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Reviews on the washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085

reviews for Indesit IWSB 5085Record cheap washing machine Indesit IWSB 5085 is actively discussed by users on dozens of selling sites and on hundreds of thematic forums and blogs on the Internet. The people's attention is understandable, a very inexpensive washing machine with decent characteristics, even somehow suspiciously. In more detail about this machine we will ask to tell users who have owned it for more than 6 months. Perhaps they will dispel our doubts.

Opinions of men

Artem, Verkhnyaya Pyshma

The machine has been in operation for 10 months, and I bought it more than a year ago. Frankly, I did not really hope that this washing machine would work well. The calculation was that I am constantly on business trips, I’m rarely at home and have to wash rarely. It’s kind of silly to buy an expensive automatic washing machine if you’re at home for a total of 4 months a year.

Oh well, these are my personal problems. The washing machine, by and large, is not bad at all. Immediately noted that it is stable, almost does not swing during the spin cycle. There were no breakdowns either. There are complaints about the management. To reset the washing program, you need to restart the machine, ill-considered somehow. In principle, this is a matter of habit, you just need to make less mistakes when setting up the program.

Sometimes there are problems with the dissolution of the powder. Often there is a lot left in the tray.

Sergey, pos. Birch trees

I bought a typewriter on a salary, so I did not particularly complain about low quality. For one year and three months of operation, the machine broke down once, I had to change the drive belt myself. The rest of the technique works, with the exception of small jambs.

  • At the very beginning, the machine smeared laundry a couple of times with machine oil. I solved the problem by running 2 full washing cycles with a large amount of dishwashing detergent. After this procedure, oil on linen no longer appeared.
  • Also, the machine vibrated a lot, I had to bring it from the cityanti-vibration stands and put them under the legs. The problem was almost completely resolved.
  • When I tried to clean the trash filter, I found that the cork was dry and it was not possible to unscrew it. I slightly poked the edges of the cork with a flat screwdriver, and then sprayed with WD-40 grease, waited half an hour and the cork came out quite easily.

After the above improvements, the washer began to function fully without causing any hassle. She works for her money, no more, no less.

Ivan, KrasnodarIndesit IWSB 5085 control panel

I have never used cheap washing machines, because for a long time we used to wash an old German Mile. After 18 years of operation, the engine suddenly covered her, I had to take Indesit, because at that time there was no money, and you can’t do without a machine on the farm.

The machine has been working properly for a year and a half, and it erases very well. When I first started, trying to open the powder tray, tore off its lid, I had to put it on the sealant. I also picked a little plastic to make the tray come out easier, there were no more such problems. My wife complains that the loading of the drum is too small and you can not wash large things, because the machine freezes. Perhaps this is the only major flaw, otherwise everything is fine.

Alexander, Moscow

This washing machine is a designer in the full sense of the word. I know this from experience in a service center. While it works, this machine seems to be gold, since it is inexpensive, it erases well, and there is not much noise from it. However, it has several weaknesses: a drive belt, an engine, and bearings.

The drive belt has the ability to stretch and fly off. Only replacing the belt helps about once every three years.

The engines of these machines are unreliable, they burn often. On average, they serve about five years, then a rather expensive replacement. Bearings "go" and even worse, on this particular model they are of very low quality, they are destroyed after 3-5 years of operation.In order to replace the bearings, you have to saw and then fasten the tank, but repair is still cheaper than changing the tank with the drum assembly. In general, my advice is this: if you have such a machine and it has been working for 2-3 years, hurry to sell it, otherwise it will soon pull the money.

Opinions of women

Anastasia, Ivanovo

Mom and I took the same cars a year ago and now share our impressions. The washing machines work very well, despite the fact that we bought them, saving a lot. We were offered Indesit with a vertical loading, but the front one was somehow more familiar to us, so we preferred this model. We especially like the set of washing programs, it seems that engineers were advised by real housewives. Much has been taken into account from what is really required. Personally, I really like the Eco feature. I evaluate the machine for five points.

Julia, RybinskIndesit IWSB 5085 powder receiver

A terrible washing machine, I just never met worse, although I used LG and Bosch washers. When spinning, a strong metal clang is heard, while the laundry remains wet. Why bother spinning in such a machine, if in fact it does not wring out. It washes only with a very good powder, if you pour a medium quality product, then the wash is deadly bad. After two years of work, the master repaired the car two times, once a belt, a second time a hatch lock. In addition to the low price, this washer has no advantages.

Marina, Moscow

Before buying a typewriter, I read positive reviews from customers who vied to praise it. Now I’m thinking about changing the machine. The warranty period has worked out in good faith, but after a year, as if by magic, problems began. At first, the washer ceased to draw water normally, and it all ended with the replacement of the inlet valve, now the electronics began to fail. It seems that you need to urgently call the master, until something serious has happened. The machine is unreliable, I do not advise taking it.

There were problems with management, since half of the programs do not turn on.

Elena, St. Petersburg

I want to share my opinion about this washing machine. In general, it is not bad, I have no complaints about washing, but the controls are inconvenient. She also does not really squeeze, but if there is no money, then such a machine is for happiness. Two weeks ago, the tank began to leak, it’s good that there is protection against leaks, and so the neighbors would have to do the repair. The conclusion is this: the washing machine works well, but it is unreliable and will not last long.


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