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Reviews for the washing machine Whirlpool AWS 61011

reviews about Whirlpool AWS 61011The most ordinary buyer is rarely interested in a technically sophisticated washing machine. He would rather prefer an ordinary machine with an average price and more or less high reliability. Sellers declare that the Whirlpool AWS 61011 washing machine belongs to this category, however, our experts so far can neither confirm this information nor refute it. Let's look at customer reviews, maybe they will clarify the situation.


Larisa, St. Petersburg

I liked the machine almost immediately. Literally in the first five minutes I allocated two washers, one was called LG F1296ND3, the other is Whirlpool AWS 61011. I thought about an hour, I reeled off all the nerves to the seller, but in the end I decided to buy a Whirlpool. I don’t know whether I lost or not, because both cars are normal, but my Whirlpool suits me completely.

  1. She has a capacious drum of an original form, 6 kg of linen is placed in it.
  2. The machine has a stylish panel, a large screen and as many as 18 washing modes.

It has been 10 months, but I still did not have time to try all the modes, there are so many of them.

  1. There are two options for express washing: for 15 minutes and 30 minutes. A 15-minute wash is so-so, there is little sense in it, but a 30-minute wash is not bad, you can use it.
  2. Tolerable spin at a speed of 1000 rpm. Speed ​​can be reduced, but to be honest, the quality of this will not get better.
  3. The machine has a standard set of protective functions and a delay start timer, which often helps me out.

Whirlpool AWS 61011 reviewsIn addition to all of the above, I was very happy with the price, especially after the seller promised me a 10% discount. As a result, the machine went to me cheaply. It turns out that I saved and at the same time, I erase on an excellent machine. I wish all the purchases were so successful.

Ksenia, Kursk

Among the inexpensive narrow cars, this is the best, now I know that. For almost two years, this machine erases 5 days a week and no problems. The fact is that we divide one large apartment into two families: a sister with a husband and a small child, and I with a spouse and charming twins. In such a large and friendly family, washing is a common thing, therefore, Whirlpool AWS 61011 does not stand idle with us. The washing quality is very excellent, there were no breakages. Recommended for everyone!

Julia, Samara

My husband is a furniture maker, so he made us a kitchen set with his own hands in his company. I don’t know what he thought there when he made the sketch, but the countertop turned out to be narrow. When it came time to buy a typewriter, we took measurements, and it turned out that the body of an ordinary typewriter would inevitably stick out, but I would not want that. I had to buy a narrow model Whirlpool AWS 61011. It is very good that I did so, because this washer is just super. It is roomy, quiet, economical, decently looks and the top cover is removed from it. Our family recommends!

Sergey, Ekaterinburg

It is a normal machine. The cost is affordable. It erases everything perfectly, at least throw something into the drum. I tried to wash even the shoes, although in vain, after that they did not look very good. In short, take it, you will not regret it. She erases from me without problems a year and a half, I think, and in five years nothing will happen to her.

Alexander, Moscow

Cheap kind washing machine with medium load. You cannot surprise a modern buyer with it, but I didn’t have to be surprised. I needed a simple technique that cleans up all the dirty laundry in the house. I found her, this is Whirlpool AWS 61011, I don’t need another!

I took this machine for 350 US dollars - consider it absolutely for nothing.

Vasily, Novosibirsk

When I was asked to briefly talk about my new typewriter, they hinted that I talked about its advantages and disadvantages. Here I am writing. She has many advantages: a beautiful and large drum, intuitive controls, a nice screen, a stable body. It erases well. I won’t say anything about the shortcomings, because I don’t know. And I won’t come up with something, sorry! This is my opinion.


Ilya, KrasnoyarskWhirlpool AWS 61011

The machine does not seem to rattle much, but whistles like a nightingale.I honestly, it would be better if the nightingale listened. Sound annoys and gets on your nerves. In addition, the machine does not pick up any powder from the tray, very picky. If the powder remains in the tray, consider it is not washed. Awful model, don't like it!

Marat, Kislovodsk

During six months of operation, the inlet hose was torn twice. I have never heard that cars had such a problem, but I have it. Thanks Whirlpool AWS 61011, I won’t forget a century!

Lyudmila, Nizhnevartovsk

After eight months of everyday washing at the machine, the engine failed, I had to change it under warranty. This is how I “eased” the washer. Also, I have a complaint about rebollers. Sometimes during the spin cycle one of them flies off the mount and begins to hang in the drum and terribly knock. This indicates poor assembly. I put two points out of five!

Tamara, Kazan

There is no sense in this washing machine, because it refuses to wash normally. I’ve already poured powder directly into the drum and used liquid products, all the same the washing is bad. I can’t understand the reasons, it seems that you need to call the wizard, maybe it will help to figure it out.


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  1. Gravatar of the Light Sveta:

    My Whirlpool machine worked for 3 and a half years and the bearing was covered. Please note that these machines do not have a plastic tank. Therefore, you need to change everything. The tank, together with the stainless steel drum sealed in it, and the repair cost are half the cost of a new machine. In addition, the control panel has long begun to fail. When spinning, it whistles very much. In short, the usual consumer goods overbought by the former brand by the Turks.

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