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Samsung washing machine WW65K52E69W reviews

Samsung WW65K52E69W ReviewsTired of ordinary "antediluvian" washers and are you looking for something special at a reasonable price? We suggest you take a look at the Samsung WW65K52E69W washing machine. This beauty can not be called primitive, because it combines the most modern technologies, while the price remains within the democratic framework. That’s what the false advertising slogans look like in vain, praising this typewriter. But we would like to know more truth. Maybe people’s reviews will be more true?


Artem, Orenburg

I had one of the first Samsung electronic washing machines, which worked for almost 14 years and would still work. But I thought that it should be changed. Her body began to rot, and it turned yellow from time to time. I chose for a long time, in the end I decided to buy a Samsung WW65K52E69W and that's why.

  1. 14 very worthy washing programs that save good water.
  2. There is an adjustable delay in starting up to 24 hours.
  3. In the hatch door there is another door for reloading linen.
  4. The drum and rebolvers are designed so that the laundry does not curl into a knot during washing, rinsing or spinning.
  5. An inverter motor is installed in the machine, which makes me personally very happy, because this part increases the reliability of the machine by an order of magnitude.
  6. There is a voltage stabilizer and ceramic heater.

Experts speak very poorly about ceramic heaters, maybe they are right, but so far everything is fine with me, the machine does not break.

That is far from all. I especially liked that this machine has an ergonomic body and a very cool design. In addition, a capacious drum of 6.5 kg, in which jackets perfectly stretch and wring out. And finally, the cost. You can’t name this cheap car, but looking at it, there is no feeling that you overpaid. In short, she is worth her money!

Nikolay, Perm

It turned out that my mother and I simultaneously took the same Samsung WW65K52E69W typewriter. No complaints, on the contrary, some praise. This washing machine works quietly, but at the same time it feels that it is very powerful and seems to be reliable. Saving water and powder, the machine manages to wash for five with a plus. My mother, my words are completely confirmed.

Maria, MoscowSamsung WW65K52E69W reviews

My old Ariston brand car was just huge. This one looks more compact, but it is incredibly roomy, I don’t even know how it manages to wash so much, where it all fits. I use it only for three months, so far I am very glad. The sunroof for loading forgotten laundry is very cool. Through it, you can either throw laundry or pull it out if A foreign object has fallen into the washing machine. The touchpad is very responsive, I like it!

Sergey, St. Petersburg

At first, he could not adapt to the typewriter, socks often hid from washing, flying on the cuff of the hatch. Now I put all the little things in the bag and there are no problems. The washing cost me a little expensive, but she and me completely satisfied with my wife. Her design is beautiful. It seems to me that it may well become an adornment of any home.

Love, Saratov

This narrow washing machine has been working properly for me for the second year. All the functions declared by the manufacturer work fine, but I do not use them all. Of the 14 programs, I only need 8, but I admit that more advanced users can use all the functionality. This machine is a real home laundry, moreover, very economical.

Love the wide sunroof. Voluminous things are not stuffed into it, but thrown.


Anastasia, Novosibirsk

I don’t understand why buying a washer without the drying function for that kind of money. Samsung WW65K52E69W would be normal if it had been dried. My husband gave it to me for my birthday, and I scolded him. We quarreled because of this, but I am sure that we are right, because a modern washing machine should be functional. I do not like this one, I do not advise you to buy!

Anna, Ekaterinburg

Before you take this washing machine, I looked through a bunch of customer opinions. They wrote different things, but mostly in a positive way, so I decided to buy. The washing machine broke on the fourth day. Something happened with the electronics. I understand that there are marriages, the perfect technique is only in our dreams. Nevertheless, I am an emotional person, my mood spoiled, which means the machine is bad, I will not advise anyone.

Rinat, Moscow

The machine is bad. Things are not extended, programs are long and ineffective. It is too expensive. Do not buy it, you will regret it!

Samsung WW65K52E69W

Kirill, Moscow

This machine has so many minuses that you can get tired of listing them. Still, I will give examples. Her control panel is constantly buggy, it is impossible to select a program, from the fifth, or even from the tenth time, it turns out. Washes badly. The button from children is not blocked, which means there is no sense from such a lock. Into her furnace!

Olesya, Tyumen

I am very disappointed in the purchase. When I looked at the typewriter in the store, everything was fine, but during the operation, I realized what kind of obscenity it was. The on / off button is very sensitive, you will touch a little bit and kapets, the washing process is in vain. The electronics are buggy, for a month there were two serious failures, after which the machine simply did not turn on for several hours. Too clever electronics, and the quality is poor, the machine will not work for an ordinary housewife.


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