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Samsung washing machine WW65K52E69S reviews

Samsung WW65K52E69S ReviewsToday we will talk about the sophisticated Samsung WW65K52E69S washing machine with the Ecobubble function, which is very well advertised, and therefore known to consumers. The Internet is full of advertising information about this machine, but is it true? Most likely not, so we decided to start an in-depth study of the Samsung WW65K52E69S by reading customer reviews. Read them together.

Opinions of men

Boris, Krasnodar

I took this machine, because she really liked the look of my wife. I wanted something simpler, but she stood up and forced me to buy Samsung WW65K52E69S. Over time, I even fell in love with this machine and this feature-rich feature, the name of which I forget all the time - ecobable. Now I understand what its meaning is. It gives maximum foam from the minimum amount of washing powder. You put ¼ of powder from the norm and erase it perfectly, and this “trick" works. What else is she interested in?

  1. Cool designed control panel. In a high-tech bathroom, she looks just super.
  2. The machine runs very quietly, and the inverter motor (10 year warranty) makes it also reliable.

The inverter motor does not need a belt as a drive, which means that the motor itself and the drive mechanism will break less often.

  1. The machine really cool removes persistent dirt even without bleach and other terrible chemistry. Effective and environmentally friendly.
  2. This technique applies to steam washing machines. This is cool, although my wife and I do not use this feature.
  3. The hatch is very large and easy to open. If necessary, you can add more things to the laundry, which is already in the drum. If I wash, be sure to forget something. A small hatch, which is located at the top of the main hatch, helps out, it can be opened at almost any moment without consequences.

Spin is also good, the selection of programs is not bad, but loading the drum could be more. The last time they wanted to wash a large blanket and could not. It was necessary to make at least 7.5-8 kg. If to distribute as a percentage what I like about this washing machine and what not, I would say that I like 90% of all bells and whistles. And 10% is not, from which it follows that the machine is good! She is far from the best, but she is still normal.

Sergey, MoscowSamsung WW65K52E69S

The second year I’ve washed everything that I can in this machine, even sneakers, and even once she did not allow herself to ruin the thing. Maybe I'm doing everything right, or maybe there the functions are so well chosen, I don’t know. Her design is stylish, modern and very attractive. Five points!

Yuri, Saratov

The machine is made for people, everything is wise. A large drum with the possibility of additional loading of linen. Very quiet, you can not even hear how the water is typed. Again, the experts worked on the appearance. I especially like the backlight of the control panel. Glad to purchase!

Sergey, Rostov-on-Don

I am delighted with the 15 minute wash cycle. I used to have Indesit, so there the shortest program lasted almost 45 minutes. You know, it’s very annoying when you throw a few things in the machine that are not very dirty, just to refresh them, and she chatters them for 45 minutes. The Samsung WW65K52E69S has nothing of the kind, the choice of modes is large and most importantly, these modes are diverse. It is also very good that the machine works much quieter than Indesit. Many thanks to the developers!

Shamil, St. Petersburg

There is a feeling that the machine is too “overfed” by innovations. There are so many things in it, but is it necessary? So I personally just erase it, I don’t use any additional functions, why did I pay for them then. It was necessary to take the machine easier and cheaper.

Eduard, Tolyatti

The downside of this machine is only one - the price. Not to say that it is fabulous, but still the machine is not so accessible. I got it for $ 550, I had to take it on credit, because I did not meet the planned costs for the purchase of equipment.I like the wash, I did not regret that I got it!

Opinions of women

Alexandra, Pskov

Samsung WW65K52E69S was taken last year at a big sale. We threw off a third of the cost, so we had to pay only 380 dollars. How well she erases in comparison with the ancient Beko, which I finally got rid of. You can’t imagine what a relief it is when you can completely rely on the typewriter, at least in matters of washing clothes. Five points model without hesitation!

Daria, Novokuznetsk

She is undoubtedly worth her money. This machine rescued me for the first time, when I removed the stains of wine from the dress that I wanted to throw out. There is definitely something in the bubble wash. I now tell all my friends about this incident. Still, technology is developing very rapidly today.

Samsung WW65K52E69S panel

Julia, Rybinsk

This washer is narrow and roomy at the same time. A wide hatch allows you to throw things without even bending: he lowered his hand, threw it, went on for the next portion. You can throw a lot, up to 6.5 kg, although I probably throw more, because the laundry has never been weighed. The machine uses powder very economically, makes little noise and has an organic control panel. I recommend to buy!

I am glad that this machine has two manhole covers - a small one is attached directly to a large one. You can open a little while washing and throw more laundry.

Tatyana, Sochi

My typewriter has been almost a year and a half, and she washes everything just as well. I try to take good care of her: I ventilate the hatch and the powder tray, wipe the control panel and the walls of the case, clean the trash filter several times. The old machine shook violently during the spin cycle, I was always afraid that it would jump somewhere. Samsung is fine, and there isn’t much noise. I am very happy to buy!

Oksana, Khabarovsk

This narrow washing machine showed itself very poorly. The crescent only worked and broke. Electronics was covered in such a way that even the masters spread their hands, they said it was necessary to change the control module. In the store I was given the opportunity to hand over the machine and take a new one. I chose Virpul instead and do not regret it. Since then, I consider Samsung unreliable cars!


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