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Reviews for the washing machine Whirlpool TDLR 60810

reviews about Whirlpool TDLR 60810Disappointed in front-loading washing machines, people are looking for a good alternative. However, the home appliance market in Russia was formed in such a way that most of the segment of washing machines (more than 84%) was occupied by front-line workers, but what then remains? And it remains to choose between several models of machines with vertical loading. In particular, you can take a look at the Whirlpool TDLR 60810 washing machine. We just decided to study customer reviews about it, join us.


Lyudmila, Magnitogorsk

Six months ago, I wanted to buy a top-loading washing machine. She has a sunroof on top, it’s more convenient to load the laundry, and it will take up less space, because something else can be put in front of the case. In general, thinking well, I decided.

In the process of finding a new “home assistant,” I set three conditions for sellers. Firstly, to make the machine more or less reliable. Secondly, so that the price of the washing machine does not exceed 500 US dollars. Thirdly, so that it has a sufficiently roomy drum, well, at least 6 kg. Whirlpool TDLR 60810 met all my requirements. For half a year I noticed many more pluses.

  • Magnificent spin, the output is almost dry.
  • Protection against imbalance and children.

When my grandchildren come to visit me, I turn on the protection and calmly erase it, not being afraid that the tomboys will intervene.

  • There is a program for washing wool, which I did not trust at first, but then penetrated, because the machine does not spoil the woolen things at all.
  • There is an excellent super-rinse regimen that I use often. If it weren’t for him, it would be problematic to remove residual powder from bulk, well-absorbing things (for example, jackets or blankets).

Whirlpool TDLR 60810 reviewsOnly one question torments me: how reliable the machine is and how long it will work for me. So far, there have been no technical problems, but after only half a year has passed, anything can happen. I’ll try not to think about it, otherwise I began to worry about all the little things. So far, so far so good.

Vadim, Moscow

For a long time I used the Ariston 104 washer and I really liked it. Now the engine from 104 takes part in the preparation of firewood in the country, because I made homemade splitter with an electric motor from the washing machinethan immensely proud of. A good unit turned out and cost three pennies. In exchange for Ariston 104, I purchased the Whirlpool TDLR 60810. It looks, of course, awkward, but it erases beautifully and a lot. At one time, the spouse stuffs almost all the laundry. Perhaps everything would be crammed, but you can’t erase color with white. Five points!

Tatyana, Kursk

Better than this washer, something is hard to find. It has small dimensions with considerable capacity, it works for a long time and without interruptions and breakdowns, which is rare for modern technology. It looks simple and versatile, it seems to me that this helps her fit into any interior. I am happy with the purchase!

Stepan, Krasnoyarsk

The machine was chosen together with his brother Andrei, he is my specialist in repair of washers. For me, the main thing was that the machine had a top load, washed well, was reliable and maintainable. The choice fell on the Whirlpool TDLR 60810. It costs a lot for this assembly, but it has cheap spare parts, in addition, it has a collapsible tank, which makes it easy to replace bearings and seals.

It has been a year and a half, no bearings, no oil seals, or anything else, you have to change, everything is fine. During this time, no damage at all, not even the slightest. Maybe the machine is afraid of my brother, or maybe she really is so good. Recomend for everybody!

Svetlana, Nizhnevartovsk

Normal machine, erases and does not break for almost two years. In my opinion, if the technique does not make the owner think about it, then it is good. I write a review simply because a friend asked me about it. I recommend to buy!


Dmitry, Rostov-on-Don

I am extremely dissatisfied with my new Whirlpool TDLR 60810 washing machine and that's why.

  • Firstly, she is terribly noisy and jumping. What I just didn’t do: put a special rubber mat under the body, level it strictly according to the level, tiled floor additionally strengthened so that now it “can’t get through with a gun” and nothing helps.
  • Secondly, she has short hoses.
  • Thirdly, the assembly is just awful, the plastic edges of the case are sharp with burrs. When installing, I seriously injured my hand on such a sharp edge. Not like a European assembly. I do not recommend this machine to anyone!

Elena, St. Petersburg

The machine is very strange. She doesn’t do too well washing and is weird at work. When switching from washing to rinsing, the machine clicks, switching to spin, it clicks again. The display blinks strangely, while it shakes like crazy and vibrates.

In terms of quality, it is cheap China, not Slovakia. Two points!

Whirlpool TDLR 60810

Julia, Rzhev

I liked the machine exactly until last week, when thick, pungent smoke suddenly poured out of the hull. A little fire did not happen. I de-energized her and called the master, who arrived quickly, replaced some part and left, wishing a pleasant evening. The evening did not turn out to be pleasant, because I loaded the wash, turned on the machine, and after 15 minutes the smoke started again, it’s good that this time I was on the alert. This is a terrible, unreliable machine, which has a place in the garbage. I’ll throw her out and sleep peacefully.

Larisa, Moscow

Poor model with outdated specifications. Its cost is very high. Competitors have exactly the same assembly in the region of $ 250, but I had to pay 450 for this. I thought I was buying good equipment in a trusted store, but it wasn’t there. Broke after 8 months, the benefit of the guarantee is not over yet. Those who want to buy a good car, I advise you to avoid the Whirlpool TDLR 60810.


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  1. Gravatar Eugene Eugene:

    I tried to buy in Citylink. The first one hung on 15 minutes. The master said - it is necessary to change. I wrote a replacement application for the same model. I waited 10 days, the result is the same. I bought an Electrolux. I don’t know what to think. Either the Virpul cars are bad or the store is bad!

  2. Gravatar Svetlana Svetlana:

    Bad car Virpul. A drum with burrs rips clothes. When I bought it, I did not check it right away. Virpul began to use the machine only a year after the purchase, as they made repairs in the apartment and drove in only a year later. The store’s guarantee had ended by that time; it was not possible to return the car to the store. I'm going to take another.

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