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Washing machine Gorenje W6843L / S

Washing machine Gorenje W6843L / SMaksim:

Unexpectedly - unexpectedly I ate my LG and now I took myself a Gorenje washing machine. Already later I read in reviews that someone had a problem with the same machine. They write that she has problems with balance, makes noise and all that. But I’m doing well. All programs work fine. There is no particular noise. All the rules in general. If you put 1400 about. spin, things are almost dry. In extreme cases, you can iron them with an iron and wear immediately.

Also, the man wrote that he had more than 40 degrees of heat during the wash program for synthetic fabric. I don’t seem to have such problems ... and how did he even find them? Did the thermometer pop inside?

And this car completely satisfies me. There are no glitches. The washing quality is excellent. No noise. Vibration during the spin cycle is barely noticeable. And the spin itself is very high quality. Almost dry at 1400 rpm. I also specifically looked for such a machine, so that it was not assembled in the Russian Federation, CIS or China. And I don’t really trust their assembly. And here Slovenia collected. I think there should be better quality. Thought more, can Whirpol take it? But then I decided to take this one. And now I do not regret it. Machine what you need! Upper class!

From the pros: protected against leakage of the hose, high-quality laundry, good washing, a lot of different modes (sweat type of dirt, quick wash, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and so on). Consumes little energy and water. Good noise isolation, which allows it to work almost silently, galvanized casing (not susceptible to rust).

Of the minuses: Pretty high cost. But if you consider that cars of this class and with similar functionality from other manufacturers are more expensive, then you can not consider it a minus.

Washing machine Gorenje WS 43121

Washing machine Gorenje WS 43121Ivan:

Bought a typewriter about three months ago. Now it works clearly. No complaints about the car there! Recommend!!!

I bought in the online store. At first I covered a lot of sites. I was looking for such an apparatus so that there would be no more than twenty under money. So that the front loading. Washing is not worse than A class. Loading from 4 to 6 kg of things. Spin can be from A to C class, it is not so important. Energy consumption is not lower than A. You can A + or A ++. And so that the stainless steel tank was. It is more reliable.

As you may have guessed, the criteria are not few. And that means that I have a pretty clear idea of ​​what I need. The Gorenje WS53121S washing machine meets all these requirements. So I found what I was looking for. The only thing is that the model seems a little dated. There are few in stores. Especially in our Urals. But the capital seems to be still on sale.

I'm glad that I found exactly what I was looking for. The car is good. It works flawlessly.

From the pros:

  • Stainless steel tank.
  • Simple and intuitive controls. Plus everything is in Russian.
  • Many different modes and options.
  • Leakage protection, speed selection, a sensor that checks the turbidity of the water and more.

Of the minuses: In the Urals, a not very common model. Perhaps in the event of a breakdown, problems may arise with the search for spare parts.

Washing machine Gorenje WS50Z129N

Washing machine Gorenje WS50Z129NValeria:

I am very glad that I bought this particular machine. Washes clothes perfectly! Rinses well, the spin is excellent. Detergent in the dispenser does not remain after washing. Comfortable and easy operation, there is a display. It shows the time until the end of the wash. The duration of the mode can be reduced by pressing the special button. But there is a small minus to this machine. When the streak has already ended, often water remains on the cuff (elastic band). Therefore, it must be carefully cleaned with a rag. This machine is made in Slovenia. Which in my opinion can be attributed to the benefits.

From the pros: all good.

Of the minuses: you have to remove water from the gum behind the door.

All reviews are taken from websites and forums about washing machines.

Washing machine Gorenje WS 510 SYW

Gorenje WS 510 SYWAlina:

Most recently purchased this washing machine. Connected from steel to use. For the fifth time during rinsing, the machine began to hang.As if the mode disappears. And she does not understand what she needs to do. It just spins the drum in different directions. And the time until the end of washing on the display does not decrease, but rather increases. She will play in this way for some time, and then, as if nothing had happened, she continues to cry.

It looks like some kind of glitches in the electronics. I do not know. It turns out that they just bought a washing machine, and it is time to take it back to the store. After all, if it starts to glitch so immediately, then what will happen then?!? It is unlikely that things will get better, rather, on the contrary. It’s a pity, because in all respects a good machine, if it weren’t for these executions ... Bottom line - it may have a wonderful idea, but realized - it’s not a fountain! (((

Washing machine Gorenje WA 72145 BK

Washing machine Gorenje WA 72145 BKIlnar:

And we and relatives and friends - friends of washing machines from such good brands as Electrolux, LG, Virupul and others, work fine. Many years are 5-7 years old and do not break. Therefore, it is extremely unpleasant for me that the Gorenje WA 72145 BK broke down after two years of careful use. When I took this machine, I also wanted to buy other equipment from the same manufacturer, but after that, I definitely won’t take it! I really have the same microwave, while it’s working, but I’ll wait, something tells me that it’s coming soon too ...

