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Reviews on the washing machine Miele WDA 101

Miele WDA 101 reviewsA solid, full-sized washing machine assembled in Germany at a price of around $ 850. Is it possible? Given the current exchange rate of the euro and how it affects the value of European goods, let's say that this is impossible. In reality, not everything is so bad. Take a look at the Miele WDA 101 washing machine, it has excellent functionality, high-quality components and the most German assembly. We’ll see customer reviews and you can take it.

Opinions of men

Eugene, Omsk

I looked after this washer a year ago in one large household appliance store. All sellers were busy, so I began to study its characteristics and in just 15 minutes I wanted this “home assistant” to be in my bathroom. Judge for yourself.

  1. Loading things as much as 7 kg. Currently, this is not a record, but I did not pursue records. I only realized that in such a big drum you can easily wash: a plaid, jacket, blanket, pillows and any other large things that can be washed. With the exception of large carpets and other huge textile products that are washed on special equipment.
  2. Controlled spin at speeds up to 1400 rpm. The speed can be set at will and even change it during the program.
  3. Complete protection against leaks. This means that everything is protected in this machine. Even if the hose bursts in three places from a water hammer, not a drop of water will fall on the floor.

If leakage protection on the inlet or drain hose works, it will have to be replaced.

  1. 21 washing modes. Each program is designed wisely, so there are no unclaimed ones. Personally, I used each of these programs at least once.
  2. Excellent quality of washing, rinsing and spinning. After Mila, things do not smell like powder, because the machine rinses them soundly in plenty of water. Miele WDA 101 Classic - saves resources wisely, not at the expense of quality laundry care.
  3. The tank of this machine is not plastic like all others, it is made of high-quality German stainless steel, as in the good old days.

Miele WDA 101To everything else I will say that this washer is very energy efficient. It belongs to the class A +++, and this is very good. In general, making a purchase decision, I waited for the seller, paid $ 833 and refused delivery, because I arrived at the store in a minibus, and took my older brother as an assistant.

That was reckless of me. An ordinary modern washing machine weighs an average of 60 kg. Miele WDA 101 weighs 94 kg, I did not pay attention to this parameter in the specifications. For my carelessness, I paid with my torn back, but that's not the point. The weight of the machine is bad only when carrying it, but in the process, it makes it more stable. Powerful balances prevent the body from vibrating and swaying, and in general make the work of the "home assistant" much quieter.

Now, after a while, I was convinced that I was able to buy just a chic machine. No wonder my heart skipped a beat when I first saw it. One thing only haunts me: why didn't the manufacturer in such a cool machine provide protection from children? In my opinion, this is a big omission. Otherwise, everything is great, five points!

Alexander, Ekaterinburg

Before you go to the store for a typewriter, I climbed a bunch of forums, talked with experts, read thematic articles on different sites and decided to take a European-style washer. I really liked AEG AMS7000Ubut after reading more about it, I realized that it’s better to see something else. As a result, the Miele WDA 101 ended up in my bathroom. In short, I am extremely pleased. Things after washing in this machine are perfectly clean, and besides, I noticed that they do not spoil at all.

I used to have a Samsung washing machine. After a while, sweaters and shirts, which I washed in it regularly, rolled up, and later burst.Mile treats things with care and from this they serve much longer. Previously, I completely changed all the shirts in the wardrobe about once every two years. Now, I have shirts that are four years old, and they look like new. Draw conclusions. Yes, I had to pay a lot for a typewriter, but how much I saved on things in two years can’t be counted. Miele WDA 101 is definitely worth the money, no matter what they say.

Sergey, Samara

Great German assembly machine. Quality is felt in everything, I think it will last at least 15 years, but this is not the main thing. The most basic thing is that the machine erases cool, but it does not look too good. From my point of view, it is too bulky and heavy, but this can not be considered a minus, because a lot of weight gives stability. The machine better resists the negative effects of centrifugal force. She also has a beautiful display and easy operation. I recommend to buy!

Valery, Novosibirsk

Miele WDA 101 honestly fulfills its core function. It erases efficiently without any deception, and if the machine erases well, then powders with optical brighteners are not needed. Personally, when I took this washer, I generally stopped buying expensive powder for an automatic machine. I take a cheap one, and the result is always five plus. The minuses of the machine are few: high price, rather large dimensions and weight. These shortcomings do not bother me, so I give the highest rating.

Yuri, Tomsk

Bought a washing machine 2.5 years ago. For all the time not a single, even the slightest gripe. Beautiful, reliable, low noise model. I start it about three times a week, sometimes I wash my shoes and outerwear. I recommend to buy.

Opinions of womenMiele WDA 101 reviews

Julia, Nefteyugansk

When this machine first appeared in our house, I almost scolded my husband for an unreasonably expensive purchase, because the washing machine can be taken half as much cheaper. Moreover, the functionality of her, at first glance, seemed to me poor. Actually it only seems. Factory programs can be adjusted with user settings, which expands the capabilities of the machine at times. In general, it will take at least six months to fully understand the Miele WDA 101, but then you will be truly satisfied.

Larisa, St. Petersburg

I really wanted the Mile machine, but the prices for them “bite”, because they collect this equipment mainly in Germany. About a year ago, unexpectedly, I came across a Miele WDA 101 in a store and made a purchase almost immediately. This machine has no equal in quality of washing, in any case, I do not know such a technique. Large load, easy operation and true German reliability. Five points!

Miele WDA 101 is even seemingly powerful and reliable.

Elena, Rybinsk

Good machine, I have been working for many years. It erases a lot and carefully, spends a little powder. It is assembled in Germany from quality spare parts for conscience. I am very glad that I managed to take it, because it costs a lot.


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