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Washing machine ARDO TLN 85 EW

Washing machine ARDO TLN 85 EWLove:

I have not yet managed to figure out the car. Recently bought. The consultants are kind of weird in the store. They cannot really answer a single question. They did not explain how to put programs, what is and how it is managed. There is a turbo button, but this function does not turn on. I called the service, there, too, I couldn’t explain anything properly. They say that the function may not be available even though there is a button. I did not understand how this is so ???

Washes clothes very quickly. Electricity and water do not save at all. There used to be a German build BOSCH. So she erased me well for more than ten years. What a pity that it is already old and completely broken (((

From the pros: have not found yet.

Of the minuses: no turbo function.

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 105 LB

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 105 LBStas:

The car is of high quality. Wash on a solid four! I took it in an online store. I was specially looking for a car such that it was assembled in Europe. And then Russian and Chinese are not an option. Break often. Before her was another machine of the same company. Only vertical. Honestly served for a dozen years. And now she went on a well-deserved rest. They sent her to the garden) We are rarely there, so it will not work often.

From the pros:

  1. The door opens completely, and not like some cars.
  2. It itself is quite narrow, just for our bathroom to save space.
  3. The design is not standard. The case is in black. This sets her apart from other white devices.
  4. If installed in accordance with all the rules, it is almost silent.
  5. There are all the necessary modes.
  6. European assembly.
  7. Very economical. Consumption A +.
  8. The display is neat and not too bright.
  9. It is suitable for repair. The tank is not disposable.
  10. Convenient management. Everything is simple and clear.

Of the minuses: There are no special minuses.

Washing machine ARDO A 610

Washing machine ARDO A 610 reviewsValentine:

The car is a beast!))) It has been erasing for 9 years! We drive several times a week. And broke only once. And then the repair was not expensive. Only the drain pump was changed. She did not cost much. Very good washing machine, even a pity to deal with it. But it's time to change to a new model. The old woman is already starting to junk. I will take Ardo. Which I don’t know yet. But the last machine Ardo pleased. Now only this manufacturer and consider. I advise everyone the same!

Now I read reviews and also go shopping to look for a replacement!

From the pros: long and high-quality work. Invested money paid back without a doubt !!!

Of the minuses: no flaws found.

Washing machine ARDO T 80 X

Washing machine ARDO T 80 XAlina:

It is a good car. Only I do not like to use the recommended washing parameters. Therefore, I expose everything myself. After all, I want the wash to be the way I need, and not the way the programmer who did everything here wanted. If I consider it necessary, I increase the speed or do additional rinses, a stronger spin, and so on. I read in one review that a poorly washing machine washes. And then it is impossible to sprinkle something less? And if things are very dirty, it is better to do the washing temperature more than just pour more powder.

My assistant has worked for more than 8 years! Washed well all this time. But apparently worn out all the same. Began to work more noisy. Although many already have cars rustling. There was also a problem with push-ups. Sometimes she just does not squeeze out the laundry. I don’t want to throw her away anyway. I want to first find on sale the same car from Ardo. But not yet found. Probably we don’t do such things anymore.

All the programs on my car are set on top under a special cover. And outside there is only one button. And no protection from the child is needed. What is there to press outside? I really like my car. It seems that I can no longer find another similar one. It’s a pity that she’s about to break.

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 105 LW

ARDO FLSN 105 LWIrina:

My model is not like this. But it works - just awful !!! The washing can only be started if the hatch is pushed with force. Without this, the washing will not even start! I really got used to it) Water heating for some reason does not always turn on for some reason.And as in the lottery: fifty to fifty))) Ingoda she stupid for several hours and just drives underwear. Apparently, it hangs when the program is running. It happens that pours water, pours and pours. Everything will never stop. And often launches the wash without heating.

What does not obey. Self-hostess. And for the last time, I began to spin laundry in a drum without water! I just didn’t flood it and that’s it! I won’t even call the service. So I'm tired of this car, that I’d better overpay, but I’ll take a new and good one. And not like this! I don’t wish anyone to buy an ARDO washing machine !!!

From the pros: the only plus is that you will not wash, but the machine.

Of the minuses: buying and using this machine is one big minus! And a nightmare!

Washing machine ARDO TL 105 S

Washing machine ARDO TL 105 SMichael:

I bought a washing machine back in 2008. And until that day, she had never broken. We usually wash every two to three days. Do not load the drum to the maximum. After the breakdown, I figured it out myself and changed the valve. It cost not expensive about five hundred rubles. Changed without problems, about how to change read on the site. I did everything right and the car started working again.

From the pros: repaired it without any problems.

Of the minuses: one of the main drawbacks is the delay before executing all the programs, before you open the hatch after washing, you also have to wait. It is also worth noting that washing is done only with expensive detergent. However, the quality of washing is far from always high. We think that this is because of the machine itself.

Washing machine ARDO TL 80 E

Washing machine ARDO TL 80 ESvetlana:

After I got acquainted with forums and reviews about washing machines, I decided that the most important thing for me is that the machines work as long as possible and not break down. But yesterday my car broke down. She has some problems with the module. I live in a village. Here, experts are still ... and they ask dearly. And the warranty period has already passed!

How I bought it, for six years it did not break at all. I liked her very much! The machine is intelligent. It is necessary to indicate only the type of material and temperature. And everything else she decided herself. It takes up little space. She put the washing machine in the hallway. And its small size allowed it to walk normally. True, one wash lasted quite a while. And the car was noisy not weakly.

