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Reviews about the LG F1296CD3 washing machine

LG F1296CD3 ReviewsIn large cities, people often encounter the problem of drying clothes, because you cannot hang it out on the street because of clouds of exhaust gases, and at home, if dried on a clothesline, you can also dilute dampness. In modern conditions, there are solutions: first, you can buy a tumble dryer or a special cabinet, but these units require a lot of space, and secondly, you can buy a LG F1296CD3 washing machine, thereby solving the problem and preserving the usable space in the room.

But then the question arises: can such a machine really dry things well? In addition, will it fulfill its main function: wash, rinse and wring out the laundry? It is also important whether the machine is reliable enough, all these questions are best answered by the users themselves in their reviews, and this publication will be dedicated to them.

Positive opinions

Irina, Tomsk

The machine does not twitch at all during washing and spinning. The drying mode is not suitable for all linen, but most of the things I dry directly in the drum. Good stuff. On the balcony, things stopped drying from the moment the drunks entered the apartment on the top floor. They throw on top cigarette butts that fall on the laundry and spoil things. It is useless to swear, nothing reaches their drenched brains.

You can dry quite a few things at a time. If you put more, they really will not dry out.

Something is now drying at home, since it is impossible to turn on the drying mode at the moment when delicate things are in the drum. The rest is perfectly dried by the machine itself. I rarely load the drum to the eyeballs, so there are no problems with drying. Good car.

Konstantin, Ulyanovsk

I have been operating the LG F1296CD3 washer-dryer for almost seven months now. Everything is normal and erases perfectly and dries well, the spouse is “in seventh heaven” with happiness. There is, however, one “but”, the machine makes a lot of noise when draining, but I solved the problem in the simplest way, namely, loosened the screw holding the pump. It is easy to get to the screw, because it is located near the drain filter plug. Literally one movement and a flaw is eliminated. I would never part with this machine!

Olga, ChelyabinskLG F1296CD3 control panel

I advise this machine to everyone, because it is reliable, it erases everything, even that which you do not always wash off with your hands, and it can dry things. I chose LG brand because my mom car LG F10B8ID0She exploits her mercilessly and no problems. One trouble, the machine is simple, so I chose a model with dryer for myself. I rarely use the drying myself, but sometimes it helps me a lot, especially when the weather outside.

Julia, Moscow

I bought a typewriter, because the manufacturer gave it a 10 year warranty, and I liked the look. This I only later found out that the 10 year warranty is not given for the entire machine, but only for its individual parts, for the engine, it seems. The warranty period for the entire machine is 1 year and it was assembled not in Korea, but in Russia, which somewhat spoiled my impression of it, but, in the end, I forgot about it because the machine turned out to be really good. I will try to list the worthy advantages of the machine.

  • Direct drive and reliable motor.
  • Very high quality washing, in any case, compared with the Samsung, which I used for 3 years.
  • A clear control, in which, perhaps, a humanoid monkey will understand.
  • A rather big load.
  • The presence of drying.
  • Reliable stable operation for several years at least.

Negative opinions

Eugenia, St. PetersburgLG F1296CD3 front view

Very disappointed, my whole monthly salary went off the chimney because I decided to buy LG F1296CD3. I was glad to buy exactly two days, the third drying mode stopped functioning, and the machine began to wash every other time. Well, I’m right, I immediately contacted the service, they say, come, repair, please.Well, the master began with the fact that the failure is my fault, that the non-professional installed the machine, he began to “sculpt” in general. In the end, they decided that he would still repair the machine at the expense of the company.

I won the first “fight”, but as it turned out, I was glad early. 3 months have passed, “and things are still there,” the service is in no hurry to repair my machine, it feeds everything with “breakfasts”. It looks like it's time to hire a lawyer and go to court. Neither the machine itself, nor the quality of service of the service center, I am satisfied, I will fight to the end!

In such a situation, it is better to write a complaint to the seller immediately, so that then there are no problems.

Alexey, Moscow

What kind of dryer is this machine? I did not see how it works, because it does not dry in any way. As for the washing, everything is fine, no complaints. She erases and wringes well, rinses well, but drying is a problem. Communicated on this topic with experts, it turns out, such a problem in cars of this model is very common. What kind of business is this, they gave a lot of money for the typewriter, but it does not fulfill part of its functions!

Olga, Omsk

I can only say that the machine is not high quality. A month later, the hatch lock broke, the cuff of the hatch constantly creeps out, which prevents its closure. It seems that because of the cuff, the hatch did not close well, and this affected the lock, at least my husband said so to me, it looks like he is right. You should not spend relatively big money on low-quality equipment.


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