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Samsung washing machine WF1602YQR

Samsung washing machine WF1602YQRMarianne:

I bought it and I’m not overjoyed! I’m washing her for six months somewhere. Everything is washed very efficiently even in cases when I throw a lot of linen. During the execution of the program does not make noise. It doesn’t produce any loud sounds. I liked that there are many different programs. It happens that not all washing powder is taken from the dispenser. Most often it takes the whole, but sometimes it leaves a part. I do not know why. I also really like her appearance. It looks just fine! Very stylish design.

From the pros: when it finishes washing, it turns off by itself, it looks very nice, there are a lot of different programs.

Of the minuses: so far so good. I did not find any cons.

Samsung washing machine WF602B2BKSD

Reviews Washing Machine Samsung WF602B2BKSDAlyona:

I really liked this brand. Therefore, I bought exactly the car of Samsung. But as it turned out, she loved in vain! The washing machine did not extend even three days! Broke! In the store where she took it, they refused me a replacement. They said that a specialist from Samsung would come and fix it. At that time, I had not even heard of the fact that within two weeks they should change or return money for any product without question. And so she reconciled.

A specialist arrived and repaired the car. He said that there was a problem with the drive belt. He corrected it. The washing machine again worked fine and I was delighted. I decided that now everything will be fine. But my holiday did not last long. After 10 days, the machine suddenly did not spin! I again called the store and Samsung service. Their specialist came again and changed something in the electronics. And again, the machine earned. And as it turned out, again not for long!

The third time the car broke down! This is already some kind of madness !!! For a new washing machine to break down three times a month !!!! Neither the store nor the service center agreed to change the washing machine to a new one! I was told that they would repair it until the warranty period expired. And he is given for 3 years! I don’t understand this attitude towards clients and their technology of these organizations. I will never buy anything again either in this store or from Samsung. Why do they treat buyers this way ???

Samsung washing machine WF1802WPC

Samsung washing machine WF1802WPCAndrew:

Choose for a very long time before buying. We considered various functions, opportunities, looked at the price and brand. In the end, we decided to buy a car from Samsung. This is a famous brand. In addition, our TV is also Samsung. Works good. So they decided to take the same machine.

The consultant also contributed. He told everything, answered all questions. Explained what and how. In general, they have sensible staff. We drove the car for the second month. She works well. Washes everything, almost no noise. This is also important. You can even wash at night will not bother. The second month - the flight is normal)))

From the pros: very quiet work. Does not shake, does not vibrate, you can wash up to 8 kg of things at a time.

Of the minuses: so far nothing has been found.

Samsung washing machine WF1802NFWS

Samsung washing machine WF1802NFWSAnna:

They took the car a year and a half ago. It works well, and does not cause any complaints. It erases very high quality. And most importantly, everything is doing very quietly. You can wash a lot of laundry at once and nothing bad happens to him. I like it very much !!!

Before choosing a long search. Read reviews on the Internet. We took the car at a reasonable price in a household appliance store. The consultant told everything, answered all the questions. They have very good specialists.

From the pros: very good car, especially for the money!

Of the minuses: it happens that if you put a long program, not always set the time corresponds to the real one.

Washing machine Samsung Eco Bubble WF1802NFSS

Washing machine Samsung Eco Bubble WF1802NFSSNadine:

This car has sharply lost my liking! The price is big, but little use! It is written that it can erase 8 kilograms, but in reality so much does not even fit in a drum! Not to mention washing to start. Barely erases a three-ruble note !!! If you shove a little more, it will somehow dampen. And that doesn’t wash away at all!

I have been choosing a washing machine for so long, so that with a large load. And then I bought it even for stocks and for expensive. And she erases very badly. After another 40 days after the purchase, it began to rattle during the squeezing of the laundry. Even despite the fact that there are linings under it, which should reduce noise and vibration. They were highly recommended by a consultant. And they, apparently, also do not work. Installation was carried out by specialists. So that’s not the point. I liked it only a large hatch. You can even put a big thing into it without any problems. True, all this makes no sense, because it’s normal to wash it anyway !!!!

From the pros: nice style, large and comfortable sunroof.

Of the minuses: can't wash as much as promised. It makes a lot of noise.

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Samsung washing machine WF8590NMW

Samsung washing machine WF8590NMWEugene:

This washer gave me a birthday present. Friends must have chosen her for a long time. A very good machine. It has been working for almost 4 years and has never even broken! Washes very well. And the fast mode also erases almost everything.

I have already forgotten what manual soaking or the fight against stains is. All this is done by the machine! It erases all the clothes of both the husband and the child perfectly! She has a ton of different programs. Although I use only a couple. They all wash well.

My Samsung almost does not make noise. Does not jump, does not vibrate much. I also like that you can wash a lot of laundry at once. Washed and sneakers and a down jacket and blankets. No problem! It provides a protective system against the child. Which is very important for us. After all, our Andreyka is very curious. He climbs everywhere and wants to touch everything, but he also drags a lot in his mouth))) I also like push-ups, if you install extra, then things are almost completely dry.

But the years of washing did not pass without a trace. Small glitches began to appear. It happens that the timer is buggy, shows the wrong time. Or on some separate part of the washing is delayed for too long.

From the pros: There is a child protection system. It erases very high quality, the spin works well. Not staggering, not jumping. Almost no noise. You can wash up to 6 kg of laundry.

Of the minuses: three years later, glitches began to appear.

