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Reviews on the Zanussi washing machine ZWS6100V

Zanussi ZWS6100V reviewsYou can save without consequences on a washing machine only if you take simple and reliable equipment without complicated electronic filling. Almost all buyers are aware of this, but how to find such a washer and not run into any indecency. This is difficult, even a specialist will not always figure it out. Here, for example, a Zanussi ZWS6100V washing machine, seems to be simple and inexpensive, but how reliable it is, but who knows. Let's try to look at customer reviews, maybe there is something useful there.


Ivan, Kostroma

Having made repairs in the kitchen, my wife and I miscalculated slightly when ordering furniture. The fact is that next to the sink we have a countertop, under which, according to the plan, it was necessary to hide the washing machine. I focused the attention of the furniture makers on the width and height of the countertops, but somehow we lost sight of the depth. Well, here the guys made a worktop for us with a depth of 45 cm. It would seem that 45 cm is enough, but we still need to leave a place for hoses behind, so the Samsung machine that we already wanted to take did not fit, it just had a 45 cm deep body.

"The mind has fallen apart" in earnest. We need a simple, inexpensive, ideally good quality model of a washing machine, which would have a body with a depth of at least 40 cm. I was lucky, I got a good manager in a large household appliance store. He helped me a lot by finding the Zanussi ZWS6100V washer. The model suited me in every way, besides it has a depth of 38 cm.Zanussi ZWS6100V reviews

  • Five kilogram drum.
  • Convenient, well opening hatch.
  • Great selection of washing programs.
  • There is protection against leaks.
  • Spin and wash are just awesome.

I don’t want to praise the machine, after all, this is a mediocre model with backward characteristics, but for us this technique has become a salvation of the situation in which we drove ourselves. I bought it at a slightly overpriced price, but still pretty cheap, for us it is the best choice.

Eugene, Magnitogorsk

It’s quite a normal, normal washer without problems. It is inexpensive, it erases perfectly, the brand is famous, I somehow immediately confided in it. For a year of use, there were no problems and I hope it will not. A set of washing modes is the most necessary. My wife is happy and this is important, because she erases all the time, I don’t approach the typewriter.

The powder from the tray is washed off completely. This makes me happy, because the previous cars annoyed me with the fact that I had to scrape old dried powder from the compartments of the tray.

Daria, Dmitrov

In this washer, everything is what a normal housewife needs. Well, really, I never wanted to have a car in my house that glows like a Christmas tree in the new year and goes to the Internet whenever it wants. For the machine, the main thing is a good wash, and this Zanussi ZWS6100V provides. Five points!

Vera, Orenburg

We went to choose a new car with my sister. I wanted to save on winter shoes, so I took the Zanussi ZWS6100V. In my opinion, we were not mistaken with the choice, because it erases quite normally and is inexpensive. Drum loading is small for a large family, but for the two of us just right. I recommend to buy!

Eugene, Novosibirsk

Zanussi ZWS6100V is a cheap machine without surprises. It was bought by me personally a year and a half ago. There is a lot of noise from her, but she erases flawlessly, so if you do not turn it on at three in the morning, then do not disturb anyone. There are enough programs in it, I especially like the pre-wash mode (this is for very dirty laundry). I don’t feel the joy of using this machine, but I feel that comfort has increased in life, and this is important!


Yana, Cheboksary

The machine acquired very well at the sale with a 20% discount. Installation was done at the expense of the store, and everything was fine, I was so happy. But two weeks later, Zanussi broke down, for a month now I have been “cooking” without a washer, only a basin and a piece of soap to help. When the masters fix it, finally, or am I waiting in vain.Awful machine, and service is even worse!

Marina, NovokuznetskZanussi ZWS6100V

So far, the machine is washing, but what will happen tomorrow, I do not know, because it rumbles and beats with current. I didn’t like it right away, on the control panel there are several buttons that need to be pressed in different combinations to turn on one or another mode - a moron system that they regretted the buttons or the drunk engineer designed it. My verdict is this: the machine is unreliable, wretched, made by the left heel!

Olga, St. Petersburg

This washing is certainly cheap, but even this money is not worth it. For 300 bucks, it’s quite possible to buy a machine with a display and steeper features. My brother took it for the same money washing machine Hansa WHC 1246, which has a load of 7 kg and a huge display. Now, because of my shortsightedness, I am suffering with this "antediluvian crap." Come on, she would work as it should, otherwise the laundry does not wring out at all. You take out completely wet things from the drum that you can safely squeeze out with your hands. I do not recommend this model!

Also, the machine does not always rinse well. Often on things you can observe white traces of powder.

Sergey, Moscow

I did not like this machine, it has too many shortcomings. For example, when you turn on the Cotton program, it is impossible to reduce the spin speed from which the machine spins the laundry at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute. This affects things badly, they sit down and spools appear on them. During operation, the washing machine is very noisy and vibrates, in addition, it stinks of some rubber.

Alexandra, Khabarovsk

I must say that the machine is really bad. The manufacturer acted unscrupulously when he released such unreliable equipment. In less than a year of operation, it has already broken down three times. Changed the pump, intake valve and UBL. It’s good that it’s under warranty, but soon it will end, what should I do then. I don’t want to invest a dime in this “refuge”.


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