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Washing Machine Bosch WLM 20441 OE

Washer Bosch WLM 20441 OE reviewsAlexey:

For the second time, I’m buying a Bosch washing machine. Before that, there was the model MAX5. I like that the Bosh has a great design, touch buttons, backlight. Washing is not worse than that of other machines. Not only happy that washing machines cannot wipe white things until white. It is necessary to soak them before washing with bleach. Otherwise, everything is fine.

From the pros: excellent appearance of the machine, drum depth, touch control.

Of the minuses: Like other washing machines, it cannot wash white items to a perfectly white color, you need to soak it yourself before washing with bleach.

Bosch Avantixx 6 SpeedPerfect Washer WLK20163OE

Bosch Avantixx 6 SpeedPerfect Washer WLK20163OEMarianne:

Before buying a car, read reviews on the Internet. We decided that we would take BOSCH. We came to the store, talked with consultants, looked at the design of the equipment and settled on WLK20163OE. Paid.

They delivered us a typewriter a week ago. They installed it right there. I am very pleased with the washing machine. My former assistant (Kandy) could not remove some spots. But Bosch washes them easily! Well caresses and wring. Saves water. I was pleased with the function, which itself cleans the powder tray. Now there is no need to do it yourself. It works pretty quietly.

During the spin cycle there is a slight vibration. Perhaps this is because they did the installation themselves. And the level is not regulated. There is another unusual feature. With it, I can add laundry while washing. After the program is completed, the machine makes a sound three times that resembles a squeak. This means that the wash is finished and you can get the laundry. The door of the machine is quite large. On the display you can find out how much time is left before the wash ends, what additional functions are turned on, and so on. Wonderful machine, it has everything I need.

It has been working for a week. I am very pleased with her. I hope she does not disappoint me.

Bosch Maxx 5 SpeedPerfect Washer WLG20160OE

Bosch Maxx 5 SpeedPerfect Washer WLG20160OESvetlana:

Before this car was domestic. It was called "Siberia." And when she failed, they began to think about which new to buy. Immediately decided to stay on Bosch, as it is a German company. And they do very high quality things. Determined only with the model.

We chose so that the cost was not very expensive and the machine was reliable. And we decided to take this washing machine. Our purchase is very well placed in the bathroom. She needs quite a bit of space, especially when compared with Siberia. In size BOSH less than two times. Almost no noise during washing. At first, the squeak that occurs after the machine finishes washing was annoying. But then we turned it off in the settings. Everything is in Russian. All clear. The wash is set without problems. You just need to select a program and start the wash. There are no complaints about work, nor about the quality of washing and assembly. Perhaps this is the most reasonable choice considering the cost.

The machine looks very beautiful. Pleased with a variety of modes and options, a convenient display and control. Sensory control is quite satisfied, in vain they say to him that it is not entirely good. We are quite comfortable with it. You can also add another rinse, soaking and so on.

Still pleased that there are modes for very fast washing for 15 minutes and for half an hour. They help out when the linen is clean and you just need to refresh it. Our cat chose a washing machine and now sleeps on it all the time. He does not scare, even when she erases. That's what quality means!

For all two years that we use it, we noticed only one small minus. Ingoda happens that the powder is not washed out of things and you have to put another rinse. But this does not matter because it rarely happens. In addition, there is the possibility that everything is to blame for a lot of powder.

The whole family is very happy with the Bosch washing machine. We recommend everyone to buy it!

Bosch Logixx 6 washing machine WOT24454OE

Bosch Logixx 6 WOT24454OEEugene:

So the time has come to replace my old Kaiser. She worked perfectly for more than 10 years !!! Never broken. But unfortunately, all things sooner or later fail. So she gradually deteriorated. It began to tremble during the spin cycle and the upper part of the body rusted.

A new washing machine was chosen for a long time. And in the end, we decided to purchase Bosch Logixx 6 WOT24454OE. Installed and connected without problems. To the old place. Only there is the floor under a slight slope. Therefore, the installation was not entirely correct. Tinkering with the legs, leveling, and in the end decided that let it be with a slight slope, but steady.

This situation did not affect the quality of the wash. The machine is working fine. And even when I set 1200 revolutions for spinning, it still works quite quietly and almost does not vibrate. The machine is controlled quite conveniently. Many different programs and options. Pleasantly surprised by the presence of a fifteen-minute mode for quick washing. Everyone was very pleased with the new washing machine.

From the pros: It erases and wringes out without much noise, it is easily controlled.

Of the minuses: minuses are not found.

Washing Machine Bosch Home Professional WAY 28540 OE

Washing Machine Bosch Home Professional WAY 28540 OEMaria:

Wonderful car. Generally not noisy. There is super fast wash in 15 minutes. You can connect an additional option that saves water. This is especially convenient for us, because we have a private house. I was also pleased with the opportunity to load a lot of linen at a time. We have plaids, blankets and other great things. The washing machine copes with them well.

We carry out laundry almost daily. And it happens twice a day. The machine withstands everything without problems. Satisfied with her. By the way, ours is not a Russian assembly, but a German one. German is better. We gave the same to our grandmother for her birthday. Recommended for everyone!

No flaws were found in it.

