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Reviews about the LG F12U2HDN5 washing machines

LG F12U2HDN5 reviewsIn the world of modern automatic washing machines, LG F12U2HDN5 takes a very honorable place. Still, a roomy drum with a wide hatch suitable for washing large items, maximum load as much as 7 kg, sophisticated electronic controls, stylish design and all this for relatively little money. How can one not be tempted by the buyer, and in fact they are tempted, and then they leave a bunch of reviews on the Internet. It is precisely these opinions of real consumers that we will turn our attention to.

Positive opinions

Anna, Kurgan

I was very surprised when I launched the first wash on this machine, it is so quiet, it seems as if the machine is not working, but it is not, the manufacturer just tried to make it as noisy as possible. A huge plus is that the machine really erases large things well. In the first week she was rubbing small rugs, rugs, blankets and large soft toys from her daughter's room. Every time a great result.

I quickly realized that there was no need to overload the drum, it was optimal to put 5.5-6 kg of things.

Management for me is understandable without any instructions, since I already had a LG brand washing machine. All the necessary inscriptions are on the control panel. In general, I use the machine with pleasure and no problems so far.

Nikolay, Serpukhov

With caution, I bought this machine two years ago, it was very beautiful, and the assembly was Russian. But my fears were in vain, now I can say this with confidence. For two years, the washing machine has already plowed and at least a hint of a malfunction or breakdown, and the loads are not sickly, after all, a family of 6 people. I recommend this car with both hands!

Love, PermLG F12U2HDN5 control panel

Six months ago, this wonderful “home assistant” from LG appeared in our family. At the moment, we consider her a member of our family. She never let me down, she erases gorgeous. There is a function “without folds”, after it things are ironed just fine. Very, very glad that I decided to buy this machine.

Vitaliy, Blagoveshchensk

Compared to my old machine, this is just a spaceship. A well-thought-out set of programs, automatic weighing of linen and so on, yet progress does not stand still. The car works well. After 3 months of operation A foreign object has fallen into the washing machine, I had to disassemble the case, pull out the heating element and through this hole to get this damn sock, how much fuss because of such a trifle.

If engineers had figured out how to remove foreign objects easier, it would be just great. No more problems arose, the technique works “like a clock” and I am extremely pleased about it.

Olga, Moscow

The machine is just a dream. It erases quietly, spin is louder, but in fact it is also spin. I tried to connect the machine to the smartphone, it's a little complicated, but I managed it with the help of a friend-programmer. The washing quality is high, it looks beautiful and expensive. It is convenient to choose programs. The hatch is wide, if you shove large things, then you can collect everything directly, and there. The washing programs are mostly long, but it doesn’t bother me at all, let them hang out and stretch better.

In such a wide hatch you can clearly see what happens with the laundry during washing. The cat comes up every time and watches mesmerizedly, as linen hangs inside in soapy water.

Svetlana, Vladivostok

I noticed this model as soon as I entered the store. Honestly, she attracted me with her appearance, so she bought me. Then I thought about the quality of washing and the functions of different ones. I understand that you can’t do this, but I couldn’t resist. Still, instincts are a good thing, they did not let me down this time, the car turned out to be really good.

Negative opinions

Julia, MoscowLG F12U2HDN5 loading door

Between each other, my husband and I nicknamed this machine "dumbass." You have no idea how much this reflects its natural essence. Sometimes after finishing washing and rinsing, the machine for a whole hour dulls without daring to start spinning.A couple of times I could not stand it, turned off the machine, then turned it on again and started spinning separately. In my opinion, it isn’t normal that the machine spends 4 hours each, taking into account the hang. Tired of enduring this, I will call the master.

Irina, Vologda

Oh, it’s not in vain that I protested against the purchase of cars stuffed with electronics. But my husband heard that the machine can connect to the phone, already fidgeted. His seller divorced, and now I'm tormented. No, the machine connects well to the phone, there are no problems, but for some reason it doesn’t want to wash normally. At first there was a problem with the set of water, but her husband decided by cleaning the intake valve mesh.

Now with the arrival of water there are no obstacles, but the machine still stubbornly does not want to wash. It seems that the laundry hangs and the powder dissolves, but the washing quality is poor. In addition, there are complaints about the quality of rinsing. Traces of powder are visible on the fabric, and clearly, and this is no good.

Anna, St. Petersburg

The machine as a whole I did not like, some unreliable. After the first three months of operation, the drum began to knock, and we immediately handed it over to a service center. They repaired quickly, on the third day the car was already at our place and the knock stopped. After about six months, electronics began to fail. Experts said that it was necessary to change the firmware, they purged of course, but they did.

It is a pity that the manufacturer gives a guarantee for the machine for only a year.

Now the warranty is already over, but our machine again has a malfunction, now it drains the water too slowly. I feel we will sell this stuff for spare parts and buy something normal!

Is it worth making a general conclusion? In principle, you yourself see everything, there are enough dissatisfied owners of these washers, but even more satisfied. On this, perhaps, you can put an end to it. Good luck


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