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reviews about Leran washing machinesRecently, the Leran brand has become increasingly visible on the shelves of large stores of household appliances and this is no coincidence. The equipment from Leran is distinguished by high quality and low cost, and this was immediately noticed by consumers. There are few models of Leran washing machines, and they are on the market quite recently, but now there are many people willing to buy them. Let's try to learn more about these machines, and for this, as always, we turn to customer reviews.

Leran WMS-1060WD

Marina, Krasnodar

I will not hide that when I purchased the Leran WMS-1060WD washer, I was very afraid that it would not work for a month. The brand is unknown to me, and its cost is suspiciously low. The first time I walked around her and went home to think. The next day she returned, again resembled and still acquired. The decisive role was played by the appearance of the machine. It is simple and well assembled, besides it does not stink of plastic, and this in itself suggests that the materials are normal. I've been erasing for a year now, and here are the conclusions I came to.

  1. The wash is the most ordinary, there is nothing outstanding in it, but this is wonderful because it perfectly fulfills its direct function.
  2. The machine is very inexpensive even for a simple model.
  3. She has a decent 6 kg drum. For such a price, a decent machine with such a drum still needs to be searched.

For the same money, you can take an Indesit machine with similar characteristics, but lately there have been a lot of complaints about these washing machines.

  1. There are all the main programs, and most importantly there is a quick mode of 15-minute washing and pre-washing for very dirty laundry.
  2. The machine is unkillable and its controls are simple.

Do not be surprised, but over the past year, Leran air conditioning, an iron and a refrigerator appeared in my house. Gradually, I will completely switch to Leran, unless of course, during this time the products of this company will not get worse. It is my choice!

Irina, Belgorod

This year, took the Leran WMS-1060WD for 250 bucks. Aimed at washing machine siemens WS10G240OEbut the seller convinced me not to overpay and take the equipment of a less well-known brand, but at a lower price. As a result, I gave 250 dollars instead of 420, and I was very pleased. The assembly of the machine is also pleasing. It is simple, reliable, narrow, low noise. Even my mother erases it with pleasure, although she didn’t "digest" machines before. With both hands for Leran!

Stepan, Permreviews about Leran

I use Leran WMS-1060WD with great pleasure, since this machine perfectly erases and wringes things out. I will not hide that I acquired this model for the sake of saving the family budget, but I did not lose at all, because the machine is really good. I recommend to buy!

Leran WMS-1062WD

Ilya, Ryazan

The machine has a very narrow body, only 42 cm, a 6 kg drum, has a digital display and all this for absolutely ridiculous money. I think that over time, representatives of the Leran company will "cut through" and begin to break exorbitant money for their products, but so far few people know them, so I advise you to buy sooner.

Natalia, Nizhny Novgorod

The main advantage of Leran WMS-1062WD is its excellent spin. Perhaps this machine wring out better than any other. Washing and rinsing is also nothing, but the spin is truly outstanding. The design of the machine is simple and unobtrusive. The set of water is noisy, washing and spinning are also quite noisy, but if you close the bathroom door, you cannot hear it. I put the typewriter five points!

Leran WMS-1066WD

Yuri, Krasnoyarsk

After the old machine broke down, I went to the hypermarket with an aim to take a normal modern washing machine. The stock of money was small, so I had to choose between the brands Beko, Indesit and Leran. I settled on the Leran WMS-1066WD. She has a large sunroof, stylish design, and she erases perfectly. I am pleased as a cat, which was poured a bowl of sour cream. I recommend to buy!

Tatyana, Novosibirsk

Leran WMS-1066WD is worth the money, believe me. The machine without extra frills, but if you think twice about why they are needed.For a long time I chose a “home assistant” for myself and found out that Leran cars are one of the cheapest, despite the fact that their assembly is very, very bad. For a year and a half, my assistant worked for me, there were no failures or breakdowns, even if it continues to be so!

