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Reviews on the washing machine Siemens WS10G160OE

Siemens WS10G160OE ReviewsAlmost all Siemens brand washing machines cost more than $ 350. This is due to the high cost of quality components from which such washers are assembled. It is clear that at the same time they serve longer than the machines of competitors, however, consumers sometimes want some kind of surprise from their favorite company, some good offer. And the company does it. The Siemens WS10G160OE washing machine is currently available at a price of $ 315. Let's see what customer reviews on this model are on the Web.

Opinions of men

Alexey, Moscow

When I took the typewriter, I expected that its top cover was removed, it turned out that it could not be removed. Now I don’t know how to drive her under the countertop in the kitchen. I would really like to install a washer with the smallest alterations, so now I am actively looking for information on how to solve my problem. Maybe you know?

Yuri, Vladimir

In 2014, when the cost of equipment began to grow, I invested all my free money in home improvement. Including I took a new refrigerator and a washing machine. I was most lucky with the Siemens WS10G160OE washer, because in 3 years not a single breakdown and not a single, even the slightest, failure. This is simply not a murdered German assistant, without her I am without arms. She has a lot of advantages.

  1. Perfectly erases on all absolutely programs.
  2. Spends some water and electricity.
  3. There is a digital display and electronic control.
  4. She has a narrow body, only 40 cm, but the drum loading is not impressive at the same time, only 5 kg.
  5. The machine is fully protected: from leaks, from imbalance, from excessive foaming.
  6. She has a wide hatch through which linen can be thrown in a heap, in addition there is a delay in starting up to 24 hours.

My spouse sometimes puts on a long nightly wash program. So, the machine starts itself at two in the morning, and by six in the morning (to get to work), it finishes washing.

My wife and I are very pleased with the purchase. If someday this machine fails, I will take only Siemens for a replacement. It seems to me that better technology simply does not exist.

Semen, EkaterinburgSiemens WS10G160OE

Siemens WS10G160OE is the most reliable machine that I have come across. Works 2 years, never let me down. Neither noise from it, nor vibration, powder and water spends little, and the washing result is normal. Spin could be better, but it doesn’t bother me much, because three years ago I decided to buy tumble dryer. She even dries things poorly wrung perfectly. In my opinion, Siemens deserves a solid four!

Oleg, Omsk

I was very unlucky, I got a defective washing machine. The first thing that caught my eye during the first wash: some of the information was not displayed on the display. The display turned out to be defective. 5 minutes before the end of washing, I found a small puddle right in front of the hatch door. On the door itself, there were also a few drops of soapy water. The master from the service found that the machine has already three marriages:

  • faulty display;
  • a deep crack on the manhole cover, which I did not immediately notice;
  • faulty UBL.

Moreover, the hatch lock device blocked the door, but did it wrong, as a result of which water flowed during washing to the floor, since leakage protection does not work in this situation. I don’t think Siemens are bad cars, I think I’m just out of luck.

Anton, Moscow

I did not like the washer mainly because it was impossible to manually control the time and temperature of the wash. It is very uncomfortable. Also, I do not like the nasty squeak at the end of the wash, which definitely needs to be turned off. If you don’t do it, then you get sick of listening. Would do as on LG, squeaked several times and shut up. And of course, an unpleasant smell. My wife is furious with him, because the smell of burning rubber does not seem unpleasant to me. You open the hatch, after washing in hot water, and a very specific amber is carried around the house.Unhappy with the purchase!

Opinions of women

Catherine, St. Petersburg

Until it breaks, this is a very good washing machine, but if a serious breakdown occurs, a situation like mine will turn out. I'll start over. Three years ago, I acquired Siemens WS10G160OE. The first year it worked perfectly, but when the warranty ended, it was replaced as it was.

  1. There was a loud noise when washing and spinning.
  2. A puddle began to form under the hull.
  3. The display began to blink and go out.
  4. During washing, it sometimes began to freeze.

I did not start to drag out much and called the master. He counted me repairs along with parts for $ 145. Just awful. For this money, you can buy some kind of poor new washing machine. I paid, I got Siemens repaired and it still works, but I'm terribly unhappy that I had to spend so much. I do not recommend this machine to anyone!

Julia, Krasnodar

In the typewriter, I like everything except the download. Really little linen gets into the drum, and any large, voluminous thing is simply impossible to wash. Why the manufacturer makes cars with such small drums is not clear, because the hatch is wide and the controls are modern.

Elena, Vladivostok

I took this machine 4 years ago for about $ 300, I don’t remember exactly how much I gave. In the wash, she really has no equal. If you manage it strictly according to the instructions, then it will not create any problems for you. I had old Siemens, still a purely German assembly, so she worked for 18 years and went to the cottage. I sometimes turn it on there because she continues to work as if nothing had happened. The case just below was slightly rusted. If you know for sure that the new one will work as much, then you can give twice as much money for it. I recommend to buy!

Siemens WS10G160OE reviews

Tatyana, Ivanovo

In the washing machine, I was disappointed due to the fact that it constantly glitches and twists the laundry. You take things out of the drum tied in a knot. With pastel linen, the situation is even worse. It's scary to look at him. After three washes, noticeable spools appear on the sheets, and after 8 washes, a hole has formed on your favorite duvet cover. I was just taken aback when I saw this. Do not buy Siemens WS10G160OE, its quality is poor!

By the way, the machine also dissolves the powder every other time. Sometimes a huge lump accumulates in the tray, which is difficult to clean.

Diana, Rostov-on-Don

Feel free to recommend this machine for purchase, because it is really normal. She has good programs that allow you to choose the washing mode that the hostess needs. If you want to lightly freshen up your laundry, take a quick wash, but if you need to wash something very dirty, you can put the wash for 4 hours with preliminary soaking. I’ve been washing this machine for two years and everything is fine.


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