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Reviews on the washing machine Indesit BWSA 61051

reviews for Indesit BWSA 61051Choosing a washing machine, we pay attention not only to its technical characteristics and appearance, but also to the comments that customers write. And this is understandable, because it is important to know how good the machine is in business, you won’t understand much in the store, so we found out what people think about the Indesit BWSA 61051 washer.

Characteristics of the machine

The washing machine of the budget brand Indesit has relatively good characteristics. This model BWSA 61051 is freestanding, its height is 85 cm. Whether the top cover is removed in the description of the machine is not indicated, therefore, whether it can be put under the countertop, you will have to disassemble the store, carefully inspecting the machine. The drum of the machine is designed to load no more than 6 kg of dry laundry.

The consumption of water and electricity is small, is 49 l and 0.17 kW / h. The machine can be pressed at 1000 rpm, this is the maximum. In this case, the spin speed can be set independently. There are 16 washing programs, among them there are:

  • delicate;
  • crushing prevention;
  • sport;
  • washing down products;
  • stain removal;
  • extra rinse;
  • fast.

As for safety, partial leakage protection, protection against button presses by children and foam control are provided.

Of the additional functions, the manufacturer has provided the function of removing odors and delaying the start of the program for 9 hours. As for the noise, it is quite high and with a spin is 83 dB.

User Feedback

Sasharus, Ufa

A good Indesit BWSA 61051 washing machine, which only broke once in 5 years of operation. Damage was in a burned-out heater. Repair cost only 1200 rubles. The machine erases efficiently and there are many modes for this. In short, a great option, the whole linen is not torn. Yes, and looks nice in appearance, a successful purchase.

P.S. When I bought it, it cost only 15,000 rubles. Now it’s probably more expensive. In general, I advise you to take just such a one, it will not let you down, reliable.

Dasant, Mariinsk

Good evening everyone! Three weeks ago my wife and I bought a new washing machine, as the old one was covered. I immediately decided to leave my opinion about her, maybe later I will write more about her, but for now, somehow. There was only 19,000 rubles at the time of purchase, they didn’t want to take anything on credit, while shopping, they came to the conclusion that the Indesit machine is most suitable. In addition, the old one was also of the same brand.

The machine immediately liked the look, beautiful, like a solid, compact. All the necessary functions in this model are available, and without exaggeration, I want to say that it is the best in this price category. Suitable even for a large family, because the drum holds a lot of things. When working does not jump, it is stable. I like such additional features as:Indesit BWSA 61051

And if you have small children, then feel free to turn on child protection, no buttons will work. In general, do not judge strictly, take care of yourself, until we meet again!

vikyK, Yaroslavl

We bought this washing machine and installed it ourselves according to the instructions, the masters did not invite. A large number of programs and quick start are the advantages of this machine. If the light in the apartment suddenly turns off, the washer remembers the program and continues to wash after switching on. If you put a little linen, then the washing time will be reduced due to auto-weighing. A quick wash lasts 20 minutes, this is enough to refresh a T-shirt after a run.

We have been operating the car for the second year, despite the fact that we have a small child. We turn it on often and did not find any flaws. The only thing I would like is a display with washing time. In general, we recommend buying.

Maryashejn, Chelyabinsk

I will say a little about this typewriter, since it was bought only a week ago, but there are already impressions, since we erase a lot.Despite the negative reviews on the network, we still bought this washer, I hope everything will be fine. I think that it optimally fits in size, features and price. In our bathroom, she stood up close. The volume of the drum allowed even a fluffy blanket to be washed.

There are a lot of functions, but I think that most often I will use only a few, but if I suddenly need them, then easy ironing, quick launch and other additional functions are available. The machine makes noise, like many others, mainly when draining and spinning, but this is not critical. The spin is excellent, things are almost dry.

There is a minus - a rubber smell, but maybe it will pass over time. While there are no complaints, I rejoice in such washing, pah-pah, so as not to jinx it ...

mursik27, Moscow

The main criteria for choosing a washing machine were:

  • loading, not less than 6 kg;
  • small size, or rather width, since there is not enough space in the bathroom;
  • acceptable price.

This model Indesit approached in all respects. It doesn’t wash very quietly, but it doesn’t bother. The main thing is to remove everything from the top cover. I note a large hatch and a drum; linen is pulled out without problems. It is convenient to control, you can adjust both the temperature and the spin speed. It is a pity there is no drying, otherwise it would not have a price.

Acid ulcer

I bought this washing machine as a gift to my wife on my wedding anniversary, especially since the old machine was already in poor condition. The spouse is not overjoyed by the new "assistant". It has many programs, and not long in time. It does not make much noise, like a mosquito in the morning. I advise you to buy.


He did not overpay for the brand, and between Bosch and Indesit he chose the latter. I note only the nuances, you will find the information about the characteristics yourself. In general, removing transport bolts, you need to be careful that the plastic bushings do not fall into the machine body. There is a drawback, the power wire is too short, and the inlet hose is also not only 1.3 m long. I had to increase the hose and connect through an extension cord. The end of the wash is not accompanied by a beep. Water remains in the gum of the door, which is also a minus. The rest is a convenient machine.

Indesit BWSA 61051 panel

Maria Vasyuta

For such a price, a very good washing machine with a modern set of functions. Another brand a similar machine for the same price can not be bought. Functions and modes are very convenient, I especially like the odor removal system, the regime of washing spots, with a small child this is true. The washing quality is excellent, I wash sneakers, down jackets, blankets. Everything is in excellent condition, I recommend this model.

Sokolova Asya

Like this machine, which my husband and I bought just 5 months ago. Not a bad option. All you need is there and protection from children, too, so the wash will not go wrong. A lot of things are included, since the drum is 6 kg. It looks stylish not bulky. Wash without complaint, clean. Here are just drying, of course not. And for such a price, what kind of drying can be discussed.

Zyryanov Vladimir

When I turned on the machine for the first time, at the end of the program the drain did not turn on. As it turned out, the problem was in the air plug in the filter. I unscrewed the lid, everything began to work fine. I have not found any flaws yet.


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