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Hotpoint-Ariston AVTF 104 washing machine

Hotpoint-Ariston AVTF 104 washing machineHope:

I bought myself the same car as my friends. And you won’t believe that it has been working for more than 5 years that it’s with me, what it has with them, and it hasn’t broken down yet! I am glad that I bought such a washing machine. Washes well. Rinsing is just cool! Sometimes she herself adds an extra rinse. Then when necessary. Yes, it makes noise, but more than others. Just do not try to install it in the bathroom. One friend put her there. And the car’s body began to rust. The bathroom is very humid. Therefore, it is better if you put it in the kitchen.

From the pros: it erases well, sometimes it launches an additional rinse.

Of the minuses: a little noise.

Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine MVSC 6105 S (CIS)

Hotpoint-Ariston MVSC 6105 S (CIS)Nikita:

We have been using the washing machine for a month. Washes well. Managed to try all the programs. Everything is working fine. The controls are so understandable that they didn’t even take instructions. And so we start everything that is necessary. Very comfortable display. It contains all the necessary information. During the spin, the machine does not jump, does not twitch. It’s worth it like a glove. Good detergent drawer. The spin is noisy. But for me this is not a problem. She creaked for the first few washings. And now the creak has passed and everything is fine.

From the pros: convenient display, intuitive controls, good washing quality.

Of the minuses: not found significant.

Washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis AQS70L 05 CIS

Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis AQS70L 05 CIS washing machineTatyana:

I fell in love with her from the very moment I saw her! She looks just fine! Perfectly fits into various options for home design. After the purchase, the experts installed it and ... it erases well, but it makes so much noise! During the push-up, the laundry whistles throughout the apartment. Probably even heard on the street. When it pours out water, it squishes very loudly. How did she dislike me, you would know! I wash her clothes for 5 months. While working more or less. But these terrible sounds have already finished! In addition, she does not have a scoreboard. This is also a minus.

From the pros: great appearance.

Of the minuses: noise, whistles, no display.

Hotpoint-Ariston AVTL 83 washing machine

Washer Hotpoint-Ariston AVTL 83 reviewsYuliya:

Our washing machine has been washing us for a very long time. They bought it when it was still a novelty. She could wash both a jacket and sneakers and any linen. All more often erased the ninth program. She is short. It lasts only half an hour and the washing quality is quite normal. The machine looks very beautiful and stylish. The lid opens and closes without problems. Our washer became unusable for the reason that we had a pipe over the machine and a leak occurred. Water hit the washing machine. And flooded management. Buttons do not work now. Blame yourself. The machine would still work and worked (((

From the pros: long work, high-quality washing, beautiful appearance.

Of the minuses: made a little noise.

Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine WMG 9018 B

Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine WMG 9018 BIgor:

When my wife gave birth, I bought her a gift from Margart's cashmere car from Ariston. Has worked for 17 years. Now these are no longer doing. Still this washing machine is working. Only there are problems with the exact execution of the modes. It happens that he forgets to start spinning laundry. In such cases, we set a separate spin and restart the machine.

Recently we watched a TV program where they talked about the fact that companies are now intentionally producing equipment of inadequate quality. For this, not quite good spare parts are used. And this is being done so that consumers make purchases as often as possible. Indeed, without convenient household appliances in our time it is very difficult!

Nevertheless, we decided to take the washing machine of the very company that had worked for us for 17 years! Now they are choosing a new machine and only from the same manufacturer. That is, from Ariston! It’s even a pity to get rid of the last car in 17 years, it has become so dear. And still erases!

From the pros: can work very long!

Of the minuses: Noisy.

Hotpoint-ariston washing machine aqsd 29 u

Hotpoint-ariston washing machine aqsd 29 uJeanne:

Very upset by the purchase. The washing machine was disposable.Even three years did not work properly. And immediately broke! And now you need to go and look for another. Manufacturers have made a tank in which you can not change the bearings. At the car they break down and it remains either to change the entire tank, which is almost the same cost as a new car, or go to the store for a new one. The car is noisy in the same way as other ones. I advise you not to take the washing machines of this company. They do not think about us.

