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Reviews on the LG F12B8QD5 washing machine

reviews LG F12B8QD5Do not believe that you can buy a washing machine with a load of 7 kg within 450 dollars? Pay attention to the standard LG F12B8QD5 washing machine with direct drive. When this model first appeared, our experts did not even believe that such a sophisticated machine can cost so cheap, but the fact remains. In search of a trick, we decided to turn to the reviews of the owners of such machines, maybe it is the users who know some tricky secrets and share with us?

Positive opinions

Olesya, Kamen-on-Ob

Pulled myself this machine with a big discount when exchanging for old equipment. For the ninth month I am happy when I wash. You can really cram a lot of things into a 7 kg drum or wash something big. My old machine did not accept my husband's down jacket, apparently too big for a 5 kg drum. The standard LG F12B8QD5 washing machine does not create such problems. I even tried wash the tent in the washing machine, the result is amazing, no matter how much I suffer with my hands. In short, five with three pluses of this car.

Marina, Orsk

I have long dreamed of such a washing machine, but everyone thought that there wasn’t enough money. But then I accidentally went into a hardware store with a friend, and I saw the LG F12B8QD5. She immediately caught the attention of the number seven on the lid of the detergent dispenser. And when I looked at the other technical specifications, and then at the price, then all doubts disappeared. I thought, this is the machine that I have been looking for so long, and most importantly, she can afford it.

All expectations from the machine were met, the quality of washing and spinning is high, the programs work “like a Swiss watch”, everything is super!

Yana, Moscow

When buying, I considered three washing machines: Bosch, Electrolux, LG. I bought LG F12B8QD5, because at that time it was better than the others in terms of price and quality. I am glad that she has a half load and auto-weighing of linen, which saves water and electricity. Also very useful mode is children's clothing. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Irina, KazanLG F12B8QD5 control panel

Six months ago, I was confused by buying a washing machine. Since I am very poorly versed in technology, I called a friend to help. We examined about a dozen cars, including this one. To be honest, I was more inclined to buy a Bosch brand car, maybe the advertisement worked for me, I don’t know, I wanted German quality. But a friend insisted on taking a LG direct drive washing machine. I did not regret that we chose LG F12B8QD5, the machine is just a dream.

  • Protection against child intervention.
  • Direct drive, which increases the life of the machine.
  • Very roomy drum.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Very high quality rinse and spin at high speed.
  • Many useful washing programs of different durations, you can easily pick up what you need.

I will not use any other machine now. From now on, I'm a fan of LG technology.

Ivan, Samara

I see in this washing machine some advantages.

  • Firstly, the design, it is universal, suitable for any style of room decoration.
  • Secondly, the load is 7 kg, you can wash what was previously handed over to dry cleaning.
  • Thirdly, the noise, even when the drum rotates at a speed of 1200 revolutions, the machine is not too loud.
  • Fourth, there are different functions like auto-weighing, which is also good, although I don’t understand why this is all.
  • And fifthly, the washing machine is not expensive, in particular, I got it for 420 dollars. Draw conclusions.

Alena, St. Petersburg

When I bought a typewriter, I was amazed how smooth the inside drum was. You put your hand on the inner surface and nowhere do you feel any burrs. Another thing is my old Indesit 2296XW, which is now working in a country house in the village. The inner surface of the drum, like the working surface of a grater, even chop the vegetables in it. Well, where is the laundry spoiling, will not.

I also liked the LG F12B8QD5 because of its appearance and the presence of a small screen that shows how the program is being executed. Of course, the main thing is the loading of the drum, as much as 7 kg, you can cram it from the heart. What I used to erase in two steps, now I erase in one. There is a saving of time, water and electricity. There is also a delay in launch, which I also use with success.

Negative opinions

Valentina, Vladivostok

For 14 years I used the Bosch washing machine, a little less than a year the washer “didn’t live” until its fifteenth birthday. When the master said that it could not be returned, I mourned the typewriter as a pet. Instead, I bought a standard LG F12B8QD5 washing machine and was very disappointed.

It seems like a modern “sophisticated” machine, it should be “cool” incredibly, but in fact “zilch”.

LG F12B8QD5 powder receiverMy old bosh did better. LG leaves soapy foam on clothes, although it seems to rinse for a long time and thoroughly. It makes a lot of noise when it is wrung out, but you can put up with it, but why it makes a nasty bubbling sound when drawing water, it is not clear that Bosch did not. In addition, after washing at high temperature from the drum it begins to carry burnt rubber.

Pavel, Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Awful machine. During the spin cycle at 1200 rpm, it collapsed on its side, crushing several bubbles with liquid products. Such a pogrom in the bathroom came out, which is just awful. At least the inlet hose did not come off, then the neighbors would be flooded from below. Why did I buy this machine, because it was immediately clear that these “axes” are doing in Russia, and now they are not doing anything good.

Elena, Moscow

After the second wash on this machine, the hatch door broke. She just stopped closing. The master came only a week later. Although I repaired the machine in 30 minutes, I’m still unhappy because I had to do without a washing machine for a whole week. Now a new problem has organized - the display is buggy. The machine seems to be erasing, everything is fine, but instead of useful information, points are displayed on the display, some sticks. Again, you need to call the master, "sickened" this washer.


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