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Washing machine Indesit WISL 82

Washing machine Indesit WISL 82Maksim:

Bought this machine in a two-room apartment. Norms work. Personally, I usually only use a quick wash, as I don’t really get dirty. Very convenient - 30 minutes and all things washed. In addition to me, four more people live in the apartment (including one small child). The machine has been working adequately for about 8 years. During this time, it broke only once. Ten flew. Repair cost inexpensively. By the way, the machine is also not very expensive. And the fact that she plowed for 8 years and continues to work is excellent.

Erases all things well. True, when washing a down jacket, you have to include an additional rinse, otherwise without it there will remain stains from the washing powder. And for those who do not like noise, the machine may also not be suitable, as it makes noise during the spin cycle. I’m not picky in this regard, I don’t wash at night. Therefore, for me, the machine is it! And indeed, how many washing machines are able to wash 5 people over 8 years? I think this alone is an essential argument in favor of this machine! In general, as a budget model - almost ideal!

Washing machine Indesit IWSE 6105

Washing machine Indesit IWSE 6105Inga:

I don’t understand much in washing machines. And before buying this model, I tormented consultants with a whole bunch of questions. I listened to the answers and recommendations and decided to buy Indesit IWSE 6105. They delivered the machine, raised it to the floor. I examined everything, everything is whole and new.

After installation they started - it erases very well. No noise, no jumping. Good management, I figured it out right away, what's what. There is a function to save water. All the necessary modes are there and even more;) The display shows the time, how much is left until the end of the program, temperature, speed. Super machine!))) For me, for a husband and two of my girls is enough! Thanks to the consultants! Machine what you need !!!

Washing machine Indesit WIUN 105

Washing machine Indesit WIUN 105 reviewsNatalya:

A new machine was installed on rented living space. She made a terrible noise! On spin, she generally chatted. It turned out that our mistake. We ourselves installed it and forgot to remove the transport bolts from behind. Now removed and everything is fine. It works, does not make noise. Noises are possible when the drum is overloaded. Therefore, it is better not to hammer it to failure. In general, I was satisfied. For the money - the machine is just a treasure!

Washing machine Indesit WITL 86

Washing machine Indesit WITL 86 reviewsAlexey:

The machine worked a little less than 7 years. For all the time of work, it broke twice and was repaired. Now there is a leak. Water flows from under the car. Partially rusted side walls. The upper part of the body rusted and fell away. It is worth noting that seven years is a rather long time. Not every machine can withstand so much. It's time to change it to a new one.

Washing machine Indesit WIE 127 XS

Washing machine Indesit WIE 127 XSIgor:

Just a few days before the expiration of the warranty period, the module broke. It is expensive. It is good that it was changed for free, in accordance with the warranty. But after that it has been working well for about 6 years. It erases efficiently. But it sometimes makes noise. The relatives of the exact same washing machine worked well for 9 years. But then she began to give out glitches. It sometimes stops the wash with nothing. And to work again, you need to change the program and restart the wash. It seems that they broke it twice a whole time. How mine breaks, I will buy another.

Washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085

Washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085Vika:

The car did not like. When it works, there are some strange sounds inside. Something rumbles. In spin mode, it makes noise and staggers. I called the service. They told me that for this machine - this is normal. And they won’t be able to fix anything for me, since they don’t have any details on it. There were also violations in the programs. They go astray and have to be restarted. I don’t know how long this machine will work. But I definitely won’t buy it anymore. It seemed very unreliable to me ...


Took this car about a year ago. Works fine. There are no complaints about this. But for some reason, the inscriptions on it are gradually erased. And nothing more, if any unnecessary letters disappear.But after all, programs are beginning to wear off. And the dispenser is also poorly removed. The instruction manual says that it must be removed and washed regularly. And this is very difficult. I can’t say that I’m happy with how I spent 11,000 rubles. I do not recommend to anyone.

