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Reviews for the washing machine Whirlpool AWS 71212

reviews about Whirlpool AWS 71212With $ 380 in your pocket, you can seriously think about buying a Whirlpool AWS 71212 washing machine. This technique has received a fairly high expert rating. Some experts were generally delighted, but we still won’t be in a hurry. First, take a look at the characteristics of this “home assistant” and study the opinions of customers who have already met her. After that, the conclusions will prompt themselves.

Men's opinions

Dmitry, Samara

It was a long time ago to buy a normal washing machine, but I was somehow unlucky, and here I came across Whirlpool AWS 71212, a modern one with a large drum and a European assembly. Very reliable, erases me for a year, without a hint of damage. During the spin cycle, it, like all cars, vibrates and rumbles, so the myth that the Virpul cars are quiet I can dispel immediately. This small flaw is blocked by a bunch of advantages.

  • The Slovak assembly is a model of quality, I was convinced of this. All parts are fitted, nothing hangs anywhere and works at the highest level.
  • The panel has a display, a convenient knob for selecting programs and the necessary buttons. All this looks organic and stylish.
  • The drum inside does not have any burrs or rough edges, so there is no reason to fear that it will damage the laundry. In addition, several large items or many small items, as much as 7 kg, can be pushed into this drum.
  • The spin speed can be adjusted manually, the maximum is set to 1200.
  • The machine has several useful functions, for example the 6th sense or automatic adjustment of the water level.

Judging by the functions and the set of washing programs, this machine is from an expensive series, but in fact, it costs very little.

I completely trust my things, things of the spouse and the child to my washer. We forgot about hand washing, we throw even wool at the machine, Virpul won't let us down.

David, Moscow

Very nice washing machine, inexpensive and functional. The European assembly is clearly different from the Russian one, it’s not a pity to overpay for this. Things are washed as needed, just a dream.

Alexander, MoscowWhirlpool AWS 71212 reviews

Very economical machine with reasonable modes. Gets as much water as needed to wash a certain amount of laundry. The washing machine did not allow itself any failures or oversights, if I correct it with the choice of programs.

George, Moscow

I didn’t choose for a long time, I came to the store and took the first that I was advised - Whirlpool AWS 71212. I did the installation myself by reading the instructions in the publication - Installing a washing machine on a wooden floor. Everything turned out quickly and easily, I didn’t even expect it myself. I erase now with great pleasure, because the technique is super!

Ilya, Togliatti

I used to have a Virpul, so I also bought a Virpul for a replacement. We have been erasing for three months, so far no problems. I think almost always a new machine works fine, so we will observe. It is convenient to manage it; there are no problems with the choice or identification of programs. Electronic control and there is a screen, after the old typewriter unusual. Spouse likes a big wide drum with a crazy load of 7 kg, thanks a lot from her!

Andrew, St. Petersburg

The washing machine stably holds even on a crooked floor. I leveled the case as I could, but it still didn’t work out perfectly, and to hell with it, if only it worked. The top cover is removed, so I easily pushed the machine under the countertop. It erases perfectly, does not eat much powder, and it also saves light with water.

During washing, all the powder dissolves, nothing remains in the tray.

Alexander, Nizhny Novgorod

Before buying, I got acquainted with the opinions of people about Whirlpool AWS 71212. Some flattering comments and this put me on my guard. He came to the store, climbed the machine from all sides, carried the brain to the seller, but still got it.

I am not particularly pleased with the purchase. Firstly, the machine is very noisy, inside, in addition to the usual sounds, there is a knock on iron, and this indicates a hidden defect.Secondly, it erases rather poorly, already tried three types of powder, the result is equally unsatisfactory. Otherwise, everything seems to be as manufacturers say, I will continue to study the new machine.

Women's opinions

Marina, Omsk

I chose from a dozen models of different brands of washing machines and that's not it. Either the prices are too high, then the characteristics are too poor, nothing good came across until the seller advised Whirlpool AWS 71212. I doubted a little, but considering the strengths and weaknesses of this washer, I decided to buy. I erase 6 months, did not regret the money spent. I recommend to everyone!

Whirlpool aws 71212

Svetlana, Izhevsk

Advertised bullshit! We could stop at this, but then the moderator will delete my review. My main complaint is about washing, or rather, its absence. The machine rinses terribly, there is a feeling that the laundry is fluttering in the porridge from the powder, as it draws water into the tank to a minimum. When you take out things (especially black), there are clear traces of powder on them. I tried to wash it with gel, but it is also poorly rinsed. I do not advise you to buy!

Catherine, Khimki

I love this machine from the date of purchase, and to this day. For the past year and a half, I have been washing 4 times a week, and I always feel deep satisfaction from the result. I had Beko, Samsung, Indesit cars, but all of them “didn’t lie next to me” with Whirlpool AWS 71212. Her coolest programs are: hand wash and delicate wash. They last quite a while, but the result is 100%.

Tamara, Khabarovsk

This washer is quite fine with me, but I simply do not understand the detractors who want to cheat this model. She's gorgeous. Come to the store, pull out the powder tray, open the hatch, twist the drum with your hands and you will understand everything without words, because this machine is made for people!


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