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Reviews on the washing machine LG E10B8ND

LG E10B8ND reviewsThe washing machines of the Korean brand LG are in demand, and therefore they are often searched for information on the Internet. Most of the equipment of this brand is assembled either in Russia or in China, and therefore consumers are primarily interested in quality. The most detailed information about this can be found either from the masters of service centers, or from buyers. What people think about the LG E10B8ND washing machine is presented below.


Suro4ik, Oryol

When moving to a new place of residence, I had to buy a new washing machine. For a long time choosing, I settled on the model E10B8ND. Installed independently according to the instructions. We are not disappointed with the purchase, but are satisfied:

  • It fits perfectly in the bathroom due to its compact size.
  • Clear in control, the instruction is written in an accessible language.
  • A wide range of programs, including the delayed start function. There is a child protection system.
  • The washing machine copes with pollution very well.
  • With a volume of 6 kg, you can wash the plaid.
  • No extension cord needed to connect to electricity.
  • The manufacturer declares a 10 year engine warranty.

There are still minuses, but insignificant. It makes noise during spinning and exits with an annoying sound signal. All in all, a good technique.

Olga, SaratovLG E10B8ND washer

I do not regret buying a washing machine at all. I didn’t even bother with the manufacturer, but I had to choose among the models. I bought this model because it has 13 programs. There are both long and short wash for half an hour. I like the function of cleaning the drum, as well as auto-weighing. After the washing cycle, the laundry is wrung out superbly, while the machine does not make much noise. Previously, there was a washing machine by Indesit, which worked for 15 years. This company was bought on the advice of a master, since it has a direct drive. I recommend to buy.

Zamoro4ka, Ulan-Ude

When choosing a washing machine, I was guided by the economy in relation to water and energy. In my opinion, everything is provided for in this car. Auto-weighing allows you to draw water depending on weight. I like automatic locking from children in this model, and from the programs I like “baby clothes”, everything is stretched and rinsed on it.

On the large digital display you can see the time remaining until the end of the program, as well as error codes. The disadvantage is that there is water in the cuff that needs to be wiped so that it does not foul. The signal upon completion is very loud, in a two-story house you can hear in any room.

Elena, Asbest

The washing machine was bought by us on the eve of the New Year 2014, when Indesit broke down, having worked for 11 years. LG liked the direct drive, and therefore quiet operation. Washes everything perfectly. At this price, for quality you can put 5 points with three pluses.

The only, but very small drawback, is the water in the cuff. Even the machine turns off after washing itself, which is very pleasing, I also liked programs such as “No folds”, “Super rinse”. In general, the machine was lucky.



We bought this washing machine for our parents, without thinking about its pros and cons, only now we understand that it was necessary to read customer reviews. For some time she generally stood, then they began to exploit. The modes in it are not bad, for example, like for 30 minutes. It erases and rinses normally, in principle, and makes noise within normal limits.

But the drum hatch is small, the door closes with great effort. In addition, the machine vibrates and jumps, although it stands at the level. In the cons can also be called flimsy buttons and body.

bob4, Moscow

I do not like this washer of the Russian assembly. She jumps a lot, helps nothing, every time she moves from her place. The imbalance is clearly nothing to do with it, as they say in the instructions, complete nonsense. I have been using automatic washers for many years, not one has behaved like that. Not a washer, but trash.

LG E10B8ND washing machine

Anna, Tyumen

The machine has a nice design, it does a good job of washing clothes.However, when it begins to wring and spin at high speeds, it knocks heavily. What is the reason, it is not clear, since the car is level. Disappointed with such a technique work.

Svetlana, Roslavl

I have been operating the washing machine for six months now, I do not advise anyone to take the same. I do not argue that she erases well and does not even make noise at the same time. But every time there is water in the cuff, which, if left there, will stink badly. Poorly rinsing things washed with capsules, although Samsung did the same task well. Conclusion: I do not recommend.

Catherine, Khanty-Mansiysk

I am not happy with the LG washing machine, after all, a well-promoted brand. Old cheap and it was better to wash. I do not agree with a load of 6 kg, in my opinion, it hardly even enters 5 kg, naturally this affects the quality of the wash. I can’t say that it is quiet, with the door closed it is very audible. Many people write about the water remaining after washing in the cuff, but this is the lesser evil. The fact that she vibrates and moves, it annoys more. It also seems very strange that there is no heating of water to 30 degrees, there is, for some reason, 20 and 40, although many clothes, they say, need to be washed at 30. Do not take this technique.

So, after reading about two hundred different opinions, we noticed that about 85% of them are positive. Most people like the machine, despite some disadvantages. There are few negative impressions, anything can happen. Good luck with your purchase!


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