From the pros: it doesn’t work loudly, it contains a lot of linen, a decent quality of washing. Good spin.

Of the minuses: engine flew in the third year of operation. It didn’t wash very much, it’s not even clear why it broke so quickly? If you change the engine at the official service, you will have to pay about a dozen. For the engine itself, for determining the malfunction, departure and work. And still expect a new part for about a month. The engine broke when it was dry. The machine is dry inside, so not due to moisture. And hell knows why. Sadly (((

Washing machine Gorenje WS53121S

Washing machine Gorenje WS53121SMartha:

The car made me happy. I am very pleased with this purchase. For such a price - just great quality. During the installation, the specialist showed the fault detection function that this machine has and explained how to use it. In half an hour I managed to test all modes and options. Found some connection errors, found out that the water is harsh with us.

From the pros: everything works well.

Of the minuses: a little noise at 1200 rpm. But this is not scary. When the door to the bathroom is locked, then imperceptibly.

Washing machine Gorenje WS 512 SYB

Washing machine Gorenje WS 512 SYBEugene:

Good machine. I was looking for exactly black. And then I'm tired of the usual white washer. There are those who say that such a color is soiled, and so on. So this is not so! Wipe it with a cloth no more than once a month. And then so that to remove a couple of dust particles. And she still looks like new, although she is already more than six months old! In appearance - just a beauty. Looks great!

As for the features, everything is fine! Wash on a solid five! For two, it’s the most in terms of capacity! If you have small children, then perhaps you should buy a typewriter for a roomier one. And this is great for me! When spinning, it almost does not make noise. Does not jump, does not jump, does not vibrate. I got lucky with her. Before that, the machine was shaking on push-ups. And this one doesn’t move at all!

There are various programs for different types of fabrics, etc. I like her display. It shows how much more she will wash. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can install a faster program. For the budget conscious - you can put an option that is more economical. She has no drying. Yes, and especially there is no need. After all, the spin is very good. So good that some things are really dry after washing! Management is simple, anyone will understand. For a family of 2-3 people the most!

From the pros: beautiful and stylish black case, no vibrations, no noise, simple and clear operation, it looks just brilliant!

Of the minuses: for those with a large family, the drum capacity may not be enough.

Washing machine Gorenje W6843L / S

Washing machine Gorenje W6843L / SLeonid:

Gorenje bought a car just ten days ago.They tried to run about five times, but it didn’t work properly! That washing time for some unknown reason spontaneously increases, then the temperature starts to jump above the set.

I started a quick wash, so instead of 15 minutes it lasted almost fifty! And of these, only seven minutes for the washing itself, a few more minutes for rinsing, and the rest of the time she could not even distribute the laundry on the drum. With imbalance, the drum does not rotate normally! Threw only a couple of things. The wash is over. And the laundry was wet!

The drum spun like inanimate. Moreover, in my opinion, there was no imbalance. Just some kind of hellish glitch! When I started washing for synthetics, the heating of water was more than necessary by 20%! And instead of the deadline of 50 minutes, the wash lasted almost an hour and a half! And in the end, the same thing - things are wet. Moreover, traces of foam on an elastic band. My machine generally refuses to spin and spontaneously extends the execution time of programs.

And the consultants at Burning are not that very sensible. He repeated to me corny everything that I had already read in the instructions. Specifically, something like opening the door and moving things to be washed or adding more things. As if without him I had not tried this! To my question about the excess temperature, he said that apparently, where the temperature sensor is located, everything is in order. After all, the washing continues.

I got the impression that he was talking to me like a dull child. And he proceeded from the fact that everything was fine with the machine. But along the way with me - not really) So we did not solve the problems.

From the pros: good sound insulation, all programs are executed without much noise. You can load up to 6 kg of things. The design is pretty decent.

Of the minuses: the drain pump runs out loud. Endless glitches instead of normal spin. Support doesn’t understand the essence of the problem, but simply reads out what is already written in the instructions.


