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Reviews about the LG F10B8SD0 washing machines

reviews F10B8SD0Another article about what people think about a particular model washing machine. After all, it is from users that we can learn about all the shortcomings and features of the technology. So, let's stop on the washing machine of the Korean brand LG F10B8SD0.


bezr058, Samara

An ordinary washing machine in which there are no shortcomings. The machine has many different functions, including Easy Ironing. The washing machine is suitable for all modern requirements regarding the quality of washing things. It works economically, spends some water and electricity. The plus is that the pump filter is accessible, it can be easily washed.

kastrylka182014, Ekaterinburg

We bought a washing machine instead of an old one. I immediately liked the quiet work, almost inaudible. It is convenient to have a display and an audio signal at the end of the work, in that machine it wasn’t. Fast 30 mode is not suitable for all things, something does not extend on it and this is a minus.

Skornister, Kozmodemyansk

Only the LG washer was selected, because it has a direct drive. This means that the design has fewer parts that will break less. The manufacturer took care and put a special key for the transport bolts. In general, I like the machine, it’s compact and entered the bathroom, it doesn’t skip during operation, it’s slightly staggering, but I washed my sneakers.

Mariyalyubavina, Tyumen

I always liked the technology of the LG brand, and now I changed the old machine of this brand to a new one. The machine just worked for 10 years and still works, I wanted something new and compact. Therefore, the choice fell on this model, which fit perfectly into the interior of the room. The load of the machine, of course, is only 4 kg, it seems a little after 5 kg. But over time I got used to it, I began to wash more often, but I saved places in the bathroom.

Specifications attracted attention:LG F10B8SD0 washed

  • six drum movements;
  • direct drive;
  • engine with a guarantee of 10 years;
  • mobile diagnostics.

The new machine works noticeably quieter, the noise level is minimal, you can not hear it with the door closed. That's just when it starts to wring, it moves away. It is necessary to level after washing again.

The LG washing machine erases much better, now you don’t have to soak the laundry before washing and wash the stains. Immediately put the dirty things in the drum and start the Fast 30 mode, everything is well washed, the spots disappear. I do not turn on the additional rinse, and so everything is rinsed well. In general, life with her was easier, more free time appeared.

Old spots, of course, will have to be washed or soaked, but the equipment will cope with fresh pollution with a bang.

There are a lot of programs in this model of washing machine, but the quick mode and everyday are more than enough for me. I also tried others, but they are very long in time, but why, if everything is washed off on a quick program. It seems to me that in the new model, washing takes place more carefully, clothes began to tear less. I rejoice at the car and wash every day, sometimes even several times a day, everything is quick and no effort. I can’t imagine how grandparents dealt with washing without technology, hand washing is a tremendous job and a waste of time. I can’t live without such a home assistant, thanks to the manufacturer.

Alexandra Mikhailova

I will share my impressions about buying a washing machine, which I chose for a long and painful time, hesitating between Bosch and LG. I re-read not a single comment on the forums, but at a visual inspection I realized that LG is much better not only from a technical point of view, but also in style and ergonomics. In general, this machine was to my liking, and my parents have been working with this brand for 10 years.

Technology, of course, has changed, a direct drive, bells and whistles have appeared. When spinning does not jump. Convenient electronics, in short, are some pluses. I will not list all of them, just advise you to take such a technique.

Malofeeva Daria

This female “housework assistant”, although simple, erases efficiently, the choice of programs is optimal, it does not make noise. The only drawback is the function of blocking the door from children. The idea is good, but the power button still works, which means that the child can turn everything off at once. In all other respects, the car is happy.


Iren denLG F10B8SD0 Drum

Choose a washer immediately after the birth of the baby. At the same time, they were looking for a narrow unit with washing programs for children and sportswear. There was no limit to the joy after installation, because it seemed to me that there would be no more hand washing, but free time would appear. What is the result? Sheer disappointment.

The machine worked perfectly for a year, and then began to make strange sounds at any stage of washing. I have not yet contacted the master. The washing efficiency is low. Baby items do not stretch even at 60 degrees and pre-wash. One gets the impression that spots from one thing go to another, sportswear does not wash off the smell of sweat. I wash some jeans 2 times in a row, sometimes at a temperature of 60. I even wash my hands better and faster. And by the way, the powders that I just haven’t tried, I think the whole thing is in the typewriter, although customer reviews about it are mostly good, I probably came across this. After a while there was a problem with closing the door, began to appear error DE.

Sergey Zheleev

The impression of the purchased machine is terrible, we’ve been suffering for two months now. The wife is crying, watching the laundry. With everything that is declared by the manufacturer, the machine can not cope. During operation, two tulles broke in the washer, white linen turned gray. The service center masters assured that the equipment was working. But I still insisted, she was taken for diagnosis from the third time.

Incomprehensible innovations, functions are not performed.

Inna Luneva

This narrow washing machine jumps in the bathroom and works like a tractor, too noisy. After three years of operation, the cuff broke, had to be replaced. During the repair, the master removed the plumb bob, this led to the fact that the car did not jump, the noise decreased. I do not like that there is no separate spin.


Disappointed in technology, especially in this washer. A week later, plastic cracked in the display area on the panel, paint peeled off. Disgusting assembly, after washing powder remains on the door. She simply does not have advantages.


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