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Reviews about the LG FH0C3ND1 washing machine

LG FH0C3ND1Fans of budget washing machines will appreciate the narrow LG FH0C3ND1 washing machine, which, although it does not differ in a large number of built-in gadgets, nevertheless, does a good wash. We specifically will not get ahead of ourselves and draw any serious conclusions regarding this model. We leave the conclusions to you. Our task was to collect as many real reviews of people about the machine of this model as possible in order to create, so to speak, food for thought. So, the opinions of people.

Positive opinions

Eugene, Moscow

This machine is “as simple as an orange,” a few buttons and a knob for installing the program, all as I like. I believe that this kind of technique should not be very complicated. Touch panels, huge screens that movies just do not show, connecting to a smartphone is an excess, for which there is no point in overpaying.

The washing machine should wash, rinse and wring well, well, maximum dry things, the rest is completely useless.

Choosing a "home helper", I initially considered built-in washing machines with dryer, but their price didn’t suit me, and I had to venture out, buy a washer-dryer, refuse. Then I went through a few dozen simple models and came across this one. A simple, solid Korean washer assembled in Russia, there is nothing to complain about. Take it, you will not regret it.

Julia, VladivostokLG FH0C3ND1 front view

I used to have an Indesit machine. So I tormented her. As a result, I could not stand it and passed it to the commission. LG FH0C3ND1 bought at the urgent request of the seller. Indeed, an inexpensive model plus a 15% discount on the stock, it turned out a very attractive offer. Without thinking twice, I gave up and do not regret about it. For six months, the car did not break down, even there were no failures. My old Indesit broke regularly, every three months for sure. I am very pleased with the new washer, and soon we will buy the same for my mother.

Karina, Barnaul

It’s a good machine, for a year and a half of operation it was only a couple of times that I had to stop washing and restart the program, but I think this should not be considered a problem. When buying, it was impressive that the car is relatively inexpensive, and its load is 6 kg, still not so little. Squeezes well, re-spin separately can be run, but this is rarely required. I give this car the highest rating.

Elena, Omsk

I never washed woolen things in a washing machine, although I have had several different washers all the time. The first time I tried to throw a knitted wool sweater in LG FH0C3ND1 and was very surprised. The thing was beautifully washed away and nothing happened to her. All thanks to the program "hand wash wool." There is also a program for washing down jackets. I don’t remember what it is called, but after washing, down jackets do not wrinkle, wash well and at the same time remain as good as new. This machine pleasantly surprised me!

Konstantin, MoscowLG FH0C3ND1 control panel

The car is just beautiful, does not vibrate, does not make a lot of noise, our baby does not annoy. When they just bought it, the marriage got out, the hatch lock was broken. The master from the service arrived quickly and repaired everything in 20 minutes, I was even surprised. Soon, the year the machine works flawlessly with a huge load. We have a little daughter, linen accumulates for 2 washes per day, the technique copes with a bang. A very good machine for a family with young children and roomy and sturdy, in addition there is a child lock so that the buttons do not stick.

Catherine, Yekaterinburg

I especially have nothing to say. I am delighted with the LG FH0C3ND1, the washing is very high-quality, the spin is also at a height, and sometimes it is necessary to repeat rinsing. I used to have to use LG cars, but they didn’t stand next to this model. I have already told all relatives and friends about the typewriter, and now I am telling you.

Negative opinions

Sergey, St. Petersburg

The machine is technically backward and looks quite ascetic in appearance. From my point of view, the model is completely disastrous. I would not buy it, but my wife insisted, because it is very cheap. There is no display, but this is a huge minus, it is not clear how much time is left until the end of the program. In general, if this machine appeared in the store about 25 years ago, there would be a stir, and this is the most cheap thing!

The control panel is huge, the buttons on it are lost, but if there was a display, the panel would look better.

Alena, Moscow

My husband and I received this typewriter as a housewarming gift from our parents. We were very happy because all the money swelled into housing and repairs, nothing was left for the equipment. At first, the car worked well, washed it 2-3 times a week. Then the hatch did not close tightly enough, from which water sometimes poured on the floor in small amounts during washing. I got out of position by simply pushing my knee on the hatch, before starting the wash. So she washed until the blocking device broke completely.

I had to replace this device, since my husband does everything in the house himself, and his hands are golden. About a month later, the drain pump was covered, before that, it hummed very hard for a couple of days, the husband repaired. Now it smells of burnt wiring from the car’s body, I think it’s on its last legs. Conclusion: the model is not reliable, it often breaks!

Irina, Samara

I have serious complaints about this washing machine, it is very loud. Come on, it would just make noise, otherwise she would ride around the room like a horse, she had already demolished me and damaged the tile. This car is bad, I do not advise anyone!


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