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Reviews on the washing machine Indesit IWSC 61051

reviews for Indesit IWSC 61051Under the Indesit brand, inexpensive washing machines are traditionally produced. Some consumers are quite happy with them, but there are many opponents who claim that these washers of very low quality do not wash well and break quickly. Our masters also faced low-quality models of Indesit washing machines, but we will not generalize. This time, we drew attention to the Indesit IWSC 61051 washing machine, we ask users to rate it.


Alexander, Krasnogorsk

For such a price, a wonderful machine and quite reliable. In any case, I have had no problems for 2.5 years. The first year I almost didn’t use it, I went around on business trips, got married a year and a half ago, now we start the machine once every two days. The main advantages of the washing machine: a drum, into which you can cram up to 6 kg of laundry and an extraction of 1000 rpm. The washing quality is average, before I had to use machines that washed better.

The machine doesn’t rinse the powder out too well, you have to put a second rinse, especially when we wash the baby’s things.

Angelina, Moscow

Inexpensive washer with a normal volume, in fact because of this, I bought it. You can adjust the spin speed, I usually put 800 revolutions, I rarely put 1000. The temperature of the water heating is also regulated, which is also not bad, because many Indesitok cannot be regulated. Washing takes place silently, while spinning it is a little audible. There are plenty of programs, it is easy to choose what is needed depending on the type of fabric. Well, she looks pretty, I’ve been using it for the tenth month, there’s no problem.

Eugene, Odessa

When I bought this machine 2 years ago, I was very surprised that the cost is low, and the characteristics are good. In particular, it is roomy - 6 kg of laundry, normal spin, and there are many programs. I honestly thought that the machine would not work for a long time, but to this day it erases well and does not think to break. Let it continue to work, I am satisfied.

Oksana, KievIndesit IWSC 61051 powder collector

We erase a lot. For three years, probably, tons of 20 linen was rubbed, still four children. At the same time, the machine never even hung, which surprises me, because the old Electrolux periodically broke. I frankly did not think that a cheap washer would turn out to be better than an expensive one in quality, I probably don’t understand something in this life. Maybe just lucky. Very good washing machine, Indesit brand I now trust! The advantages of our washer are as follows:

  • 6 kg volume drum;
  • convenient management;
  • an amazing set of washing modes;
  • good spin, which, if desired, can be started at a speed of 1000 rpm;
  • Eco Time function.

Maria, Lviv

I took the car because of the low price and due to the fact that it was suitable in size, more precisely in depth. Like the management, it is easy and allows a lot of things to the hostess. With the same thermostat, if you need to wash it in cold water, just put the handle in the “snowflake” position, if you need to bring the water almost to a boil, then set it to 90 degrees. The same with the spin, you can put it without spin, and you can choose the speed, up to 1000 rpm. I take good care of the machine, so there is no mold or dirt inside. Five points for quality!


Vladimir, Rostov-on-Don

After two months of operation, this machine immediately got a problem, it began to take water for a long time. When I started to deal with the problem, it turned out that her inlet valve did not open well, I had to replace it. Six months later, the washing machine refused to drain the water due to the fact that the pump was covered.

After some time, I changed the hatch lock device.

Now I can have an educational program about fault repair washing machine IndesitBut do I need it? I would love to buy not a designer, but a normal car.I wish the manufacturers of such equipment to wash their whole lives on such a machine, maybe then they will learn to think not only about their pocket, but also about people.

Indesit IWSC 61051 control panel

Yaroslav, Kiev

It rumbles terribly, if you put a spin at 1000 rpm, the furniture standing around the washer begins to "speak different voices." The washing quality is average, but there were incidents, a month ago, the machine tore a new duvet cover. And I did not even understand how this happened. The wife swears, makes the car sell, it seems that she will have to do it, but she didn’t work for a year. So they saved, saved the family budget, outwitted themselves.

Catherine, Kiev

At first, we really liked the machine, it seems that the controls are simple, it erased well, and the load is big. The price is again low. However, six months later, problems began. At first, during the spin cycle, the sound of iron on iron began to differ. Then this knock became constant, and recently the rotation of the drum accompanies a terrible metal clang. The foreman was called, and he told us that the bearings had collapsed, and we got to an expensive repair. Now we are thinking what to do with my husband, it seems cheaper to change the machine. I am very disappointed, writing a negative review!


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