control of the machine is intellectually clear, I used the instruction only once. But there is still a drawback. There is too much gap between the drum and the hatch door, into which small things (socks, scarves) fall. By and large, this is a trifle, so I recommend this model. Build quality is still excellent.

Maria Kachaeva

When they began to make repairs in the kitchen, there was a need to buy a built-in washer. We stopped at the Electrolux EWG 147540 model, since before that there was also an Electrolux. The model has many nice features, a large selection of programs that are easy to select and run. Deficiencies have not yet been discovered.

Zavgorodny Pavel

We bought an Electrolux EWX147410W washing machine to replace the old Brandt vertical. The machine has a drying mode, but there is no fabric filter at the same time, so threads can remain on things after the previous drying. And that’s not all, after a year and a half, due to the lack of a filter, the impeller clogged the hot air during drying, and the air outlet clogged with threads. Repair stood at 4000 rubles.

Another significant drawback is the inability to change the program, its duration after launch. In addition, Electrolux does not remember frequently selected programs. In general, the machine erases and dries well, practically does not vibrate. But for the flaws, only a rating of 3.

Malyshev Evgeny

Faced with built-in appliances only when the Electrolux EWX147410W washer appeared at home. I didn’t read reviews, I bought a car on the advice of managers in the store. The machine vibrates as usual, and therefore had to leave large gaps between the walls, sometimes it leaves the cabinet. There is a backlit display, but I would like it to be a little larger.

The drying did not seem very good compared to the drying in the Ariston machine by the parents. For 1.5 hours, things remain wet. Too much car peeps at the end. By and large, satisfied with the purchase, the price corresponds to the build quality.

About Hotpoin-Ariston washing machines

Metelkina MariaHotpoint-Ariston CAWD 129

Chic washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston CAWD 129. It works almost inaudibly. From a large number of washing programs, I still like the drying program and the “immediately to the closet” program, which really work. Like other Ariston built-in models, this one is assembled in Italy. Of the shortcomings, I note only the high price and high weight of the unit.

Gusev Oleg

After buying a washer, Hotpoint-Ariston CAWD 129 could not get enough. The machine erases perfectly, everything is always clean. The trouble happened a year later, when the drum fin and the metal mounts broke. It is necessary to completely replace the drum.Alas, you cannot advise such a machine to anyone.


The Hotpoint-Ariston CAWD 129 was bought by reading reviews on the Internet. At first they started the car without a facade, so it was very noisy, especially during the spin cycle. When the machine is fully installed in the cabinet, then it is practically inaudible. I am very pleased with the wash, as even the most severe dirt is washed off. Even with a short wash, the result is impressive. I use the drying function only when I can immediately iron, because it dries perfectly. The only drawback is the short drain hose. In my opinion, the built-in machine should have a slightly longer hose.

Oksana Anikushina

I was upset with the purchase of the Hotpoint-Ariston AWM 108 washing machine. There are many things in the drum of the machine, but it erases children's things terribly. And 6 months after the purchase, the lock on the door broke. Have to contact the service center. We do not recommend the technique of this brand at all.

Kalchenaev Vasily Anatolyevich

We have been using the Hotpoint-Ariston AWM 108 washing machine for a little over a year. The machine is voluminous, which makes it possible to wash bedspreads and all bed linen at a time. But the car makes a lot of noise even at low speeds. As for the quality of washing - it is average. In the children's mode, the diaper with spots from the poop does not stretch. After several months of washing, the fabric softener did not wash off; in the compartment all the time there was water with the rest of the product. I barely found the instruction in Russian. Conclusion: the price for the equipment does not match the quality.

Popov Maxim

The built-in Hotpoint-Ariston AWM 108 washer was the finishing touch in our kitchen. I got up in the closet easily, there are no distortions, it does not vibrate. In short, everything is fine. The machine has been in operation for 1.5 years twice a day. My wife uses Amway products, everything is washed well. With the door closed, it does not make much noise. Disadvantage: there is no printed instruction in Russian and a little expensive ...

About AEG and Smeg washing machines

AEG L 61470 WDBLVyacheslav Rosenstein

I bought a washing machine AEG L 61470 WDBL as a gift to my wife. I was surprised that in such an expensive model there is a plastic smell that appeared after the first wash. I did not like the way in the car how the legs are regulated, the rear ones are generally static. But the machine copes with spots of any complexity at a time. Management is simple and straightforward.

Shelepen Anton

The washing machine was chosen together with his wife, focusing on the price, the availability of drying and protection against leakage. With the choice of cars of the German brand AEG L 61470 WDBL were not mistaken. Externally, the machine looks high-quality, there are a large number of programs and functions, a convenient time indicator.

You have to adapt to the drying function, since the washing machine is very hot. Of the minuses, I note the inconvenience of embedding and adjusting the legs. In Bosch machines, this moment is more thought out. The hoses were still short, but I got out by putting the car right next to the sink. We actively use all the programs, we study the possibilities of different modes.


Buying a washing machine was difficult, the choice fell on the expensive built-in model Smeg LSTA147S, but I wanted Miele, only her price was sky-high. We have been using technology for more than 3 years. Drying in the car should have been mandatory, since there is no place to dry laundry, there is no balcony. In general, the Smeg machine copes with its task perfectly. Programs are provided for wool, and for silk, and for cotton, and many, many others. He erases things carefully, does not tear, after drying, nothing sits.

What I didn’t like was the insufficient information in the instructions. Maybe over time they will write in more detail. I am very pleased with such a purchase and advise you to take such a car if you have the money.

So, built-in washing machines are not much different from ordinary freestanding. The main thing, as consumer reviews show, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the hoses that come with the kit, and the dimensions of the machine itself, so that it easily enters the designated niche.


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