Hotpoint-Ariston Futura WMSD 600 B CIS washing machine

Hotpoint-Ariston Futura WMSD 600 B CIS washing machineVital:

Just bought this washing machine. And she is pleased. I'll start with the buns) Choose an average washer. So that the price does not bite. And so that all the necessary programs are. This one just came up. That is what I need. There are many different modes. You can make your own program. The wash is quite high quality. The display shows everything she does. There are programs with an additional rinse. Allergy sufferers and those who have a child will need these. Everything is good in her. That's just a lot of noise during the spin cycle. Saves only tightly locked door to the bathroom) So it does not bother. Clear management. All buttons have captions with explanations. Appearance is good. Worthy. For its price, it’s a normal car. If you are not looking for a darling, then it will suit you.

From the pros: many different modes, erases well, nor any glitches and breakdowns.

Of the minuses: makes a lot of noise.

Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine ARTL 104

Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine ARTL 104Eugene:

This washing machine was not my first. Before she used Zanussi. To Zanussi - Ardovskaya. I will not publicize these companies, because I took them for a very long time. And people say that now they are not making such a good technique. One of them washed me for 6 years, the other 8. Washed often. Therefore, this period of work pleased.

And when I bought Ariston, I thought that it would work for as long, but it broke in the second year of work! If you compare it with my previous cars, then I did not find any special advantages. Approximately the same programs and modes. Often I do a rinse. The wash was pretty weird. Sometimes, instead of the set one and a half hours, it lasted twice as long!

But such "schools" did not occur often. And now at the washer in general “turned the roof”. Whatever you turn on, she is trying to spin and rinse. And all this at the same time! But only the second year of use! We tried to find the problem ourselves. All thoroughly cleaned. They gave the car a rest, cut it down for a week. All the same does not help! Very impractical car. I do not advise anyone! Later, she herself found similar reviews for this model. Be careful not to buy it !!!

From the pros: I didn’t find anything special.

Of the minuses: In the second year of use, the machine went crazy.


13 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    hotpoint-ariston aqualtis aqs0f 05s cis
    The bearing buzzed in less than a year. To change the bearing is hemorrhagic.

    The disposable drum, not collapsible, only sawed, then glued. To replace the bearing: (heavy wear of the stuffing box, on
    the edge of the rust bearing) in the bearing seat, the bearing rose normally (retract), and the shaft “flew into” the bearing (shaft wear will not work for a long time) It is also very difficult to assemble. Instead of a clamp with a tightening screw on the cuff, the developers installed a stiff spring, which is not really difficult to install without a fixture. In general, a one-time beautiful impractical toy. It is very crude both in terms of ergonomics of repairs and in terms of materials (ie, item-wise, not repairable, repair only in units).

    • Gravatar lyudmila lyudmila:

      It worked for 2 years, and all flew bearings. Do not buy if you read all the reviews before, avoid a hasty purchase.

  2. Gravatar Lek lek:

    want to enjoy washing in 3.5 hours buy ariston !!! at the same time, do not forget to suspend the hose with a jet break (required), otherwise there will be an excessive consumption of water and electricity.
    the most moronic machine that I met ...

  3. Gravatar Lek lek:

    whirlpool - taxis-)))

  4. Gravatar Lena Lena:

    I bought Ariston hotpoint 1.5 years ago, there are many functions, but a year later I began to make noise and now it has broken. The master said that because of the bearings it is easier to buy a new one than to repair it. Manufacturers specifically put Chinese bearings.

  5. Gravatar Pauline Pauline:

    The machine is terrible! After some kind of breakdown, just a nightmare!

  6. Gravatar Vladimir Vladimir:

    I worked for a year, Kick to the bearings - not repaired.

  7. Gravatar Vasily Vasiliy:

    You should declare a bikeot to these manufacturers !!!

  8. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    It's all strange, of course, I’ve been using Hotpoint for 5 years already, there haven’t been any breakdowns yet, I ordered it via the Internet.

    • Gravatar Oleg Oleg:

      Ariston has been washing for 16 years and is still working. For all the time I changed my brain twice. And that’s all.

  9. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    I read bad reviews and wonder. We have been using our machine for 8 years. Not a single failure in the program. Very pleased. And we do not regret the car, we erase a lot and everything.

  10. Gravatar Tamara Tamara:

    We were apparently very lucky. With Hotpoint for more than one year everything is in perfect order, nothing is going to break. It also erases normally.

  11. Gravatar Andrey Andrew:

    Email brushes engine worn off after 5 years of use. Changed, it works.

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