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Reviews on the LG F10B8MD washing machines

LG F10B8MD reviewsWe wrote a lot about budget class cars, found a reason to write again, chose the LG F10B8MD model for this. Inexpensive technology always attracts consumers. But in addition to the user’s price, they are interested in the reliability and quality of the declared functions. This is well told by users in their reviews, which you see below.



I bought a washing machine 6 months ago. Capacity by modern standards is small, only 5.5 kg, but this is enough for us. There is a new Smart Diagnostics feature that has not yet been used. The equipment works quietly, since there is no drive belt in it. If the wash ends, then you will know about it by the sound signal. It is short, but not muted, the sound also does not decrease. Child protection does not work for all buttons, this is also a minus of this model. The rest of the car I like.

Plasticine I, Moscow

Hello! I will share my opinion about the washing machine that I bought a year ago. I operate it about 1-2 times a week. It has the following advantages:

  • many functions, you can wash everything you want: baby clothes, blankets and woolen products. Perhaps this was decisive when buying;
  • Holds a lot, or rather 5.5 kg, even the jacket is included;
  • the noise level is normal, it does not knock and squabbles, although it stands in our pantry;
  • it is convenient to have an indicator of the remaining time and a sound at the end, which is easily turned off.

I did not like this machine, only a couple of points: the lack of a separate spin, as well as the depth. The car is rather big, it takes up decent places.

I have no complaints on other issues and characteristics, I’m happy with everything, I recommend it.LG F10B8MD washer

Goddfatherr, Nizhny Tagil

I will not describe the characteristics of the washing machine, see them in the online store. I will dwell on the features. A 5.5 kg load is enough for our family in which there is a one-year-old child. The functions are useful, the control panel has all the necessary information, the unit runs quietly.

Good enough, the LG F10B8MD washing machine wringes the laundry, everything dries very quickly. During the use (half a year) there were no failures or any problems. Everything that is needed for connection is included in the kit with the machine, only the inlet hose is only 1 m short. Also, an understandable and detailed instruction.

Lesiafatih, Neftekamsk

Friends advised to buy a machine LG F10B8MD, which I did. I do not regret buying, everything is fine. It erases up to 5.5 kg, squeezes at 1000 rpm, quite a lot of different programs, including health care, washing sportswear. At maximum speed it stands still, does not make noise, does not jump. I am glad that the engine has a 10 year warranty. The downside is that you can’t fix the drain hose and wire anywhere on the machine. Pleased with the price and simple controls.

Julia, Podolsk

I have been using the washer for a long time, so I confidently say that I do not regret buying. It’s worth it in our small bathroom, in size went fine. Washing like a song, a bunch of modes, at the end a melody plays, and in the process everything is quiet and calm. I am pleased with her.

Darfi, Vladimir

The old technique has broken, now I have a narrow LG F10B8MD washing machine, which I am very pleased with. The load is small but sufficient. Manage it conveniently. Thanks to different modes, you can erase everything. I even tried to wear a large wash, everything went well and was wrung out too. It did not die long after the typewriter. Spin is adjustable as desired. If you want inexpensive high-quality equipment, think about this machine.


Waplav, KrasnodarLG F10B8MD typewriter

With the advent of my place of residence, the first thing I decided to buy was a washing machine, a machine, and also a refrigerator. Living with a girl (future wife), I had seen enough of the laundry by hand. LG was immediately identified by the brand, since they had heard reviews from customers and friends, they were still talking good about the Samsung brand, this has been working with parents for 5 years.

I liked the characteristics of the purchased machine, a lot of modes, determining the washing time by weight of the laundry. But the disadvantages in this technique bother me. The first is rubber feet, the car still moves from its place. The second is that the drain hose is very short, and replacing it with a longer one is not so simple. The drain hose burst when at one point the machine crashed during the spin cycle, I still had to remove the hose, now I’ll install the longer one myself.

dima1488, Samara

I bought a washer almost a year ago. Almost immediately, the drum began to beat, so much so that it was audible to the neighbors. Machine erases not bad, but I do not recommend it.

Manufacturers refuse to take back defective goods.


After reading information about this machine, I believed people and bought it. She is not quiet, as many write. Water remains in the drum, which may fade. In addition, when rinsing water, so little is collected that the powder is not rinsed. It is not clear how much time remains until the end of the wash; in general, I do not advise anyone to use this washer.

Cheskidova Ksenia, Moscow

The main criterion for the purchase was the protection of the machine during washing from children. In reality, it turned out to be profanity, since not all buttons are blocked and the main power button is off, when you press it, everything is completely reset. Heating to a temperature of 95 degrees is possible only in the "Baby Clothes" mode. Automatic time calculation does not work well, and it is not necessary. It seems that the clothes are not rinsed badly, as it smells of powder.

Squeezes well, but not dry, but very quiet. Minus - after spinning it smells of plastic, and socks, scarves and other small things get stuck in the cuff. There is also water in the gum, which must be wiped before you even get the laundry. It is better not to wash delicate things in the car. I do not recommend this machine.


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