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Washing machine LG F14A8TDS5

Washing machine LG F14A8TDS5Tanya:

This washing machine almost does not get dirty. In order to maintain its cleanliness, it is enough to wipe it with a rag a couple of times a month. I like that it looks like a pricey typewriter and fits the kitchen setting.

Management is intuitive, you can not study the instructions, but immediately start washing. This machine is perfect for an apartment where 3-4 people live. It erases even very finicky fabrics.

The machine does not rustle, does not vibrate. There is a protective system against leakage and from the child. What I didn’t like was that drying was not provided. True, when push-ups at 1400 rpm, you can do without it.

And in the other, everything is about the same as with budget models. That year they took a washing machine to mom. Duck she erases something like this. Also quite normal. But its price is two and a half times cheaper.

Washing Machine LG F10A8HDS

Washing Machine LG F10A8HDSDenis:

Greetings! He became the owner and tested the machine for several days. I will not embellish. This model has not only advantages. She erases well. I tried many different modes. I really liked the steam modes. The screen shows the time until the end of the wash.

This washing machine is quite economical. It consumes little electricity. The wife is pleased with the appearance of the car.

Now to the cons. The machine vibrates and moves. Installed it by level. As recommended. Anyway, she moves. Even purchased special coasters. With them began to vibrate less, but still it "shakes". Although it does not make much noise, it’s good!

Washing machine LG F1089ND

Washing machine LG F1089NDAlexey:

Normal washer. Performs all programs well. And given that it’s also inexpensive, we can say that it’s just a great model. Noisy, but not very much. The design is also pretty. I do not regret that I got it.

Economical. Does not spend a lot of water, electricity and does not vibrate much. Easy to use, no extra programs. No significant minuses were found.

Washing Machine LG F8020ND1

Washing Machine LG F8020ND1Boris:

Bought this machine seven years ago. I just liked it right ... there was Indesit before her. She washed worse and did not please at all. Unfortunately, bearings began to make noise recently. I don’t even know what to do. I'm not sure that such washing machines are still being produced, because I took it quite a while. Now I want to find the same one.

Of the minuses: It is worth noting that the machine is moderately noisy. And after seven years of operation, her bearings broke. But in these seven years, she worked perfectly! Erased everything that was needed and sneakers and down jackets and stuff. I liked the “easy ironing” mode. After him, things are slightly wet. But when you dry them, then some may not even be ironed. If you find such a machine for sale, then buy a must. I see, it will be necessary to find a good master or a new model of the same ...

Washing Machine LG F10A8HDS

Washing Machine LG F10A8HDSOleg:

I recently bought one. Like everyone! She has steam function and child protection. The machine does not make noise. But pre-installed special stands. It erases perfectly!

Pros: Glass is protected from children. Direct drive car. Appearance - just super! I took it primarily because of the quality. But I did not regret it for my wife, I paid extra for her beautiful design. There is also a guarantee ... In general, I’m 100% satisfied with the purchase!

Washing Machine LG F8020ND1

Washing Machine LG F8020ND1Irina:

Very responsibly decided to approach the acquisition of household appliances. Before buying, I read reviews on washing machines of various brands. And I decided to stay with the manufacturer LG. Made a list of all the models. Marked in order to indicate good and bad reviews. Then, along with the list, I went to a household appliance store.

Before that, I had an indesit machine. She worked well and for a long time. But now she floundered. And I decided to get a new assistant.

The LG washing machine was surprisingly easy to use. True, there were doubts when buying.Since I was not familiar with some modes and programs. Spent the very first wash, like launching the shuttle into space))) I didn’t leave the car for a minute. Was pleased with the washing. After that I decided to try various programs. Due to the “Duvet” mode, a huge blanket was washed, which until then was washed only by hands. And my new assistant did just fine!

This machine was even better than I thought! Thank you LG for the F8020ND1 !!!

