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Reviews on the LG M10B8ND1 washing machine

reviews LG M10B8ND1To find the narrow LG M10B8ND1 washing machine, you do not need to go far. You can find her at any nearby home appliance store. But there is a much more complicated question: is it worth buying such a machine? How to understand whether this model is good or not, is it suitable for washing overall things, will it become a reliable assistant to a mother with many children? Only consumers can truly answer all these questions, we’ll see their reviews.

Positive opinions

Alena, Vologda

Amazingly quiet washing machine, such I have not yet met. When I came to the household appliance hypermarket, I immediately asked the manager to show quiet models, because my child is very afraid of the washing machine. They chose for a long time, as a result, he showed me the LG M10B8ND1 and I “melted”. In addition to quiet operation, I was bribed by a sickly drum loading - 6 kg and high-quality spin.

1.5 years have passed. My machine has passed many-sided tests and showed itself well. It really works very quietly, I don’t even close the door to the bathroom, there is a feeling of a little background noise, but my son is not at all afraid, and this is important. It erases efficiently, I was afraid that the powder from the tray would not be taken well, but this is all right. But there were problems with the hatch door, but these are trifles. I recommend using everyone the washing machine LG M10B8ND1!

Luke began to close poorly in the last two months. I solve the problem by squeezing the lid with my hand until a click is heard.

Sergey, Moscow

A good washing machine, a solid body and a quality control panel, this is immediately evident. In addition, recently the price for it has fallen sharply, so the model’s sales have increased 3 times, as the seller told me. I decided to trust people, because if the car was bad, they would not have bought it. 5 months, the machine erases heaps of laundry without problems. I am satisfied, my wife is happy, and what else is needed.

Elena, VologdaLG M10B8ND1 control panel

A very powerful washing machine, at least in comparison with Indesit, which we persistently pushed, but we dismissed it. There are too many complaints about this car on the Web, but about LG, on the contrary, there are a lot of positive opinions. They took the LG M10B8ND1, and it immediately struck me by erasing old spots on children's things. The washing quality is incomparable, and in combination with a good powder, real magic happens.

Tatyana, Moscow

This car has a simple and convenient child lock. At first, I didn’t know, and my baby launched a wash a couple of times without us, what a dread. Now I use this function and everything is in order. The choice of washing programs is simply huge. There is for every taste and type of fabric, even for woolen products there is a mode. Washing is almost always impeccable, only once there are spots on the sleeves of my husband’s shirt, so now I try to pre-wash complex spots, and only then I put the thing in the car. Test wash, you can take.

Olga, St. Petersburg

I have no regrets about the purchase, although about a year has already passed. Every month I open something new in this washing machine and rejoice as a child, because such a technique makes my life much easier. LG M10B8ND1 replaced Candy washing machine, which worked for 6 years. Compared to my old typewriter, this one:

  • has a maximum drum load of 2 kg more, which is very noticeable;
  • less noise, the difference is small but noticeable;
  • has more washing programs, and these programs are in demand, there is no extra “garbage”;
  • has a nice appearance.

Negative opinions

Ivan, Omsk

Whoever I ask, no one can say anything bad about this washing machine. In general about LG washers people have a very good opinion, but I would not be so sure. I'll tell you my story. It all started half a year ago, when I bought the LG M10B8ND1 washing machine, I cleaned it for the first month without any problems, even managed to rejoice at a successful purchase. It seems to jinx it. Another two weeks passed, the machine stopped turning on.

He called the master from the service, which quickly arrived, examined the machine, and then said that it should be taken to the workshop for repair. And now, in fact, to this day I can not scratch my car back, because the masters under any pretext prolong the repair. I think there is something serious, and they just drag out time. I already wrote a complaint, and now I’ll go to court, it seems that there is no other way. I don’t advise taking such a car.

A familiar master hinted that the control module simply burned out at the typewriter, and the service masters did not want to change an expensive part for free, they “pickle” a client; they want to cut money from me for an easy one - it won’t work!

Larisa, BelgorodLG M10B8ND1 Dispenser

This machine tears linen, so I handed it back to the store after a week of operation. So sorry for the spoiled things, well, apparently nothing can be done. I regret that I did not immediately check the inner surface of the drum. All that was needed was to draw a hand over it. There were two dozen burrs, almost like a grater, you can rub vegetables for frying. Awful washing machine, score 2 points, and even then out of respect for the famous brand.

Elena, Krasnodar

Poor washing quality, the drum knocks very hard during rotation, and I generally keep quiet about spinning. I did not find advantages in this washer, just a terrible model. I’ll try to take the car back to the store, and if I don’t take it, I’ll sell it to someone, I definitely won’t use it.

In conclusion, there is nothing special to tell us, except that you yourself see everything. Some people vote for this machine, but there are also a small number of opponents of such technology. The final decision is yours!


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