Samsung washing machine WF1500NHW

Samsung washing machine WF1500NHWMasha:

I took it in the store about 5 months ago. And somehow she did not please me. There is a lot of noise from her. Loud too. It starts to act up periodically, then the mode does not immediately turn on, then it shows that some kind of error has occurred. It is not uncommon to launch a program from the second or third time. And yesterday she portrayed a new glitch. I put a spin on 1200ob. and during it such non-standard noise arose. The drum spun barely. Slowly so ... slowly. As a result, everything that was washed remained wet and did not wring out at all! I had to restart the program. This time it worked. The laundry was squeezed. Yes, I often wash several times a day. But such glitches after only 5 months of work - this is not normal!

From the pros: low cost.

Of the minuses: working loudly, there are glitches.

Samsung washing machine WF1802NFWS

Samsung washing machine WF1802NFWSTatyana

I like the machine. Very pretty, comfortable to use. There are different washing programs. I use many of them. If things just need to be refreshed or they are almost not dirty, then you can run a special fifteen-minute program. During the spin cycle, it works more or less quietly. But when the remnants of water are poured, then it is noisy. But it is not so important for me. I am glad that I bought this particular washing machine. I recommend this to everyone)

From the pros: there are many pluses, I won’t even list)

Of the minuses: pours out water loudly.

Samsung washing machine WF602U2BKWQ

Samsung washing machine WF602U2BKWQ reviewsUnknown:

Our machine broke again. Now, without the master, it’s clear that the drain pump is full. It has broken several times in recent years. The old car, even with a creak and breakdown, stretched out for ten years. This time did not want to repair. It's time to take a new one too. And then this one will soon begin to fall apart.

Before choosing any machine, I decided to raise the Old on the Internet. I read a lot of reviews.I got acquainted with the functions of new washing machines, etc. As I read a lot, I decided to walk around the shops.

Our stores are something! The staff is like in the market! Someone is rude, someone is not untrained, someone does not understand his own product.

I liked several models of washers mainly Germans. There used to be a five-kilogram Samsung. I decided to study more reviews. This time I began to read thematic forums about repair. I learned that if the machine is assembled in Europe, then usually repair is very expensive. The Germans spare parts are far from cheap. And wait for them for a long time when they send. Itself once sold equipment. And from that time, some firms began to dislike.

In the end, I decided again to take the same company as it was. Samsung tobish. Decided on a specific machine. I bought a Samsung WF602U2BKWQ. When put in place, the machine smelled strongly of rubber. If your machine smells just as bad, then it’s best not to put it in the kitchen. Well, even after a couple of washings, this hellish smell is gone.

Now more about the machine itself. Pretty quiet. Even with an extraction more than 1000 about. especially no noise. Convenient scoreboard. Simple operation. Many additional options. They say that our assembly is worse than any other. But our machine has been working fine for a month now. So far, no complaints at all. We erase every two days. And if it breaks, then we don’t worry. There is a guarantee. And the repair of this brand is not expensive. So everything is OK)

From the pros: It works quietly, a convenient display and intuitive controls, many different modes and options.

Of the minuses: at the beginning there was a very nasty smell of rubber, a small warranty period.

Samsung washing machine WF-E592NMW

Samsung washing machine WF8590NMWAnastasia:

This machine compared to my former Samsung is certainly not so good. Old Samsung worked for about seven years. And only then it broke. And she had a great feature that made ironing easier. The new door does not swing open fully. It sometimes gets in the way. Again, the new one is working louder. And there are not many programs. Samsung WF-E592NMW did not impress me. The fastest wash should take about 30 minutes. But if you add another rinse to it, then for some reason 30 minutes turns into 50-60 minutes !!! It is very strange. All other modes generally last at least an hour and a half. Which seems very drawn out to me.

If you do not rinse, the laundry stinks too much with a detergent. Also, the manufacturer stated that there is a function of 5 rinses. But in reality they simply do not exist !!! Too small display and short hoses. The hatch and dispenser open only with great effort. Spoiled Samsung in our time. It used to be better!

From the pros: Compared to the old Samsung, they are not !!!

Of the minuses: it is difficult to open the hatch and tray, there are no five rinses declared, the door does not open to the end, it makes noise during the spin cycle, it erases a very long time !!!


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  1. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Hello! Tell me how to disassemble the door? My typewriter is already 5 years old, no complaints. She is my great assistant! But over time, under the transparent “cover” on the doors in the circle dirty spots formed and I can’t wash in any way. It is only necessary to make out, but I don’t know how. Maybe someone will tell you. Thank you in advance!

  2. Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

    My Samsung WF 6450N7W. It erases normally, but during the spin cycle it rattles, shakes, and walks in a circle counterclockwise until I sit on it. Legs regulated, does not help. There is no clamp for leg height (in other models there is). Do I really got a marriage? Everyone here is mostly praised. Due to repair, we missed the warranty period. How does this model work for you?
    Julia, Moscow

  3. Gravatar Alexandra Alexandra:

    I would like to read the reviews and tips of qualified masters. What washing machines are better and last longer? Thank.

  4. Gravatar Victor Victor:

    I am pleased with Samsung.Searched for made in China, I do not trust Russia. ww80k6210. I wanted to dry, but they explained to me that drying should be separate from the washer. And they are right. I did not put more than 800 on spin, this is superfluous. 7 months working. So far, everything is normal. No jumping, no noise. Only now he gave almost 700 bucks for it. Perhaps it is worth it, but maybe the price is too high?

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