Washing Machine LG F1091LD

Washing Machine LG F1091LDMasha:

I again believed the advertisement! And the machine was so-so. Nothing is better than usual. Advertised her as if she was working quietly. But after 2 minutes it makes a noise like the others. I wanted to turn it on for the night. But with such noise I can not afford it. I do not want to disturb the neighbors.

From the pros: the washing machine looks beautiful, and after the program ends, the music turns on.

Of the minuses: Not very high quality washing and noise.

Washing machine LG F1296ND5

Washing machine LG F1296ND5Maria:

If I bought a washing machine now, I would take another one. And I can explain why. Yes, it makes a lot of noise. Water is poured louder. But it is already very economical. Almost no water can be seen during washing. When the rinsing is completed, the remnants of the detergent are visible on the glass of the hatch. I do not always want to start extra rinses. You have to wash everything with a delicate wash. There at least more water is poured. There are suspicions that the indicated 40 degrees just do not have time to heat up. Since the wash is very short and the glass remains barely warm. And the same with other washing programs. Perhaps this is due to the economy. I wanted to wash a synthetic plaid, but in three attempts he never got away. Yes, and more modes than I need two times.

From the pros: the machine does not make noise.

Of the minuses: In an elastic band, which often remains behind the door, water. And usually it's dirty. I put and take out things very carefully so as not to touch this water. The temperature is poorly maintained.

Washing Machine LG F14A8TD

Washing Machine LG F14A8TDVladislav:

Good machine. Put it on the level. It’s worth it like a glove. Doesn’t move. The washing is good. High quality. A short thirty minute wash is also good, but it may not be able to cope with serious impurities. For them, it is better to choose a more authentic wash. Saves water. You can put a lot of linen. No noise.

Nice modern car. It has a direct drive, made to last. My friends told me that the protective system from a child sometimes does not work very well. And personally, I think that why not allow a child to the washing machine. Someone remains unhappy due to the fact that the pump is working loudly. But it should work like that when draining water. Everything suits me. And those who need a completely silent technique, let them buy an ultrasonic washing machine.

Washing Machine LG F8092MD

Washing Machine LG F8092MDIgor:

Recently purchased this machine. A child cannot do without a modern washing machine. She erases very well. Holds more than 5kg. This is a whole bunch of things. We have enough. Management is convenient. Without problems, we select the right program and start the wash. In addition, it provides an intellectual laundry program. She herself calculates how much linen weighs, how much water to fill in, what temperature to make and how long the program should last.

I do not like the fact that it is impossible to make changes to the program. Sometimes I want to make a higher temperature or add revs. The washing machine is almost noisy during washing. But then, when the water drains, there is noise. It is an acceptable machine. Stable. Almost does not vibrate. The drum is spacious, I like the control again.

Of the minuses: noise when draining water, you can not change individual parameters during washing (for example, add temperature or speed).

Washing Machine LG F1443KDS

Washing Machine LG F1443KDSEugene:

We bought this car and use it for about a year. Wildly I do not like the fact that her drum is constantly in contact with the body during operation. With such contact, sound is heard throughout the apartment. And the neighbors also hear. We don’t agree to exchange such a car. They say that the whole series has such noises.And that is normal for her. There you go silent washing machine! It seems that these manufacturers do not value their customers. I will never buy the equipment of this company again!

Washing Machine LG F12A8HDS

LG F12A8HDSNatasha:

We bought a washing machine not so long ago, but we have already noticed a difference compared with the previous one (Indesit). This one has steaming. If you have pets, then this is just for you! There is a special hypoallergenic program. The machine does not make noise. And when it does, it’s all in beautiful lights! Appearance really like. If she still doesn’t break for a long time, then she just has no price !!! I recommend to everyone!

Of the minuses: not yet discovered.


