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Electrolux Top Loading Washing Machine Reviews

vertical reviewsIn the CIS countries, 80% of potential buyers of automatic washing machines primarily pay attention to front-loading models, and only then to top-loading cars. Meanwhile, almost every well-known manufacturer of washing machines offers several dozen top-loading models in the hope that the situation will change and it will really change gradually.

In this publication, we propose to pay attention to top-loading washing machines manufactured under the Electrolux brand. How good or vice versa are these cars, which models should you pay attention to, and which ones are best left alone and why? We will receive answers to all these questions from the lips of specialists and ordinary users.

Expert Opinions

To answer the above questions, we turned to several masters of one of the most famous service centers for the repair of Electrolux washing machines. The results of our conversation will be presented below, of course, in the most concise form.

Sergey Alekseevich, master repair of washing machines, work experience 17 years

We rarely encounter top-loading Electrolux washers, but aptly. Most often, customers turn to us after the so-called “jamming of the drum”. This is when the user mistakenly manually rotates the drum with open leaves, which leads to the fact that these leaves do not allow the drum to turn back, and it remains in one position. In this situation, washing is impossible and we have to correct the situation.

I take this opportunity to appeal to users of verticals: friends, when jamming a drum, do not attempt to crank it back with force. In this case, you only do more harm to the typewriter, contact a specialist.

Alexander Vladimirovich, master repair of washing machines, experience 22 yearsElectrolux EWT 0862 IDW

The most reliable are considered Electrolux machines with mechanical control, released in the late 90's. They just now started to be brought to the service for repair. Moreover, in about half the cases, after thorough cleaning and replacement of some inexpensive parts. They manage to reanimate, so that they still work will not know how much. Also considered good verticals with primitive electronics, released in Europe until the mid-2000s. Even if they break, repairs are relatively inexpensive. Personally, I have changed heating elements, wiring, control boards, engines on such machines many times.

Of modern models of verticals, I personally am most impressed by the washing machine Electrolux EWT 0862 IDW. From the point of view of the ratio of price, quality and functionality, this model is the most optimal. We have repeatedly brought this machine to the service with minor problems (mainly due to the fault of the user), so I studied it well. High-quality Polish assembly plus solid spare parts, with proper operation it will work for a long time.

Nikolai Ivanovich, repairman for washing machines with 12 years of experience

The quality of such washing machines is worse. At least, I had to quite often “please” the owners of vertical panels with news that the repair of their “home assistant” would be very expensive. And that he is most likely impractical. This is my opinion as a specialist.

The main trouble with Electrolux washers released after 2010 is engines and electronic filling. The control modules burn very often, only in 1/3 of the cases does the firmware change save. So I am skeptical about buying any automatic vertical, in any case, I took a horizontally loaded machine home. In which case, spare parts are cheaper and easier to find.

Opinions of ordinary users

Julia, Moscow

Electrolux EWT 1062 IDWFor the second year in my household, the Electrolux EWT 1062 IDW washer and I really like it.Recently, I accidentally stumbled on the Internet on a forum where housewives write negative reviews about my typewriter, such as it breaks endlessly, the powder does not pick up and other heresy. Well, maybe they got defective cars, so let them turn to sellers, why should the manufacturer pour mud on the dirt, well, it's rudeness.

I didn’t pour any disgusting powders into her, especially at the end of last year, when my husband was reduced from work, and there was tension in the family with money. Even with the cheapest powder, the machine valiantly washed things and rinsed them almost perfectly. People also write that the sputum is in the typewriter and that the mold starts quickly. Something has never started for me all the time, probably because I air the machine after each wash, leaving the hatch open.

Electrolux EWT 1062 IDW - erases better than many front-loading machines, I was convinced of this from personal experience.

Specifically, I like top-loading cars a lot more. There are many reasons for this, I will try to list them.

  1. It is convenient to lay laundry for washing, since you do not need to bend to the loading hatch.
  2. The case of the top-loading machine is narrow and high, which allows you to put the washer where the front-loading machine does not stand.
  3. The control panel is more reliably protected from children, because it is located on top and not every child can reach it. And if he gets it, then to help adults a standard button lock.
  4. Water will not leak through the hatch. When you look at how front-loading cars work, it even gets a little scary, because the only barrier between soapy water and your floor is the sunroof with an elastic band. Just that, water through this hatch will pour to the floor, and there, not far from the flooding of the neighbors. For machines with top loading, this problem is eliminated.

Larisa, KrasnodarElectrolux EWT 1377 VOW

I want to share my impressions of the Electrolux EWT 1377 VOW washing machine. This machine has a top load, which for me at the time of purchase played a decisive role. The fact is that in our bathroom there is a narrow corner where you can’t put anything really right, and there’s no room for a washing machine. The machine with a sunroof on the front wall did not fit, so my husband and I after a long measurement decided to buy a washing machine with a sunroof at the top.

The machine was not perfect, but still quite solid. She does not make much noise, normally launders laundry, even large items, rinses and wrinkles well. She has a normal set of programs, simple controls, and in a year she never let us down (did not hang and did not break). Its main drawback is the cover. She is very weak, and that look will burst, but if you handle carefully and do not put anything heavy on her, there will be no problems.

Alena, Novosibirsk

My husband and I gave the Electrolux EWT 1064 ERW washing machine to my spouse for a wedding. For three years now we have been living happily, and the washer has been working properly, washing already three family members. There were no breakdowns during this time, a couple of times the program crashed due to power surges, otherwise everything is fine. Although they say: “they don’t look in the teeth in a gifted horse”, but I really like this “horse”.

Elena, Moscow

We bought the Electrolux EWT 1066 EDW washing machine more than a year ago, during this time they made repairs only once, changed the power cord that the dog had gnawed heavily on. I have no complaints either to the manufacturer or to the typewriter, it erases well, it would be nice to increase the volume of the drum, otherwise some things do not fit. When we are ready to change the machine, I will definitely buy a model with a more capacious drum.

So, probably, it is unnecessary to give hundreds of opinions of experts and users about top-loading washers in order to understand their general essence. Already from the above examples it can be seen that users, in general, treat such machines well, while skeptics prevail among specialists who express an opinion on such a technique. You will have to decide who to trust more in such a situation, but for our part, we wish you good luck and pleasant shopping!


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