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Reviews on the LG F12U1HDN5 washing machine

LG F12U1HDN5 reviewsMost likely, you are looking for a narrow washing machine. But not just narrow, but one that would have good drum capacity, with a volume of at least six kilograms, and at the same time have a low price. According to these criteria, the LG F12U1HDN5 washing machine may suit you, because its load is 7 kg, which is good news. But here is how she behaves when washing, users will tell us about this. Compare male and female opinions about this machine.

The opinion of men

Sanek101987, Kursk

The very first automatic washer was bought by my parents in 2005, it still works. I decided to take a washer of the same brand myself, it turned out that the model is very similar. The most important thing in it is compactness and direct drive, which ensures quiet operation and durability. I advise you too!

Py4eglaz, Moscow

Hello! The table in front of me is a difficult question, which washing machine to choose? Samsung wanted it at first, but persistent consultants turned our attention to LG brand technology. A lot of information on the Internet, customer reviews, a huge selection of models overwhelmed the head. As a result, we settled on the model F12U1HDN5. In general, first impressions, the most positive: quiet work, high-quality washing, design ... Six months have passed, nothing has changed, there are no complaints. Let's hope that it lasts a long time, I put 5 with a plus.

In a century, he believed the seller, and it didn’t work out to me.


Super automatic machine that works really quietly. Attractive touchpad and simple convenient operation. Cool erases and wringes, no additional rinsing is required, which can not be said about the old typewriter. The first time the whole powder and its smell are rinsed out. In short, a good-quality typewriter, of high build quality, albeit a Russian one. And in reality it looks much better than in the pictures.

I must say about the minus the touch panel, it is sensitive. If you hurt, it might work, but it’s not critical. And another moment, the duration of the program is shown on the display only after the machine determines the weight of the laundry. In principle, you get used to it. I didn’t notice any shortcomings anymore, therefore I recommend this new product with programming function via smartphone.

Alexanderwasher LG F12U1HDN5

At first I was very happy with this purchase, but after two months I took up my head. The machine was installed in accordance with all the rules, but at 800 rpm it starts to vibrate terribly. The collection and discharge of water is accompanied by even greater noise, as if the turbine was standing. Having called the service center via a smartphone, we performed a diagnostic of the machine, the master said that there were no problems, referred to the fact that we were loading the drum. But how a towel can give an overload is strange. My indignation can be painted on 3 volumes, but I will say briefly - do not take such a machine, it is not worth it. The service centers and those support were denied, we will now use this "coffin."


I like the home appliances of a Korean company, manufacturers are trying. And this narrow LG F12U1HDN5 washing machine is a real miracle, it erases perfectly and works silently. The design is stylish, but I have not noticed the cons yet. But the joint was still in it, although it was their own fault. We checked the car after the purchase, it worked fine, but then I had to move. In the new apartment, the machine stood without connection for six months, and when they started to wash, there was an overflow of water that leaked through the door.

As a result, they forcedly drained the water, started idle work, and the machine began to wash normally. The master of the service center said that while the washer was in it, some gum was dried, which is responsible for the level of water intake. Despite the case, we like her and we recommend her.


I bought a washing machine about a year ago, since the old Beko machine broke down. The design of the control panel immediately catches your eye, it looks gorgeous.The second point is a quiet operation, even a very quiet one, at first checking if the equipment was working at all. The disadvantage is that during the spin cycle for the first 2-3 seconds the drum knocks on the door. These are the design features that are described in the instructions. If you don’t hammer the drum too much, then there is no knocking. In general, my wife is happy with the machine.

The opinion of women


When my husband brought this "home assistant", I was very happy, especially when I found out how beautiful and spacious she was. But joy quickly gave way to disappointment, because the machine is almost impossible to use normally. The fact is that “intelligent” washing does not allow you to set the usual settings. I want to wash faster, and she herself increases the washing time.

Specially conducted an experiment to return from rest. I loaded 4 kg of various towels and other things, the machine washed them for almost 4 hours, but it was not possible to reconfigure it. This option does not suit me, I will get rid of the machine.

TatyanaLG F12U1HDN5

The machine erases thoroughly, that's what I like. I even have a mother, an ardent opponent of washing machines, an automatic machine, and then I am pleased with the cleanliness of pastels after LG F12U1HDN5, but I completely trust this washer. It is very good that the latest generation washing machines are doing less and less in depth, and the drum is expanding:

  • this is convenient when laying clothes, since such machines have a wide hatch;
  • it is effective because the washing quality is noticeably higher;
  • it looks very attractive, immediately visible designers tried their best.

It's great that the machine has so many washing programs and functions in its memory. I still haven’t figured it out with everyone. Although so far I have not met anything unnecessary. And this means that the manufacturer stuffed the machine “to the eyeballs”, collecting almost all the best. I evaluate the washing machine on a solid five, I did not find any flaws!


Something really painful people write about the LG F12U1HDN5 washer. Personally, I don’t understand what is so wonderful about her. Well, although I guess, because many people judge a product by wrapping. Yes, the machine looks beautiful, you won’t find fault, but if you look under this very wrapper, there are some drawbacks inside. Count for yourself.

  1. It draws water, erases, and especially rinses very noisy. Someone wrote that the machine is quiet, however. If the walls in your house are thick as in a bunker, then you can’t hear it, but we residents of the Khrushchev’s apartment building were not so lucky.
  2. Blocking children’s interference is a separate song. You turn on this same lock, and the panel is not completely blocked, the on / off button remains. "Small" this "trick" from the second time glades, now you just turn away, he comes up and cuts down the machine.
  3. The price is high. The car has a bunch of unnecessary "bells and whistles", which, of course, are included in the price.
  4. All normal washing programs are very long. On older LG washers, the programs were more adequate, but here you wait for hours until the machine finishes washing.

I had to master the delayed start and night wash, it is inconvenient for me, and the noise again.

I do not know how the other owners, but I regret that I chose this machine. From my point of view, the manufacturer is too smart with the washing modes, with functions, and indeed with the technical equipment of LG F12U1HDN5. Bad model.


I have been using the washing machine for a long time, but the LG F12U1HDN5 is without a doubt the best. First of all, she erases the best. Rinsing and spinning are also at their best, while the “home assistant” is economical. Immediately when it was installed, the hoses were short, I had to buy longer ones. But this incident did not overshadow the positive impression of the machine. I almost forgot about it almost immediately, now I praise the LG F12U1HDN5 to my friends.


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  1. Gravatar Marina Marina:

    We recently purchased this machine. But we can’t set the time.
    How to regulate it. Where are these 59 minutes?

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