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Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У102

Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У102 reviewsValery:

For about three years now, the Atlant machine has been working clearly. It is important to set the correct mode for the laundry and powder not to pour too much. And everything will be fine. The car is not expensive, but it is well worth the money. The quality of washing suits. There is enough functionality. The design is also pretty decent.


Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У124

Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У124Eugene:

We bought a washing machine in the spring of 2009. Before the daughter was born. We erase every two days. Works good. No pens or glitches.

From the pros: pretty cheap cost. Normal set of functionality.

Of the minuses: sometimes noisy. When pushing up, it shakes quite a lot. Often water enters the seal between the hatch and the drum and remains there even when the wash is completed.

Washing machine Atlas СMA 50У102

Washing machine Atlas СMA 50У102Vasiliy

We did not want to spend a lot on a new washing machine, so we considered primarily budget models. After shopping, we decided to buy the CMA Atlant. She is going to a factory in Belarus from German parts. When we bought, we were also given 5 years of warranty service. I did not have to use a guarantee. The machine washes well and has not yet broken. The number of programs is quite satisfactory, there are also additional options. We erase everything in it. And a down jacket on a padding polyester and sneakers and ordinary underwear. She copes with everything normally. Build is good. Nothing falls off. The color of the case remained the same despite years and two moves.

Of the pros: A large number of functions and options, reasonable cost, reliability.

Of the minuses: No such have been discovered yet.

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124

Reviews washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124Vladimir:

Upon purchase, they gave an additional guarantee. So it was given for 2 years. But they gave us another 3 years of service. And then when it turned 5 years old, she immediately fluttered. What is broken?

I will list:

  • The knob that sets the program. It rotates easily, the choice is established without problems, but then, to change it, you need to pick it yourself.
  • We add the powder for washing. We fall asleep exactly as much as the instructions say. However, it does not even wash off completely. A good third remains after washing in the tray.
  • Regular display issues. That it does not display the full composition of the letters, then generally nothing to see. And this glitch appeared a very long time ago.
  • Before her was Vyatka. Vyatka is a very noisy machine. Admittedly, Atlant will still be quieter. But still it works quite loudly. This is especially noticeable when wringing laundry.
  • Bad instruction. It describes the errors very non-specifically. Here I have highlighted one of them. I read. It is written that there may be a network, maybe a pump and another half of the machine could fail. How to fix it?
  • And many more minor issues.

Self repair is practically unsuitable. I plowed with sin in half for five kopecks, but now even in this price category there are cars much better.

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50У87

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50У87Olga:

My husband gave me a washing machine for our anniversary. There used to be a machine from Samsung. He picked her up on his own. Says that the main parameter was a long guarantee. I liked it because it can wash a lot of linen, it is not particularly noisy and has an excellent set of options. We have three children, so the machine works to the fullest. Atlant pleased that almost everything that is important to me in the washing machine is in it. Pleasantly surprised by the night wash program. The look is simple. But he fit perfectly into our kitchen. And she doesn’t even look any very big. And it can wash up to five kg at a time. We erase it for about a year. And while the flight is normal)

From the pros: Good functionality - a program for shoes, washing at night and more. And so the capacity is 5 kg.

Of the minuses:

There are no flaws.

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124Oleg:

Atlant may be a good company, but what I bought is just some kind of trouble! It doesn’t erase the fountain.I would say a solid three. It breaks annually. Even more often. For a couple of years of operation, they repaired the warranty three times. At the beginning, the hatch refused to open, then the control module was changed (by the way, a very expensive part, which is good for the warranty for free), then the drain pump died too. I was tormented with her, tormented, then still managed to negotiate with a household appliance store. Where I took her. And with a surcharge, I bought myself another machine. This time, not Atlas, but LG. And now I am satisfied. I feel the same as once upon a time when I moved from an old Lada to a foreign car !!!

From the pros: long warranty service (3 years).

Of the minuses: makes noise, groans, does not erase well, often breaks.

Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У124

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124Good day! I decided to write a review about my washing machine. I have been the owner of Atlanta since the end of 2011. It works fine now. It is important to install it correctly. With a building level and all the rules. She also bought special stands for legs immediately. I was glad that she even shows her faults on the display. Once there was a case, the drain filter clogged. This filter must be cleaned every six months. And then they did not clean it for two years. So he was clogged with dirt. An error code F4 has appeared on the display. I found the instruction, our error, and found out that the whole problem is in the filter. The filter removed easily. I cleaned it and that’s it. Problem solved. The machine again worked as a young one) A good Atlant car - solid. Before her was a more expensive washer from Ardo. But in terms of washing quality and other parameters, it does not surpass Atlant in anything. So think for yourself!

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124Anna:

This is my first automatic washing machine !!! Before she did not use such machines at all. I was given it for a holiday. At first, she was apprehensive. Familiar complained that many of these machines do not wash well or, on the contrary, wash so that things fade. Therefore, I did not use them before. Well, since it’s been presented, we must try it! I tried ... the washing quality was quite fine. It just makes noise during the spin cycle so that I even open the window) And in the early morning or night, do not wash it at all, otherwise induce everyone to neighbors))) And besides this, it has drawbacks: it breaks often. Once a year, you have to call the service and call the mechanic for repair. It’s good that the warranty is long.