From the pros: long work without interruptions. Six years old washed well. Convenient management. Intellectuality.

Of the minuses: very long wash. And the noise. I did not like the loud noise.

Washing machine ARDO FLOI126L

Washing machine ARDO FLOI126LValentina Nikolaevna:

I bought a car on the advice of a consultant. And this purchase is not very happy. Before her was a machine from Samsung and another from AlGi. All of them were sold together with the living space. I think they still work well. With them, no problems have ever arisen.

Ardo car bought ten days ago. And just installed today. The apartment was being renovated. It was not up to her then. We got acquainted with the operation manual. All installed, turned on and started the wash. The wash lasted more than two hours. And as it turned out, she didn’t even squeeze it out !!! Then we turned on a separate push-up. Put on 1000ob. They waited. And nothing has changed. The clothes were as wet as they were!

I had to survive manually for two hours. The next time they set a different mode. Thought maybe it would be okay. But here, no luck. All the same wet linen in the end. Does not wring and that's it !!!

Apparently you need to change it. Have to call the store. I hope that there will be no problems with the replacement.

From the pros: unclear.

Of the minuses: Doesn’t want to work normally. It is not clear whether it erases well, but it does not work out.

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 106 SW

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 106 SWUnknown:

Pts is a good machine. Like the price and functionality. Everything is good. It has been working for two years. Everything is just fine, not any glitches or breakdowns. Machine Ukrainian assembly. Large items such as blankets, winter jackets and more were also washed. He copes with everything with a bang! And I like her design. It looks very stylish. And in the kitchen it looks great, as if it was created specifically for her!

From the pros:

  • It erases and wring out without much noise.
  • There is a quick wash that lasts about 20 minutes.
  • Can wash up to 6 kg of laundry.
  • It does not stagger during spinning. It is tight.
  • The control panel without unnecessary troubles.
  • When spinning at 500ob. All is well.

Of the minuses: when I put 1000ob on the spin, the car damaged my jacket. So at these speeds we no longer wring. And the rest is all normal. All two years working like a clock!

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 85 EW

Washing machine ARDO FLSN 85 EWMarishka:

I bought this model Ardo. And immediately drew attention to the fact that the dispenser is very difficult to close. Twice she turned off by herself in the middle of program execution. Three months passed and the electronics broke down at the end. They called a specialist. He said that the problem is in some kind of crack. They dragged for half a month in the service and could not decide whether they were ready to repair everything under warranty or whether we would have to pay. And in the end, they decided that we should pay.

I decided to sort it out and phoned the service. She explained that the machine was connected by a specialist. But not ourselves. He removed all the bolts before installation. To which they replied that we could not prove how that all the bolts were removed before the first launch. And they refused to repair for free. After that, I will never again take their household appliances. I didn’t like the way they treat people who pay them money. Do not buy Ardo !!!!

From the pros: Erased like normal when there were no glitches.

Of the minuses: the service did not repair the car under warranty and wanted money from us !!!


8 reader comments

  1. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    The ARDO A1000 has been around for 14 years. Very satisfied. Recently, the master changed the belt and also praised her. True, she is not small. I lost the instruction. Can anyone help? What does the button with the letter E and scales mean. Thank you in advance.

    • Gravatar Julia Yuliya:

      The button with the letter E - is associated with heating the water: if you press it, the water will not heat up over 60 degrees during washing even when a higher temperature is specified in the settings.
      Scales - provides water savings when washing a small amount of linen (less than 3 kg).

  2. Gravatar Nina Nina:

    Regarding the ARDO T80 X, I served 15 years, but everything ever breaks down. I think that the same can not be found.

  3. Gravatar Olga Olga:

    Hello! Who has instructions for the car ARDO A1000L. Please help).

  4. Gravatar Tatyana Tatyana:

    We have Ardo A600 X. The car is 19 years old. She served faithfully and deserves a monument. Well done Italians. When they bought was one of the most expensive among Ardo. A bit noisy, especially when spinning. But for the entire period of work it was repaired only once - the replacement of the capacitor for 200 rubles. Now the old woman is certainly not working with the same enthusiasm as before and the washing quality has become a little worse, but we take care of it: we do not load it at full 5 kg. The master said what else will serve. The engine is good and now for modern washing machines such a period of work is beyond dreams. I advise everyone. Maybe now the machines of other companies are more functional and also deserve attention and high marks, but when comparing price and quality, Ardo washing machines win. I give the highest rating.

  5. Gravatar Lara Lara:

    We also have ARDO A 600X. My machine worked without repair and kolgona 16 years. True, we have mountain water. Washed every day for 3-4 hours. Everything was fine yesterday. And today I turned it on, the lamp is on, but it does not pump water. And the motor does not make noise. Washed all the hoses, it did not help.

  6. Gravatar Valentine Valentine:

    I have an ARDO TL1000 EX car. Quick wash - 40 minutes, but I was pleased with the machine. Bought in 2003. Now it needs repair - the stainless steel tank cap is cracked. I can’t find for this model, I would leave it to continue working. Can anyone help me?

  7. Gravatar Elena Helena:

    I also have an Italian-built Ardo car. It has been working for 15 years. Only now problems have begun with the computer. Very pleased with the machine.Served, as they say, faithfully. I am looking for an analogue now, but to no avail. Advise, maybe there is something similar?

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