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Reviews for the washing machine Whirlpool AWE 2215

reviews about Whirlpool AWE 2215The choice of front-loading machines is now truly rich. For every taste, with any characteristics and at any cost. And if I need an inexpensive machine with vertical loading? It’s more complicated, even an amateur can understand that there are fewer vertical bars in the store, which means they are a priori worse sold and more expensive. We present to your court a Whirlpool AWE 2215 washing machine, which destroys prevailing stereotypes, because you can buy it for $ 310. We will rewrite real customer reviews about it today.


Ivan, Tomsk

I am a fan of simple and inexpensive technology. Firstly, such a technique, if that is not a pity, and secondly, my salary does not allow me to buy something more expensive. Due to the lack of free space, I had to look for an inexpensive top-loading washing machine, I had to look for a long time, since the cost of such models is sometimes prohibitive.

I came across a Whirlpool AWE 2215 and literally fell in love with this simple, and at the same time, quite functional machine. What are its advantages immediately striking?

  • Slim body and electronic control

The case is only 40 cm wide, which allows you to put the washer in the corner, and put another object in front of its body, the hatch is on top.

  • High-tech drum with auto parking and 5.5 kg loading.
  • 13 washing modes, among which are very sensible, such as prewash.
  • There is partial protection against leaks, control of foam and imbalance.
  • This model also has normal drum flaps and a sturdy top cover.

I’ll also talk about the shortcomings, although they don’t bother me too much. Firstly, there is no child protection function. Secondly, it does not squeeze out too well, since the rotation speed of the drum during a spin is a maximum of 800 rpm. And thirdly, the washer is quite noisy, but no frills, in short not louder, but not quieter than others. Summarizing the above, I note that I like the machine, but it is not perfect, although for the money it is worth paying attention to the little things.

Vladimir, KirovWhirlpool AWE 2215 Drum

It’s quite a working machine, which has been serving me for the second year. So far, I have no reason to reproach her. I hope everything will continue as before. Feel free to recommend it for purchase!

Anton, Pavlodar

Inexpensive washing machine with reasonable specifications. It performs its main function well. There is no display, but for that kind of money, I would be surprised if I put it. Most of the modes are quite long, but you can only wash them well and quickly with your hands, but for some reason they are reluctant. Five points for value and quality!

Sergey, Chelyabinsk

From the firstwashing machine Whirlpool AWS 61012 I’m very unlucky, I got defective. I handed it back on the day of purchase, and in return took Whirlpool AWE 2215 with a vertical loading. Say an unexpected solution? Maybe, but I looked at the Whirlpool AWS 61012, so to speak, locally and made sure that the vertical line would look better in my bathroom. The new washer works fine, everything suits me.

Oleg, Ekaterinburg

A very worthy technique, although it looks simple. I'm not going to admire her, I need a machine to wash, the rest is trifles. I didn’t spend money on a specialist, I installed it with my own hands and very quickly, I did not have any difficulties. I removed the shipping bolts strictly according to the instructions. The machine has been working like a clock for the third year. It is especially good at washing voluminous things. I am satisfied!

Alena, Voronezh

I live in Khrushchev with a very small bathroom. I always dreamed of putting a washing machine in it, but I couldn’t do it, there wasn’t enough space, anyway. But recently, it occurred to me to try putting a top-loading automatic machine there. I measured my corner, which the machine is supposed to stand in and went to look for a “home helper”.

I didn’t look for a new machine for long, as home appliances stores in Voronezh got divorced like dirt.

My choice fell on the Whirlpool AWE 2215, in size it is perfect and the price is normal. I’ve been erasing for two months, I really liked the “crushing prevention” mode. It seems that the machine is properly assembled, but I will not speak in advance, time will tell.


Elena, St. Petersburg

I’ve been tormenting with this washer for almost a month. Patience ended after she once again tore me a new duvet cover. I don’t know where she’s gotten stuck, but she can’t go on like this. I’ll hand it over to a service center, let them understand it.

Whirlpool AWE 2215

Tatyana, Barnaul

Washed on this machine for a long time and, in principle, was pleased. There are no bells and whistles in it, but the linen is always clean, I did not need anything else. But two weeks ago during the washing something happened, a terrible roar and clang rang out, water poured from under the machine and I disconnected it from the line. It turned out that the flaps of the drum opened right during washing, warped themselves and made a hole in the tank. In one second, I got into thousands of repairs. I hate this machine!

Artem, Moscow

The Whirlpool AWE 2215 washing machine was inherited from my parents a year ago. The device is extremely antediluvian and not thought out. The washing programs are long, the sunroof rattles during the spin cycle, and the wash end signal is not provided at all. It seems that this machine will go to the country, there it is the place.

Larisa, Kemerovo

Something in this washer is wrong, maybe a defective drum, but it constantly spoils my things, especially if you load a lot of linen. The “list of victims” of my typewriter is already long: a sheet, a husband’s shirt, my blouse, plaid, and my son’s jacket. After this, I have no desire to wash it, it’s easier to carry things to the laundry, it will be cheaper.


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