Washing machine Indesit IWUB 4085

Washing machine Indesit IWUB 4085Tatyana:

This is not the first time I have been taking an Indesit washing machine. The past served faithfully for 8 years. Good machine. Such a small one. Washes 4 kg. Just suitable for two. I use two weeks. So far so good. True, I tried only a few programs.

From the pros: compact, pretty, many different modes.

Of the minuses:

Not found any flaws.

Washing machine Indesit SISL 129 S

Washing machine Indesit SISL 129 SAlexander:

We bought this washing machine for a long time. And it still works well, despite the fact that the quality of tap water with us is nowhere worse. I thought that no machine could work for a long time under such conditions. But, as it turned out, he was wrong. Works well without any additional filters. And its filters have never been cleaned for all the time. The whole family is happy with such a purchase. Thanks to its creators! We wash twice a day and everything is fine! Such a machine will delight you for a long time! And she is very compact)

Washing machine Indesit WIUN 105

Washing machine Indesit WIUN 105Vadim:

My machine is exactly the same as this one. There are no problems at the moment. All is well. That's just consumes more water than it should. And there is no knob to control the number of revolutions during push-ups. Bathrooms typically have high humidity. Therefore, some cars can not stand it. And interestingly, this washing machine works fine even with a weak pressure of water in the pipes. I always have a bad head. And she erases normally. You just need to wait longer for the water to collect.

It is so narrow that I was able to install it where no other machine fit. Even when the hatch is open, it almost does not interfere. It perfectly rinses, there are no stains from the powder, even on tight clothes. The design looks pretty decent. And not darling.

Properly adjusted spin. What can not be said about many other narrow cars. Vibration, of course, is, but not big. Put a lighter on the lid. It has shifted only a few mm for the entire washing cycle.

Of the minuses: with a low pressure of water in the pipes, the third washing mode lasts about three hours.

Washing machine Indesit IWSC 5085

Washing machine Indesit IWSC 5085Victor:

This is the first washing machine in my new apartment! I decided to opt for it due to the fact that it does not take up much space, and the company is popular. Up to 5 kg of laundry can be loaded into the drum. It is located in the kitchen. And especially for the kitchen they chose a narrow model. She weighs 66 kg. It has many different modes. For synthetic fabrics, cotton, in three pieces. For different colors and dirt. For silk fabrics, wool, jeans and more. In addition, you can separately run the various parts of the cycle. For example, just turn on the push-up or rinse.

The quick wash program seemed very convenient to me. This is suitable for things that are not particularly dirty. It refreshes well and launders light dirt. She erases most of the things.

The machine almost no noise at all. The only thing that can vibrate during the spin cycle. Washes things well. My wife and I were very happy when we bought this washing machine and carried out the first wash. And given the fact that it has a fairly modest price and compact size, the only drawback (vibration) is not particularly worrying.

Washing machine Indesit IWSE 5125

Washing machine Indesit IWSE 5125Alexander:

For more than a year, the car worked well. Everything was washed away, everything was normal. But then the drive belt slept. This was due to the bearings being worn out. A separate change of bearings for this machine is not performed. If they fail, then the entire plastic tank must be replaced. A new tank, even without the necessary work of a replacement wizard, will cost about seven thousand. So it’s better to buy a new car. You never know what else in it then breaks. Such an expensive repair does not suit me.

Washing machine Indesit IWB 5103

Washing machine Indesit IWB 5103Olga:

Someone told me a long time ago that the Indesit brand is one of the best brands of washing machines. Therefore, the first machine we had was an Indesit and the second. True, the first was collected in Italy. And the second bought our assembly. About two to three years worked fine. Washed well. But then there were knocking sounds during the spin cycle.

I called the service and called the repairman. He said that there were problems with the bearing. And they cannot be replaced separately. Only with the tank. And replacing the tank is very expensive. It’s sad that manufacturers no longer care about the users of their washing machine. Details are not high quality. The bearings are broken. So from now it is impossible to change separately. Since the tank is plastic and sealed. The third car will have to be taken. And this time, we are unlikely to stop our choice on Indesita.

