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Reviews on the washing machine Indesit IWUB 4085

reviews for Indesit IWUB 4085Those who want to save on record purchases of equipment often pay attention to the Indesit IWUB 4085 washing machine, as well as to the model with the CIS prefix. Automatic narrow washing machine Indesit IWUB 4085 usually costs no more than two hundred dollars. It seems superfluous to say that similar equipment from competitors costs in no way cheaper than 230-250 dollars, which means that there is a saving. The only problem is that potential buyers are often scared away by rumors about the unreliability of Indesit cars. Should you trust these rumors?


Catherine, Moscow

The machine was able to buy really profitable. Now she is not idle with us, she has been erasing the second year in a day. The controls are simple and convenient, often I select the “Quick wash” mode. Besides him, he likes the “Shoes” mode. The previous machine spoiled things, so I got rid of it, this thing does not spoil, treats them very carefully. Not to say that it is noisy, but not quiet - normal. She successfully entered the kitchen under the countertop, so we didn’t even have to redo the furniture. My family is happy!

The top cover is removed from the machine

Eugene, Smolensk

Cheap, narrow and unpretentious. From previouswashing machine Bosch WLG 24060 OE there were problems, the intake valve filter was constantly clogged, since there was water with impurities, Indesit had no such problems. The machine chatts a bit during the spin cycle, but the body compensates for the centrifugal force quite tolerably. For six months the work did not break, so a good washer.

Lily, NovosibirskIndesit IWUB 4085 powder collector

Low price, tolerant loading and normal washing quality. In principle, you can dream of such a machine. I will not say anything about quality so far, since I have only been using the washer for 5 months. The set of programs suits, it is gratifying that shoes can be washed in this machine, I used to think that shoes cannot be washed in machines. There is a delayed start, which I sometimes use, you can choose the time. All in all, a good technique.

Andrew, Lipetsk

I will not talk much about this typewriter, since eulogies on the network can be found without my feedback. I will list separately the pros of this washing machine and separately the cons. I'll start with the merits.

  1. Very, well, just a very low price. I managed to get a car on sale with a crazy discount of 35%.
  2. Quietly draws water, quietly erases, but the spin is quiet.
  3. Not jumping, while I did not lay any rubber mats under the typewriter. She stands right on the linoleum, though in level.
  4. Normal selection of programs. For any occasion.

Then I’ll say a few words about the cons. Keep in mind that I singled out these shortcomings for myself, so to some they may seem subjective.

  • Inconvenient powder receptacle, and more specifically the location of the compartments.
  • There is no way to wash clothes without spinning. But you also have to erase what you can’t squeeze.
  • The trash filter is located quite low, so it is inconvenient to drain the water.

The overall impression is positive, but if you consider how much money I gave for this equipment, then everything is fine. Satisfied, like a cat overeating sour cream.


Anna, Irkutsk

I bought this machine to my son in a hostel. He studies at the institute and lives in a room with two guys, so there is no way to do without a washer. It seems to be a good one, but the risk of breakage is very high, since even with the appearance this washing machine is unreliable. Perhaps you should not buy such a car home.

Tatyana, Kostroma

My grandmother bought this washing machine two months ago, now we somehow, pushing the seller, returned it to the store. Just terrible quality, the washing machine practically does not work. My friend works in a large household appliance store, he then advised me to get rid of the machine as quickly as possible. The manufacturer has no conscience; it’s not good to deceive the elderly.

Lyuba, MoscowIndesit IWUB 4085 control panel

At first, the machine washed well, I was pleased that I was able to take the normal equipment and save money. I decided to buy it by reading the customer reviews that I read on the selling site.Three months later, the car suddenly smoked, terribly scaring me. It's good that I was there and quickly pulled the machine out of the socket. Now I am afraid of the Indesit technique and will never trust it again.

Nikolay, Barnaul

Dumb washing machine with far-fetched characteristics. It works terribly when the drum is spinning, a metal clang and a knock are clearly heard. I suspect that soon I will run into an expensive repair. Well, here, as usual, I saved on buying a car, you will give as much for its repair. In order not to be unfounded, I’ll tell you about her “jambs”.

  1. The powder is poorly washed off inside the tray.
  2. You choose some programs, but you can’t start them, because the washing machine freezes.
  3. Strong knocking and other extraneous noise during operation.
  4. The drum holds little laundry.
  5. The washing quality is very poor.

I don’t know how you would perceive it, but I was very disappointed in the purchase. With grief I wanted to even throw the machine. Now I’m selling it on the Internet flea market, maybe at least some pennies can be returned.


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