Washing Machine Bosch WLM 20441 OE

Washer Bosch WLM 20441 OE reviewsInna:

Spoils linen! They washed new clothes and after washing they look like well-worn. Some spools and even holes appear! Some things open, and towels generally turn into rags! We think that everything is due to the drum and the economical consumption of water. The holes in the drum with sharp edges are what they spoil things. We called the service and couldn’t agree how to replace the machine with a new one! So think twice before buying one!

From the pros: there is ironing.

Of the minuses: tears linen, spoils things, not suitable for washing.

Washer Bosch WOT 20352

Washer Bosch WOT 20352Love:

Bought a very similar machine. Specifically, WOT245522OE / 01 logixx6. It costs not cheaply more than 20 thousand paid. At first I liked everything. When buying, they chose a well-known manufacturer, so that there were many different functions and a good display. But during the work, they noticed that there are drawbacks. For example, after washing, part of the powder remains in the tray. After a few months, some mold appeared in the tray. The same thing on all the elastic bands inside the car. And how to remove this mold does not work. We just did not try. We tried various means, which does not help.

In the end, during the operation of the machine there was a failure in electricity and the electronics module deteriorated. They could not find the new module. Searched in all major repair services in Moscow. Such a machine is no longer produced. Apparently, therefore, the details were not found anywhere else. They suggested delivering the already used module for an amount close to half the cost of the washing machine. And the guarantee for it is only three months! But after the acquisition of our car only 3 years have passed!

Yes, a year of warranty has already passed. But so that even for the money they could not find a new part - this is some kind of loony bin! As a result, we will not pay for repairs. Better buy a new washing machine. But this time, certainly not Bosch!

From the pros: a large amount of laundry that can be washed at a time, excellent spin.

Of the minuses: poor tray for washing powder, noise during the spin cycle, problems with repair.

Washing machine Bosch WLM 24441

Washing machine Bosch WLM 24441Zhenya:

I chose a new washing machine for a long time. About a month. I read a lot of different reviews and forums. And he decided to opt for this machine. I bought it three months ago.I chose a narrow model. She looks very pretty. Touch control. Works good. The washing quality is quite satisfactory. When spinning, it costs like a glove. Doesn't even budge. Not particularly noisy. I think that other cars can make more noise.

For a high-quality laundry push-up, 1000 rpm is enough. I was pleased with the opportunity to report linen even during washing. If suddenly, you didn’t put something, you can press the pause and put the forgotten things in the drum. If too much foam appears, a rinse is automatically added. Slightly guards the panel to open the door. She seems to be very fragile. I open the door with caution. And while everything is fine, nothing breaks.

From the pros: It erases efficiently, wringes well. It looks stylish. Very stable.

Of the minuses: I have not yet found obvious flaws.

Washer Bosch WLX 24363 OE

Washer Bosch WLX 24363 OEAnastasia

Bought this washing machine. I liked the design, again the manufacturer is famous. Norm functions. Before her there were several cars. These are the Germans (Brown and Kaiser) and the Korean Samsung. Brown is a wonderful car. We bought it in Germany. Kaiser - crap. Samsung is much cheaper than the Germans, and neither. Still working properly.

Now about Bosh. He worked for two years. Laundry did not wash much. Only for two. And broke down! During the spin cycle, it whistles and shakes. Linen in order to wash the powder is always rinsed 2 times. They called a professional repairman (now it seems that there are problems with the pump and electronics). When we arrive we will know more precisely the causes of the breakdown and how much the repair costs.

Very unhappy. After all, with such sparing use, Bosch broke in two years. But this is not a budget machine. It costs two times more than the same Samsung. We expected to work for 5 years without breakdowns!

From the pros: With this kind of work, I don’t see any advantages.

Of the minuses: Failed in the second year of use.


6 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Lyudmila Lyudmila:

    Bosch logixx6 washing machine WOT244540E
    We use about a year.
    Easy to manage;
    Quiet during spin;
    Have a quick wash 15 or 30 minutes
    The time on the scoreboard does not correspond in time;
    Car parking does not always work;
    If there is not enough linen, then without additional spinning it will not wring out;
    The air conditioning bay department flows directly into the machine.
    In the machine mold, but this is already our fault.

  2. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    Very disappointed !!! Before that, there were different cars, but this time I decided to buy an expensive, German assembly. Do not save! But, it does not wash well, it is generally impossible to rinse dark clothes. Some divorces! In short, a nightmare! Money thrown away.

  3. Gravatar Dmitry Dmitriy:

    Hello, Bosch waq20440 oe / 01 avantix died in the third year of operation in the gentle mode. A centrifuge paw broke off in a non-separable tank. Is a replacement for a collapsible tank possible?

  4. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    The Bosch maxx 4 2066 oe is excellent in operation, quiet and reliable. After 14 years of work, the brushes worn off, replaced and go! We have 8 people in our family, washing every day. Once a month we try to clean it with 90% citric acid. All is well!

  5. Gravatar Antonina Antonina:

    I bought a BOSCH WLK2426MOE half a year ago, I didn’t wash it often. The cuff of the hatch tore. The plant naturally refused to repair. Is this a 12 month manufacturer's warranty?

  6. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    Do not buy. From the German quality, only the name remains. After the purchase in November 2015, less than three years have passed, the program settings toggle switch has stopped working. Only rinse mode works!

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