Washing machine Indesit IWDC 6105

Washing machine Indesit IWDC 6105Angela:

For the anniversary, my beloved mother was presented with this washing machine. Chose a very long time. Familiar recommended this particular brand. Liked the price.

The quality of service in the store on top! My mom is just happy. She really likes the new car. He says that he erases well. Thanks to friends for advice and sales consultants for help in choosing! Excellent shop!


15 reader comments

  1. Gravatar cosmobyt cosmobyt:

    As the owner of an indesit washing machine, I can say that this is a very high-quality machine. If you use a good powder, it erases perfectly. Of the minuses, I can distinguish not too good rinsing of linen, compared with lg.

  2. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    Washer Indesit - sucks completely. They bought it, brought it in, put everything on the level, launched it, and in the rinse, she began to bounce so that the neighbors from the bottom came running.

    • Gravatar Oksana Oksana:

      I completely agree with you. My Indesit machine worked for 3 months. The water intake worked very noisily from the first day and the spin was heard even in the nearest house. Broke due to faulty build. I will not buy this brand of car even for a penny.

    • Gravatar Guest Guest:

      We also jumped until we reread the instructions. It was necessary to relax the bolts from the back. Just! And not any problems.

  3. Gravatar Igor Georgievich Igor Georgievich:

    Bought Indesit WP1040 in 1997. Worked intensively for 5 people. For all the time, I cleaned the heater twice and changed the electronic module once. In the pistons, dampers, foam rubber fell apart - replaced with felt. Inside is perfectly clean, hoses, pumps, everything is in excellent condition. And this despite the fact that the machine is very gray build. It still works, and in the yard is 2017. And serve the same amount.

    • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

      Indesit bought in 2002, twice replacing the brain ... erases so far.

  4. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    I came across a good washing Indesit XWDA 751680X W EU. Its first advantage is the price. The second thing that it was made in Italy. Searched for a long time and meticulously. In the end, we decided to take a relatively inexpensive washing machine with dryer. Costed thirty with something. First, I had to study the instructions in order to understand in which cases to apply this or that drying mode and the washing program. As a result, the whole family is happy! The quality is excellent, it washes very well.

  5. Gravatar Lydia Lydia:

    Bought Indesit. Took from the lack of money the cheapest and with great doubt. But it turned out that this car is the best. And now the next I will take only Indesit! Thanks to the manufacturers.

    • Gravatar Karina Karina:

      I also have an inexpensive one, but it erases perfectly.

  6. Gravatar Karina Karina:

    I trust Indesita in terms of washing, the past was just that. She served a long time, worked at home for 8 years. Then when they bought their apartment, they gave it to kindergarten, they wanted something more modern and better in the new house. As a result, I took the car with the XWDA 751680X dryer and did not fail, a very convenient and multi-functional unit.

  7. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    The biggest advantages of Indesit, as for me - cheapness, simplicity and reliability. Whatever I had, everything broke. And Indesit is the longest living.

  8. Gravatar to Everyone To everyone:

    I just bought an Indesit machine. Installed, connected, and then the master control set off to the drum, and it burns. So, the current goes to the drum! What to do, who will tell?

    • Gravatar Vyacheslav Vyacheslav:

      It may be connected incorrectly or the problem is in the outlet. We often have electric shocks in our homes from water (if the water heater is standing) and from washing machines, but the problem is in the house, the grounding is bad.

  9. Gravatar Anonymous Anonymous:

    WITL 867 - a good machine. But only on the 9th program begins with the fact that a little water is drained. And it contains all the powder ...

  10. Gravatar Vyacheslav Vyacheslav:

    I have an Indesit of European assembly - it works fine. It erases great. And she is already 10 years old, but I don’t even think about changing.

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