This model has a super-fast spin cycle of 1200 rpm, I’m afraid to use it, but it might come in handy for someone.

Leran WMS-1267WD

Peter, Moscowwashing machine Leran

I didn’t buy this machine myself, it was already standing when my friend and I moved to a rented apartment. I first came across this brand for the first time, it was even interesting what kind of Leran it was. Leran WMS-1267WD works fine, not noisy, powder takes any, but it erases well. Again, management is simple and affordable. I think it can be purchased!

Catherine, Khabarovsk

At the beginning of 2017, my husband pleased me with a new washing machine. She was not bad, although the company is unfamiliar. The husband said that he had consulted with specialists, they say the brand is promising, the assembly and parts are good. Indeed, nine months have passed, and the machine continues to wash for five plus, does not create any problems for me. No extraneous odors or sounds, I recommend!

Leran WMS-0850W

Ivan, Moscow

I took a Leran WMS-0850W washer three months ago. Immediately there was a problem with closing the hatch. The master arrived quickly. I didn’t take the machine to the service, I replaced the UBL on the spot under the guarantee. Repair took 20 minutes, now the washing machine works, everything is gorgeous. I think that for the money I took just drop dead technique.

Lyudmila, Naberezhnye Chelny

Many are afraid to buy Chinese equipment and can be understood. But please take my word for it, Leran is just awesome washing machines and refrigerators. I have nothing else so far, now I plan to take a microwave from Leran. The very first Leran WMS-0850W washer appeared in my house, which I am pleased to insanity. It washes cleanly, rinses thoroughly, and wringes dry. She does not think of breaking yet, and judging by the assembly, everything is cool there. From my point of view, this technique can be trusted, so I will put five points!


31 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Such comments are deleted, but I will write constantly. The machine worked for 4 months and stopped pressing. Not good quality. When they dismantled it when I was in the service, I saw how everything inside hangs on snot. All clamps are weak.

    • Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

      They brought the machine, began to wash - it does not wring. Changed to a new one. Squeezes through once. The washing time is constantly increasing, as it cannot wring the laundry. It turns out and consumes much more electricity than stated in the passport.

  2. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Hello, so in the end, tell me, is the machine good or not? Model 9714 k.

    • Gravatar Hope Hope:

      Here you can’t say for sure! 100% does not happen. Some bought it and worked for them for 20 years flawlessly, while for others it broke down after 2 days, weeks, months ...
      And this is not only with Chinese technology, but with everything in general!

  3. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Bought 4 cars in a mini-laundry. They worked for a month, in one of them there was a problem of closing the door, error F-13. We carry to the warranty service. And so cars justify their value.

  4. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    We bought a LERAN machine for 7kg, the drum is terribly hammering, it seems that it will fly up. And the car itself does not hang out. It is level, and the drum walks with a shaker. I don’t know how long she will serve. We live in our home. If they lived in an apartment, then the neighbors would hear everything when I have a wash.

    • Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

      It is necessary to adjust the machine according to the level and monitor the weight of the laundry. The instructions for any car have such a recommendation.

    • Gravatar Ghosh Gosh:

      The transport bolts must be unscrewed.

  5. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Two days ago, on the recommendation of the seller, we bought LERAN 10622 WD. I'm just in shock, when rinsing and spinning the drum so shakes that the machine jumps on the floor. There is no limit to disappointment. For smart people, I’ll say that the legs were regulated.

    • Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

      Bought a washing machine, very sorry. The quality is terrible! I sold an old Samsung machine, which lasted a very long time. And Leran is just Chinese consumer goods! When washing, it makes a lot of noise. They also gave a Leran teapot, which lasted for a month. I do not recommend this company. Better expensive but not her!

      • Gravatar Anya Anya:

        I agree, with us Leran 1267 worked a little over a year. Bearings flew. Repair more than 5 thousand will cost. I do not advise. Do not buy, do not believe the consultants.

