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Reviews for the washing machine Indesit BWSB 51051

reviews for Indesit BWSB 51051Quite expressive in appearance and still the same affordable washing machine Indesit BWSB 51051 S has attracted our attention relatively recently. Nevertheless, there are plenty of fans for this machine now, so we could not help but study the user reviews about it and not include the most illustrative of them in our publication.


Margarita, St. Petersburg

Our family has been using Indesit technology for many years. Specifically, this machine was bought a year and a half ago, and the oldest representative of this brand in our house is a refrigerator, he is 7 years old. I want to say especially flattering words about the machine, because it copes with its task perfectly and does not allow malfunctions. I start the wash, as my husband says, it is necessary and not necessary. I erase everything in automatic mode, since I hate hand washing in the womb. Any things, from underwear to sneakers, the machine is washed thoroughly and carefully.

  • The machine does not make much noise during the spin cycle, and you can’t hear it at all during washing and rinsing.
  • Very good programs have been built into the machine that really optimize the care of the laundry.
  • The drum is roomy enough to wash even large items like jackets.
  • The function of easy ironing, does not give much wrinkles. I don’t know how, but it works.

My husband and I are very happy with this washer. May God give her not to break for many years and wash as well, for happiness, you don’t need much.

Maxim, Kirov

A normal washing machine, without bells and whistles, but also without hidden "surprises." I like the fact that for each load of linen you can choose the optimal program. There are 16 programs in total and each is unique in its own way. The term of use of the machine is 1 year. So far, I like everything.

The washing machine looks after sportswear with high quality. After washing, it does not lose color and does not roll.

Catherine, TogliattiIndesit BWSB 51051 powder collector

I liked the machine. It does not make much noise, has a lock that saves from small children, holds a lot of dirty laundry and is inexpensive. The price is perhaps the main advantage, because for such a ridiculous amount no other new washing machine with such characteristics can be bought.

There is a suspicion that the washer is made of the cheapest components. Perhaps this is true, but I do not bother so far, since the machine has been working without problems for the second year. During this period, it has risen in price a little, but still remained available. Buy, do not regret it!

Anna, Moscow

I was looking for a washing machine with normal washing programs. I was very surprised when I found out that all that I wanted was only for the cheap BWSB 51051 S. At that time there was money for much more expensive equipment, but I still decided to buy this particular model and was not mistaken. For two years now I have been enjoying communicating with this technique and now I definitely look at it with different eyes. Recommend!


Antonina, Perm

I bought this technical miracle a week ago. It broke immediately, it was never possible to wash, because the drum refuses to rotate. It feels like he's jammed. The seller refuses to take the typewriter back, made a complaint, here I am waiting for an answer. Be careful when buying equipment!

Michael, Voronezh

For two months of use, the machine completely disappointed me. It is impossible to regulate the temperature in fact. It can only be reduced compared to the one specified by the program, but it is impossible to increase. Spin even at 1000 rpm low-quality, in addition, the washer is very noisy. If there is a financial opportunity, it is better to look at another technique.

After washing, the hatch unlocks for a very long time, and then opens hard.

Indesit BWSB 51051 control panel

Elena, Novosibirsk

I was seriously scared during the first launch of my new washing machine. It feels like I'm at a spaceport, and this is not a washer, but a rocket that is preparing to launch. Horror is simple.I looked into the passport, it turns out the maximum noise level that the machine makes 83 dB. It feels much more there, the neighbors all hear me rub off. Score two points out of five.

Alena, Moscow

This washing machine should be bought only if the need is very strong. This is a very unreliable technique, the place of which is in the nearest garbage dump. If I owned a home appliance store, I would never have ordered such machines, my reputation is more expensive. For six months of torment, I could not find anything good in it, so I can’t recommend it, conscience does not allow it. Better buy washing machine LG F10B8MDlike my brother’s. You won’t have to bother with her.


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