16 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Ermak Ermak:

    Machine bought horror I want to throw buggy

  2. Gravatar olga olga:

    Having bought GORENJE W 7222 / S, you will stop sleeping. You will get yourself a headache, because it jumps terribly, rattles and does not wring out the laundry!

    Having bought this car, we were shocked, they refused to exchange us. And then there was a circus in the service center with the replacement of the case and shock absorbers, which did not solve the problem. And she drums in our bathroom and darts like a horse.

  3. Gravatar Elena Alexandrovna Elena Alexandrovna:

    Bought a typewriter burning. After 1.5 months of work, it began to fail. A quick wash lasts 50-60 minutes and as a result, the laundry is not wrung out. Contacted the service center. The result is zero. The conclusion of the master machine is working. They also make us pay for the delivery of the machine back.

  4. Gravatar Sasha Sasha:

    Bought a typewriter a month ago, washed the pluses well, checked the color of jeans, became lighter. Large capacity 6.5 kg. Cons: while it stinks of plastic. I hope it dries. This is a plastic drum case. And another minus is a narrow big drum, very soft swimming, which provokes vibration. It is very sensitive to the balance of linen, which can not be said for the old Bosch machine. You won’t work with such vibration for 18 years, I set it in level in different verticals. It seems to me just a very soft suspension.

  5. Gravatar Anya anya:

    Awful machine! I bought it, now I'm very sorry! Linen does not dry at all. I take out and squeeze my hands do not take this muck! And bad at 40 degrees, it erases (((

  6. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    Gorenie w 62fz12 / s was purchased in March 2017. The washing mode does not correspond - it erases much longer, it can be washed in cold water - the temperature regime malfunctions. Do not buy!!!

    • Gravatar Elena Helena:

      I bought it yesterday.Today was the first wash, put on cotton and went for a walk, came back and was shocked! Everything that was on the typewriter was lying on the floor. Put it on a spin to see what was happening. Horror, how depressing, I never saw a washing machine so "jump"!

  7. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    I choose a new machine - I’m puzzling over which one to take ... The Old (Electrolux) worked perfectly for 21 years, and would continue to work if there were spare parts for such an old woman, the cross must be replaced, but they are no longer being released. 21 years !!! Where to find one? It was still a native assembly, and now they are assembling the Electrolux from us у

  8. Gravatar Alexandra Alexandra:

    Bought two months ago. A couple of washings went perfectly. Then it began ... that I want to do something. With a quick wash does not wring. When spinning, there is such a whistle that at least run away, although it is tuned in level. In general, it is quite noisy. And the washing time sets itself, longer than stated.

  9. Gravatar Alt Alto:

    I bought Gorenje WT62123 in the Premier Techno online store. Very praised. But I am disappointed. A terrible whistle when spinning the laundry, turned off on the second wash. The store refused to exchange, only if there is a marriage. The warranty master dismantled the machine, assembled it, and earned it. I was looking for something to complain about. I wrote that it was working. For 26 thousand I bought a "cat in a poke"! Whistles and wait for it to be knocked out again!

  10. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Bought a typewriter Burning W65FZ23 / S. One and a half months of work and all, we do not want to wring, the working time does not decrease, but increases during washing. Noisy, I'm very not happy. Before that was Virpull, vertical. No problem at all. Would be on sale, would buy better than her.

  11. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    I bought a Gorenje machine a year ago, model MV65Z23 / S. The European assembly bribed. I have not seen anything like this yet. When it is spinning, it shakes so much that I hold it. Underwear often does not wring. The terry towel is tearing, although I remove the revolutions to 800. I had Bosch before. I recall her with longing. I do not recommend it! Take care of your nerves!

  12. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    The first single wash without laundry began with a strong click. It seems like nothing, but at the end of the last spin went the smell of a burnt wire. We are sitting with my husband and are thinking of washing to start linen or call the service? Can you tell me?

  13. Gravatar Love Love:

    Tell me where to buy spare parts for the door at st. a car?

  14. Gravatar Yuri Yuri:

    I bought a vertical Grenier ... 093, at 900 rpm. At home I found out that it was assembled in Slovakia on the Virpul line. At first it smelled of plastic, then the smell disappeared. There are no complaints about the quality of washing. Turnovers are not so important, you still have to hang them up for drying. Knew noisy, but used to. The old vertical bar Otsein (Spain) honestly worked for 23 years. Let's see how long this one lasts.

  15. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    It erases normally, but it is impossible to interrupt and change the program during operation from the first wash.

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