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Reviews for the Samsung washing machine WW80K52E61W

reviews about Samsung WW80K52E61WToday we look at another “beauty” released under the Samsung brand. This series of machines with impeccable design has already been touched by us, but we can talk about them, if not forever, then for a very long time. We present to your attention the Samsung WW80K52E61W washing machine. We’ll start to study it with customer reviews, they’ll tell us a lot of interesting details about this technique.

Positive opinions

Tatyana, Samara

This machine quickly became an indispensable assistant in the house, and how it could be different in a family of five. Samsung WW80K52E61W perfectly erases three kids, and she has to work almost every day. I originally wanted to take washing machine with dryer, since there is no place to dry things, but after listening to the opinions of people, I abandoned this idea in favor of Samsung WW80K52E61W.

Not all things can be dried using the built-in dryer, moreover, quick drying harms the fabric.

This wash has touch control and a very beautiful display. It also has a whole bunch of advantages that you definitely need to focus on.

  1. A rather narrow case, which facilitates the integration of the machine under the countertop, in addition, a removable top cover.
  2. A very large drum that can wash up to 8 kg of laundry at a time.
  3. Reliable inverter motor, which, according to the manufacturer, will not break for at least 10 years.
  4. There is the possibility of high-speed spin.
  5. There is a bubble generator that foams the powder, while greatly saving it.
  6. There is also a double rinse function, without it it is better not to wash things with cheap powder, you will not get it.
  7. For especially dirty things, there is a soaking mode.

Samsung WW80K52E61W reviewsIn this washing machine, in my opinion, there is everything you need. Miniprogram - in order to quickly refresh not so dirty laundry. Steam wash for the same purpose. A bunch of different programs that care for linen is just perfect.

Do you know what I like the most? Most of all I respect the fact that linen after this machine is very easy to iron. It’s not always necessary to turn on the steamer on the iron. The main thing is not to overdry and everything will be OK! We managed to buy a machine, at the best price, a year ago at the sale of equipment in a large store, for only 533 dollars. I am extremely happy!

Elena, Moscow

Dear car, but it's worth it. There is a high-quality steam wash, which makes the clothes clean, fresh and soft. The machine carefully treats the laundry and erases it in large quantities. It has a beautiful appearance, but for some reason does not have a hatch for reloading linen, although it does not spoil it at all. My cat immediately fell in love with this machine, now it sleeps only on it, you can’t drive it out. I put five points!

Zhanna, Tyumen

When purchased this machine, I was glad a big discount. Now there is even more joy, because in three months I learned almost all of its possibilities. Cool technology, erases cleanly and quickly. I recommend buying without hesitation!

Alexander, St. Petersburg

She just has a huge load. After 4.5 kg Beko, it’s like moving from a boat to a tanker. It erases everything bulky without any difficulties. There is a delay in starting up to 24 hours, bubble washing, steam treatment. Great machine, business class in the world of washers.

Alexey, Perm

Quiet running, no straps, the latest touch controls. Reliable, it has been working for the second year, has never failed. Connected via a voltage regulator. Washes well, turn it on three times a week. Five points.

Daria, Nizhny Novgorod

I took the car because of the big drum, but in addition to the drum, she has a lot of good things. For example, a bunch of functions, including an additional rinse, without which I simply can not imagine a normal wash. It is also great that this machine has clear controls.

Anton, Rostov-on-Don

This is an ultramodern washing machine with a steam function that consumes little water and powder.You need to carefully consider installing it by level, otherwise it will jump. It was like this with me, I suffered for six months, until a friend helped to establish it correctly. Now the machine erases quietly while quietly. I advise everyone!

Negative opinions

Irina, GelendzhikSamsung WW80K52E61W

This machine reminds me of a Soviet centrifuge, which, during the spin cycle, terribly buzzed and shook. Samsung WW80K52E61W is also loud, but it doesn’t wash better than the old mother’s Alma-Ata machine. Here are the new technologies. She dumped a lot of money for her, but nothing good!

Julia, Pskov

Specialists from the store advised me this machine, and now I am suffering. I did not like it right away, because it erases badly. The manufacturer is also shameless, the powder receiver does not even have a compartment for the air conditioner, it had to be bought and inserted separately. It makes a lot of noise when washing. I’ll put two points, conscience will not allow more!

Worst of all, the powder from the tray is washed off reluctantly, for a more or less acceptable washing you have to pour it into the drum.

Larisa, Kostroma

It is striking that Samsung WW80K52E61W does not wash better than my old Indesit, which has served 7 years. So I took Indesit for a penny, and this “miracle” cost me three times as much, so where are the miracles of excellent washing?

Anastasia, Krasnoyarsk

Very noisy, for the money I wanted to take a quiet typewriter, but, it seems, not fate. I’m probably thinking about selling it, I’ll take myself LG and it’s quieter. A large load is a fiction. She put her husband’s jacket to wash, and she hung on the spin, could not stand it. I started the spin again, again hung. Where are these 8 kg? Horrible technique!


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