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Reviews on the washing machine Indesit IWSD 51051

reviews on Indesit IWSD 51051If you are interested in a narrow washing machine Indesit IWSD 51051 CIS, it will be good to carefully study the reviews of a large number of real users. What for? Yes, just too much suspicious in this machine. Firstly, the super low price, and secondly, rumors about the unreliability of Indesit equipment, which are distributed, in particular, by sellers of large stores and washing machine repair technicians. We do not trust the rumors, so we decided to turn to more objective information - the opinions of the owners of the machine we are interested in.

Men's opinions

Ivan, Khabarovsk

You will laugh, but I got this machine for only $ 200. I sold the whole brain to the seller asking if such a cheap equipment is reliable and whether it can be counted on that it will work. He didn’t tell me anything intelligible, but he focused on the warranty period during which you can contact the service center for free maintenance and repair. In general, I thought for some time and decided to take a chance.

On a typewriter, the spouse erases, on average, 4-5 times a week and has been going on for 1 year and 9 months. She is very pleased with the purchase, still recalls how good it was that she managed to get such a cool machine and save money. For myself, I decided that from now on I would not be afraid of cheap equipment, because the modern market offers fairly cheap and at the same time normal in quality goods.

Wife claims that Indesit does much better than many Asian-made automatic washing machines.

Eugene, Krasnodar

The price tag is beautiful, the door is large, it erases perfectly. There is a panel on which you can see how much is left until the end of the wash. For 7 months of work, it never broke. A bit noisy, in addition, on a short program, the machine does not heat the water. Otherwise, everything is cool, I recommend!

Sergey, Tyumen

I took the car 2 years ago to a rented apartment. At first there were problems with vibration, the washer hopped around the kitchen. Bought and spreadanti-vibration mats for the washing machine and the problem was solved. Now I already have my own apartment, but I took Indesit’s car, because it completely suits me.Indesit IWSD 51051 powder collector

It is reliable, practical, perfectly erases. In addition, unlike many modern washers, the machine completely rinses out the powder and squeezes normally. At the same time, the washer is simple, anyone can handle the control. Until it breaks, I will use it.

Victor, Saratov

Relatively small, fit just under the countertop. It has been working well for 1.5 years. Programs are selected even better than expensive cars. I really like the shoe washing program, as I am an amateur soccer player and have to wash my boots often. To date, the machine has risen slightly in price, but still the price remains affordable. Recommend!

Andrey, Moscow

I can’t say anything good about this washer because it broke a month after the start of washing. I counted, she could not stand even ten starts, because the engine burned out. I threw claims of the seller, from the answer I realized that the machine will be able to change. I’ll take LG in return, I’ll have to pay extra, but I will erase it without any problems.

Yuri, Dmitrov

This machine has played a cruel joke with me. I worked, you bastard, exactly one year and two months, despite the fact that the warranty is 1 year. Now the programs turn on, but the drum does not spin and the washing machine freezes. What to do with this, I can’t imagine. Repair will come out expensive, but now I have tight finances. He bought a car on his own head, he knew that Indesit is a "hat"!

Women's opinions

Marina, St. Petersburg

The period of use of the washing machine is 3 years. For all this time, I did not find almost any flaws in the washer, everything is fine. There are some little things, but I will not remember them. The powder receptacle was changed once, because I pulled too much and tore off its front wall.The washing machine consumes little water and electricity, while there are no problems with the washing. The washing modes are very different, from ultrashort in 15 minutes to long ones, providing the maximum quality of washing.

There is a very good shoe washing program. I use it constantly.

The machine is not demanding on washing powders. I usually erase the cheapest, but the result is still normal. In general, for those who want to save money, this washing machine is a normal option. I heard that Indesit washing machines often break, but my experience suggests that this is just gossip spread by competitors.

Tatyana, SlavgorodIndesit IWSD 51051 control panel

Satisfied completely, because it's just a good machine without unnecessary technical bells and whistles. A 5 kg drum is suitable for a family of 3 people. In any case, we have enough. Easy to operate, wide sunroof, easy installation, well, high quality washing. I don’t need anything else, five points!

Julia, Omsk

Indesit is my first automatic washing machine. She worked perfectly for 1.5 years, now she has started to “burp out”. Something happened with electronic control. About 9 programs out of 16 refuse to start, water is typed slowly, moreover, the washer often shuts off spontaneously. I will call the master, I hope the machine is still under repair.

Irina, Kemerovo

Do not buy the Indesit IWSD 51051 washing machine, you will quickly be disappointed. A year ago, this washer was bought at the cottage, it worked a little, and for the second summer season we could not turn it on. My husband checked the network cable and some electrics, everything is fine, but the machine does not turn on. As a result, we dragged her into the barn, and she is still gathering dust there. A crappy washer, even for a summer cottage!


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