16 reader comments

  1. Gravatar User User:

    I bought this unit two years ago, initially the water flows from the loading tray; washing means; after a year, drum bearings buzzed; replacing 5000 rubles; now water flows from below so think before buying LG appliances

  2. Gravatar Inna Inna:

    Very disappointed with the purchase !!! After two months of operation, the door does not close tightly and could not open after washing.

  3. Gravatar Tatiana Tatyana:

    I have a machine since 2006, the 80180nu works fine. During this time, the heating element was changed twice, in our region there is very hard water. Everything else is fine.

  4. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    I started using LG back in 1998, at work. When it came time to buy for a home, even the question was not “which company”? Naturally, LG! I do not know the best company! And it erases perfectly, and does not make noise. We have been using it for 6 years. No problem!

  5. Gravatar Wick wick:

    Well, I don’t know if it’s possible to talk about a typewriter that I bought in 2003. But 13 years later, when the inscriptions on it were erased and my wife already knew the programs from memory, we shoved the blankets described by two children and winter coveralls there , in short, the pump stopped working today))) And then the question is what is there, but it worked for 13 years !!

  6. Gravatar Mih mih:

    The first LG was bought in 2006. Korean with a belt drive, there was a function to save the washing program, when the power was turned off, it reached from the place where the washing was interrupted. And also it was possible to adjust the washing process, if necessary. In the newly purchased LG with direct drive, none of this exists. Even in the quick wash mode for 30 minutes - there are no intermediate spins. After washing and between rinses, it just changes the water and drains. And in the old typewriter it was. And she is still in working condition. The new car just erases normally - and that’s good. There is simply nothing to compare with, and therefore the simplicity of the “brains” of the machine in a product of the Russian assembly is immediately noticeable. The main thing is that it doesn’t break longer, at least.

  7. Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

    We have been using the LG typewriter for more than 12 years and are very satisfied, for so many years it has never let us down!

    • Gravatar Vitaliy Vitaliy:

      What are you comparing? What they took 12-13 years ago of the European assembly and praise. Buy now LG Russian assembly, see how it works.

    • Gravatar Gennady Gennady:

      We use the new LG machine for only a month. You cannot call her silent. The tin plate is very thin. It rattles terribly! The hatch at the bottom front also rattles. Wires to the door lock touch the case. The glass of the door dangles in the door up and down for a whole centimeter. Glass is pressed to an elastic band from below at a width of 2 cm, and from above - along a thin strip. A rattle and not a car.

  8. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Enrages when they give praise about cars 10-15 years old European assembly! There have been two washing machines in my life: Candy and Ardo. We worked for 12-13 years. Are you asked about this ?! Tell us about our Russian cars. And you read reviews - there’s nothing to choose at all. Unfortunately, there is no money to import.

  9. Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

    I bought a LG car and from the first minute I realized that I made a big mistake! There is no way to fix Russia, all that has been done is waste of money!

  10. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Buy an LG 8 kg machine. Silicone and woolen blankets get into it, large children's toys: elephants and hares. And even carpets and carpet paths 1.5m × 0.5m. It's great. I love her. Works for a family of 6 people. Until then, the 6 kilogram one did a great job too!

  11. Gravatar Fotya Fotya:

    It is rightly said that modern models are poorly made. I bought it a week ago, from the first wash I realized that I made a big mistake. Although I chose the brand for a long time, but don’t take what was done in Russia, it’s solid ... The case is thin, I thought that the hatch with the linen would fly out. All rattles. The front panel is not even bolted normally, as is the "roof". Sheer horror.

  12. Gravatar Alla Alla:

    The machine is excellent. It has been working for 10 years! And no complaints whatsoever! A friend and relatives also have LG and everyone is happy!

  13. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    The machine works fine, but when spinning on the front panel, something buzzes. So that already causes discomfort.

  14. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    LG typewriter jumps, shakes. Inconvenient filter. Do not unscrew, do not twist. It erases so-so. Before that, it was the same brand but Korean assembly. All was good. I won’t buy one anymore.

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