  6. Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

    I completely agree when the spin begins, it can be heard even on the street. We live in a private house.

  7. Gravatar Christina Kristina:

    Not even a month had passed before the machine, while spinning, produced an error f1. The pump is running but the drum is not spinning. Things are wet. More machine does not work ... very unhappy. In total there were 6-7 washes.

  8. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    Hello. Do not take this horror. The machine is noisy, shaking. Even if the water fills, standing next to it is impossible. The old Samsung typewriter was 13 years old. I decided to buy a new one. Sellers in RBT just push this technique. Very sorry for the money thrown away. Relatives bought a refrigerator and freezer of this brand. The knock is peculiar constantly, it is heated very much.

  9. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    And I like Leran. I erase with pleasure, no worse than the old Samsung works. And the look is pretty.

  10. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    I bought it today, noisy truth, not very much I fell in love with it. But I'll see what's next. In the event of a breakdown, I will resolve the issue legally. Honestly ... I didn’t really like it, but twenty thousand ...

  11. Gravatar Radmir Radmir:

    Error F01, what does it mean?

  12. Gravatar Natalya Natalya:

    The car broke down, the service is rubbish. Detail of 5 months waiting.

  13. Gravatar Margarita Margarita:

    We bought a Leran 1065 machine about a year ago. Already from the first washings I stopped squeezing. Not all programs work: it gives an error. The master came with the service did not really say anything, just shrugged. Very disappointed with the purchase.

  14. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    This year they bought a Leran typewriter, it took 5 months, the typewriter stopped pressing. The rest is doing. All outlets are clean. My friends have the same situation. The same company and the same problem. Their minus is that the warranty has passed and you will have to make repairs at your own expense. Do not take a washing machine from this company.

  15. Gravatar Roman Novel:

    I ordered a LERAN WMS 12800 WD3 machine already for 26,000. I did not find any reviews about it at all. Tell me, is it worth taking or running away (before it's too late) to the store and making a refund (before they bring it)?

    • Gravatar Alexander Alexander:

      Don’t take it, bullshit is complete.

  16. Gravatar Alex Alex:

    2 months and died this wonderful machine. Do not take it, the company is muddy. Is China something else? I have written that Turkey.

  17. Gravatar Art Art:

    Today, a consultant in RBT also gave us a Leran washing machine, they planned to take BOSCH. Dissuaded, such as a complete G. And praised Leran. I came home, read reviews and was taken aback. Tomorrow I’ll run to the store to cancel the order, the benefit is delivery only the day after tomorrow. As I understand from the reviews, consultants need to make a plan to sell this equipment in order to get a premium)))

  18. Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

    Also sucked me in Leran. Wanted Samsung or LG. From the first washings it does not wring, the “spin” mode is one name - it does not gain momentum. I called the master - said that everything is fine, you need to distribute the laundry evenly. After all, the machine erases, turns over linen and violates uniformity. What a heresy! What, how should the washing reach the spin, turn off the washing and redistribute everything ?! It erases poorly, knitwear cannot be washed, all in a reel. Tomorrow I go with a claim to the store.

  19. Gravatar Lar Lar:

    Bought Leran WMS 147 WD2. Washes very noisy, not satisfied.

  20. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Yesterday I bought Leran 43126, and she is poorly wrung out, very upset.

    • Gravatar Elvira Elvira:

      Rather, return to the store. I walked for 2 weeks, scandalized, somehow returned the money.

    • Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

      I have the same problem. Squeezes very badly. With the claimed 1000 vol. I take out my wet clothes, I am disappointed in the purchase of this machine.

  21. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    And I liked the Leran machine. Loading 5 kg, easy to handle, working 10 months, washing and wringing perfectly.

  22. Gravatar of the Light Sveta:

    Good day! Tell me, do washing programs work for anyone? Open, load linen, close, set the program, it displays the time on the display. Is the washing time appropriate? No one is reset for 40, or even more minutes from the initial time?

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