From the pros: erases quite normal even with inexpensive powder.

Of the minuses: makes a lot of noise when wringing laundry. And often breaks.

Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У102

Washing machine Atlas СМА 45У102Elena Pavlovna:

We bought this model guided by the advice of a friend. They took a cheap car. They wanted to save. Saved, you can’t say anything !!! Specialists installed, measured something with a level. The car just shook in the process of squeezing the laundry. Some kind of balancing system failed. The repairman said that from this moment on you need to lay out the laundry yourself and do it evenly throughout the drum. Three times the master was called in two years. Changed some module, something else there ... the vibration has not been eliminated. The last time they took her to the service. And they returned it so that the entire side wall was scratched in it. And when they returned, a sheet with delivery information was glued on it. When they tore it off, they noticed that there was a hole under it. The car is just awful !!! The service that serves it is even worse! Do not mess with this sharashka !!!!

From the pros: low cost, acceptable functionality.

Of the minuses: miserable service, frequent breakdowns, buggy control, the car shakes during push-ups.

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50С124Dmitry D:

Hooked in this car the following interesting ratio: cost and warranty. That is, I took it for nine rubles. I received a guarantee for 5 years of work. Total, it is less than 2 thousand for each year! And as for the quality, I think that the same brands that go under high-profile foreign names are collected right here in the CIS. And Atlas in the CIS assembly, and parts from Germany. Nothing should be the same. My relative works in Atlanta. He bought me a washing machine and bought it.He made sure that all the spare parts were native, otherwise they say that some cunning types like to change German hoses and other parts to Chinese. He is in such things special. You can’t fool him. During washing, the machine is not particularly noisy. But during the spin, it is still noisy.

Launching a wash is very simple. The display shows all the necessary prompts. So that both a schoolboy and a pensioner will understand. There are a wide variety of programs. They are suitable for all common types of fabrics. Squeezes well. But if you put 1200 rpm, then even too strong spin will turn out. Detergent should be used only special, nor any powders for hand washing. Only machine ones. And preferably not cheap. Since cheap powders will not cope with every pollution.

From the pros: simple controls, prompts on the display, you can set different temperatures and durations of washing. A long guarantee and, in comparison with similar inexpensive models, quite normal washing quality.

Of the minuses: All buttons and other control parts should be handled very carefully. Since they, according to people, often fail. And the rest is clear)

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50У107

Washing machine Atlas СМА 50У87Sanya V:

It is a normal car for its value. I can be trusted in this. I had two Boschs before. They are much more expensive. Yes, they are quieter and more beautiful. But with Russian ingenuity, you can remove the noise problem! Attention! I open a secret !!! In order for Atlant not to make so much noise, you need to close the door to the bathroom tightly))) And if Belarusians friendly to us think of making their cars not so noisy, then they generally will not have a price (within reasonable limits))) )

In general, a normal budget machine with a good guarantee.


5 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Vasily Vasiliy:

    The machine from the store came with a defect in the door closure sensor. The wash did not start until you open it, close the door again. Eliminated under warranty.
    After a year of service, the engine stopped spinning to normal speeds during spin cycle. I wanted to call the master under warranty but the warranty card was lost.

  2. Gravatar Irina Irina:

    The Atlant machine worked for 12 years, it was repaired by itself, since the husband is a master of all trades, but alas, the machine did not start. And so everything was fine, we live in our house, we did not hear noise.

  3. Gravatar Otan Otan:

    I have Atlant 50c84-000, the inscription “End of program” comes out and the lock hangs.

  4. Gravatar Nikolay Nikolay:

    Acquired Atlant 50C 102 in 2006. Installed already in 2008. When choosing, the main focus was on the fact that water pressure is required small. My tank is in the attic and the water flows by gravity. But this is quite enough for her. Worked great! The machine is very comfortable, multifunctional. And exploited to the fullest. My son brought his things, daughter also carried to us for washing. After 5 years of operation, the bearing on the drum shaft rustled. There is nothing to do there yourself! And the problem is that the heating element. It can be said that one-time. Since it is held there due to the expansion of the sealing gum. So, I had to change the heater. Okay, changed everything, set. Earned. Worked well. But no longer with such a load, since the children left for Russia in connection with the war. And so, in the 17th year, problems began again with the bearing. Yes, there was also a problem with locking the hatch door. I have to be smart.

  5. Gravatar Alina Alina:

    I bought a washing machine Atlant 70u1010 and was disappointed. After two weeks of robots, she went wrong. Nothing turned on, I wanted to squeeze it again after washing and it did not work out. Disconnected everything from the network, she stood for half a day and somehow earned. The door sank at the typewriter. You need to raise a little to close.And a twist that includes rubs. Also, the washing machine is noisy.

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