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Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS washing machine reviews

Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS reviewsThe main feature of the Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS washing machines, which attracts buyers, is the design of the front wall of the body and the thought-out loading hatch. Experts say that the loading hatches of Ariston machines are the most elaborated in terms of ergonomics and engineering. Well, let's not delve into the theory, but carefully consider the true reviews of people about this machine.


Elena, Tambov

I managed to buy this machine at a sale in an online store a month ago for only 216 dollars. Delivered quickly, but had to connect ourselves. There is nothing complicated, so the spouse did everything himself. The machine looks very noble unlike Indesit IWSD 51051that my mother took last year. I don’t even know why the machine looks expensive, most likely due to the design of the sunroof, control panel and display. I like Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS more than Indesit also because:

  • it has a reliable hatch cover that opens easily and conveniently;
  • she has a deep loading hatch with a cuff located with a slope, which does not allow small linen to stray into a lump at the hatch or stick to it;

The cuff is designed so that it does not accumulate water. You don’t even need to wipe it after washing, I just leave the hatch open for 2 hours, and the gum dries.

  • She has powerful and heavy counterweights, located competently inside the case, which makes the machine more stable and less noisy.

Mommy Indesitka is jumping around the bathroom like a saiga, my Ariston is standing dead in his tracks even when I turn on the spin at 1000 rpm. I am generally silent about the noise, because mine works much quieter. There you have the difference. I am very pleased that I did not buy Indesit, Hotpoint Ariston is a wonderful technique!

Andrew, IzhevskHotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS tray

I have been using this washing machine for more than a year and am quite pleased with it. About this machine we can say: “quality in every detail” and it will not be far from the truth. I really like the set of programs, they are all clearly designed taking into account the opinions of users. Most often I use the modes: express wash, stain removal program and prewash. I recommend to buy!

Yuri, Saratov

There is a feeling that in this machine everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The legs are rubberized from the factory, which means that the user does not need to buy rubber stands separately. The handle of the hatch cover is large and strong, it is easy enough to pull it and the hatch will open. External elements of the case are ideally fitted to each other, no unjustified crevices or protrusions. I have not looked inside yet, but I think the same thing there. Erases great, nothing to complain about, so I put the top five!

Yana, Serpukhov

All my old typewriters sinned badly, so I had to get the Soviet centrifuge from the balcony and squeeze it dry. Imagine how I was tormented. Now I have a Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS and the Soviet centrifuge finally left for the garage, where instead of a car we have a warehouse of old things.

In this machine I like not only spin. She also erases quite well, at least put small things into her, at least two sets of pastel linen. The result will be great. She has a convenient dispenser, and most importantly understandable. You open it and you can immediately see where to pour the powder, where to bleach, and where to pour air conditioning. There is a good program called “Prewash”, I use it when I need to wash something very dirty. I can talk about my beloved “home assistant” for a long time, but I don’t want to bore you. Believe me, the machine is decent, albeit inexpensive.

Ivan, Moscow

Ariston - a good car, bought a year ago, the price is affordable, it erases well, is securely assembled, does not break. I connected it myself on a hunch, without reading the instructions and no problems. Five points!

Alena, Moscow

I haven’t seen such a good cheap washing machine before, just awesome. Where not to throw, everywhere solid pluses. In order not to be unfounded I will list these advantages.

  1. Slim body and beautiful appearance.
  2. Sturdy even during spin cycle and low noise.
  3. Has a set of the most necessary programs.
  4. Strongly saves powder.

I pour half as much powder as the manufacturer recommends, the result is exactly the same. So why translate the product.

  1. Washing programs during the implementation can be paused with the click of a button or adjusted.
  2. It is assembled reliably from good materials.

Having bought this machine eight months ago, I quickly turned into her loyal fan. I think the same thing will happen to you.


Catherine, Lipetsk

At first, I was happy with the new narrow washing machine, literally until the problems started. At first, the programs simply sometimes hung, then the electronics began to openly glitch. I read on the forums where washing machine repair masters communicate and it turned out that I was not the only one. Many Aristons have a weak spot in electronics. I give the washing machine the lowest rating!

Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS

Lyudmila, g. Moscow

Hotpoint Ariston WMSF 6038 B CIS acquired half a year ago. This machine did not satisfy me. She has problems with the powder receiver. I think we should call the master. At first, she washed off the powder partially, and its remains could be observed in the compartment. Now there are cases that the powder in the compartment remains almost completely dry, that is, water does not fall on it at all, it's terrible! The machine erases disgustingly, and what do you think, it was washed without powder. I am very disappointed with the purchase!

Alexander, Pskov

I bought the design of the machine and its cost, I really liked it at first sight. But during work all the flaws crawled out. At first the pump failed, I was quickly replaced under warranty. Now the engine has burned down, I think the repair will have to wait a long time. The washing is unreliable, I did not like it!

Semen, St. Petersburg

This is not a technique, but crap in a festive package. It seems that the manufacturer deliberately invested in the design to mask the flaws in the design. Personally, my machine broke down for the third month, because the bearings were destroyed. How could they collapse so quickly if I washed just 10 times. Do not buy this machine!


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  1. Gravatar Anton Anton:

    Also broke, stopped warming. Just a month after the warranty. Used a filter to soften immediately after purchase.

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